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    The whole process of succeeding online, or offline, is contained in these 3 steps. Maybe it would be better to say that these are components of what is needed to reach success, not only steps that you take and you are done. It is way more simple than what most people think, although the process of succeeding takes time and it does not happen over night.

    When I was at the beginning of my online work, I was not driven by any desire to get rich. All I wanted is to start working for myself and gain my freedom from slavery(job). I was ready to go through any difficulty but the very expectation of it made it more difficult than it has to be.

    As I said it is more simple than what most people think, and these 3 steps are all what it takes. Working online comes in many forms and shapes. There are lot of things we can do online as a new career. Most of these things are not worth the effort cause they will not bring profits high enough. Fortunately, there are possibilities that are powerful way of generating profits, and at least two of those are presented on this website.


    The Order of Things


    These steps do not come in specific order. They are rather connected together, and you will not be doing one at the time. These steps are: entrepreneurial mind, learning and good opportunity.


    1. Entrepreneurial mind


    I have already written an article about differences between an employee and entrepreneur, so there is no need to repeat it all here. I suggest you to read it, because it is important to understand those differences in order to successfully utilize them to your favor. Thinking as an entrepreneur is essential in order to start working for yourself.

    In difference to the thinking of an employee, which comes as default way of thinking to most of people, an entrepreneur must think effectively. This means that you always focus on minimum effort and maximum result. As an employee you never needed to do that, unless your employer demanded it from you. When you become self-employed you become your own leader.

    This maybe does not sound as serious and as big as it sounds, but it is big. It is not difficult to create this change and you can start right now. Even if you work for someone else at this point, you should start to think as an entrepreneur. Ask yourself; is your present employment the best thing for you to do right now? Start thinking about the time you invest in it and the outcome(money) that has been generated and think; is there any way of improving this situation?

    Even if you do not have any solution to the situation right now, you will find it if you keep thinking as an entrepreneur. Believe me, it will be developed as habit very quickly.


    2. Learning


    Learning process will always be part of the business. As an entrepreneur you will alsways be open for new possibilities to push your business forward and this will always mean learning new things. Let me give you an example.

    When I recently started my app technology distribution business, I did not know anything about app distribution at all. I started researching about it and getting some basic information. My starting point was how to find the way for massive distribution for a lowest cost possible.

    It took me a few months to find the way, but I found it. I even managed to press the costs down. Now I can distribute thousands of apps a month.

    Learning is essential and it can`t be separated from the business, online or offline. If you start working online you will absolutely be working with affiliate marketing and you need to learn that. Fortunatelly, there is a true education in this subject. It is called Wealthy Affiliate University, and it is one of a kind. I suggest you start with it right now, cause it will give you more than you think.

    My point here is; you need to know your business and learning new angles and expanding the knowledge will impower you, cause you will be adding more tools to your business arsenal.


    3. Good Opportunity


    Good opportunities are out there. Some of them are part of the business building process, and others you need to be ready for. But that will be easily taken care of when you start thinking as an entrepreneur. Let me give you an example.

    As I have already said, working online means working as an affiliate one way or another, so finding a good affiliate program is not automatic thing. You will need to dig to find good ones. This simply means that you need to find the program that pays good. If you sell products and earn maybe $2 or $3 per sold product, this is not particularly good program. You will want to find the program that will pay you more than that. Maybe $10 or $15 per product.

    Good opportunity may also come as an new good business deal in general. Again, my app technology distribution business was such opportunity. Even though I already had my online business going, I could not let that chance go by without using it to my favor. This is also a part of being an entrepreneur.


    Ones you start thinking in business terms(as an entrepreneur), your life change in a very powerful way. These steps are so connected that you could say; they are developed simultaneously. The entrepreneurial way of thinking is a way of life and it was the best thing I ever did. Being able to work for myself is so rewarding that I can`t fully explain it. It was worth every effort.

    Thank you for reading. I hope it gave you something. Feel free to ask questions by LEAVING THE COMMENT BELOW!



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