5 Things Successful People Do

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    Following these 5 principles that truly successful people do will definitely bring the success in your life. I guarantee you that! Now, you may be thinking of different areas of life and a success in those areas in particular, but these principals are universal even though I am primarily thinking of business here.

    The way I see it, being a successful business person goes hand in hand with being successful in life, even though I know about too many cases that go against this view. It is very possible for people without ethics to accumulate great wealth, and we all know that this is a pretty common thing in this world.



    I know, this raises a question about what is the our notion of success, and I can only speak for myself. In my mind, any accumulation of wealth that is not based on the highest moral and ethical is not success!

    Many people claim that they want to be successful but in reality they are not willing to do much to achieve that. Reasons for that are many, I guess, but distraction and lack of focus are probably the biggest ones. Therefore, looking at these internal aspects are of primary importance to truly achieve anything.

    I have learned so much about success from Dan Kennedy, and to this day, he has been a main influence in my work. Dan was right when he said we learn through modeling, and in this process I realized that truly successful people do not leave things to happen by chance.

    They develop focus and determination, constantly seeking to improve present methodology of their work in order to get maximum results. They are not victims of external circumstances where they can only get default results. They live and do business by their own design.

    Here are 5 principles that truly successful people do. I have done a lot of work implementing them and I can tell you, they brought me where I am now!


    1. Work to learn and improve your knowledge


    This should be never-ending process for everybody who work to achieve true success. And it brings it much faster. Here comes modeling into a picture that Dan was speaking about. You will not try to discover things that has already been discovered and developed. Learn from those who are already doing it successfully.

    Therefore it is very important to seek a success environment and be a part of it. Attend seminars and meetings cause they bring many right connections that are valuable to you. Surround yourself with people who are already there you want to be. Read every book about the business you do, and make sure your library is bigger than your TV.


    2. Discard any sense of materialism


    Even if you would reach a certain level of success in business and build wealth, materialistic approach to life with superficial attraction to material things will probably sabotage you in every way. Some people are driven to accumulate wealth and actually achieve that, but they get lost in egoistic desire to show of.

    There is nothing wrong in getting a sport cars, yachts and large mansions but they must never be a target and the destination. They must never be a reason why you do what you do. If they are, you may get out of balance. It would be not wise to accumulate wealth on one side if your ego would be leaking it on the other.

    Truly successful people work for other reason, they work to learn and develop themselves.


    3. Practice Self-Awareness


    This principle goes hand in hand with the previous one cause self-awareness is the opposite to ego, but it also goes beyond it. I do not claim that all successful people develop the capacity to be aware. But I noticed that the best ones tend to be these kind of individuals.
    With deeper understanding of business and learning process comes the deeper understanding of ones self.

    Ego loves stagnation and does not like development. If you do not allow it to have that, it gradually diminish and it is replaced with the presence.

    Emotional charges are replaced with calmness and focus. The more this becomes your internal reality, the greater success is possible. Things come from inside out and never the other way around. If you keep that in mind at all times you get to be proactive instead of reactive.

    Proactive means always being one step ahead dictating the course of your actions. It is achieved through knowledge and methodology. Re-activeness is ego bound and as reactive you are always affected by external circumstances. Not good place to be!


    4. Time-Efficiency


    Distractions are big obstacle to most people and they have to be eliminated. People, places, situations and external circumstances. Actually they can not be eliminated, they will always be there and that is fine. What I mean by elimination is simply not allowing ourselves to be distracted. To not react or focus on to whatever is there that can possibly take too much of our attention.

    In the course of business development you will often find yourself in the situation where you can not do everything that needs to be done at that point. In such cases you need to make priority and focus on the most important things.

    This is especially important in business startups, because business development has its phases and time-efficiency needs to match them. These skills are perfected with practice and in time you may discover that you can do much more in less time than you could do before.


    5. Manage your relationships properly, both in business and outside of it


    We all have people in our lives that matter more than others and it may be pretty challenging to manage these relationships in the way that they are not a distraction and obstacle in our business endeavors.

    I do not know about any effective guideline that would work universally for everybody, so we need to work that out for ourselves.
    When it comes to business, this is developed with the mindset. For example, every person who contact me in order to do business with me go through a certain process of qualification in order to get a chance to work with me. If you do not value your time, nobody else will.

    Sometimes they do not even know that they are going through that process, and sometimes they do. It depends on the situation. It is about sorting out qualified leads and such thing is particularly important in network marketing and prospecting.



    As I have said, these principals are of vital importance and you will never truly be successful without implementing them. I did not discover them myself, so I can not take credit for their existence. I learned them from others and by going through the process of trials and errors.

    But I can tell you this, following these principals you will most likely reach a level of success that you could not see coming before. It will open a completely new level of possibilities and they will enrich you as a human being. Success is not only measured by the money you make but many other things that are more important than the green paper.

    Many first time entrepreneurs have challenges with their comfort zone so you may want to read this article about how to overcome them. Wish you all the success in your business!


    If you have any comments, please leave them below!



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      16 Responses to 5 Things Successful People Do

      1. Anh Nguyen says:

        Nice list of things successful people do. I always have to read back these articles because it’s easy to get lost sometimes when you are navigating through life.

        What resonates with me the most is to work and learn to improve your knowledge. When you “fail” sometimes, you just forgot how it can just be an experience to build yourself upon. I am especially hard on myself and the fact that success is a journey slipped off of me.

        At times like that, what really helps me is to learn from the greats, as you said. I find reading blogs, books or watching talks and more help very much to keep myself on my feet and keep the motivation going strong.

        Thanks for sharing!

        • Igor.P says:


          At times it was also what resonated with me most- working to learn and for the money. It shifts the focus and puts things in another perspective. What I realized is that learning propels us forward and not the amount of work we do. But all these things are actually doing a lot with the mindset which is equally important as the business itself but often neglected.

          I am like you, I watched countless number of seminars, got and red many books on the subject of business and studied the all methods about my business. It was worth it and it improves the motivation.

          Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it!

      2. Ray says:

        Hi Igor,

        Thanks for the great philosophical article. Very difficult to take in for me but it’s very powerful and I guess I need to understand these 5 things very well to be “successful”. But I also guess being successful is not necessarily to be wealthy? Personal development is really important and even if you’re penniless, you can be the wisest and the most self-content person in the world.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Ray!

          Becoming the entrepreneur really pushes you to evolve and go beyond our personal limitations. Not everybody need to think about these things but it is always good to be reminded. In my case, I needed them cause I needed to work some things out. For example, I really needed to work the issues of time-efficiency and business relationships. But doing it I made my life much better and the results were much greater. The mindset is equally important as our daily work routines and we need to remind ourselves about it until it becomes our nature.

          Thanks for the comment and good luck with your business!

      3. Elizabeth Haran says:

        Thank you very much for those interesting 5 things that successful people do. I am going to incorporate them into one of my blogs about do good research of your product. Thank you again. I am looking forward to reading more of the content of your blog.

        All the best and again thank you for your ideas.

        Beth Haran

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Elizabeth!

          I am glad that you found value in it. Incorporating these ideas really improved the success of my business on more than one level. You are welcome to come back to the website any time. Good luck with your blogs and thanks for the comment!


      4. Effie says:

        Great, great article! Very motivating and true. Leaving things to chance is like quitting. If you want to be successful you need action, you need patience, you need self developement. And very important is what you say about the relationships. It is wrong to leave our personal life behind just to build business success.
        Again, thanks for your great advice!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Effie!

          Yes, you are obviously not strange to all this, and it is great that it is so. We need to develop all these aspects and by my experience it is so giving to do. We get to be better, stronger and more focused. We basically reach a new state of mind.

          You are also right about personal relationships, but there is one thing when it comes to business relationships that I forgot to point out. They are different than personal ones but still important to deal with the right way. We need to set the expectations in them the right way from the start. In time business relations become more personal but still, they are important to look at.

          Thank you for the comment and I wish you all the best!


      5. Philip Monrean says:

        I love how you say success only counts when morals and ethics are present. I agree that true success is not just about financial gain but rather a combination of all areas of your life. All too often a person will have great success in one area of their life but the others areas will be poor. I like how these points would help someone be a successful person in all areas of their life. Thank you!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Philip!

          I am glad that this concept resonates with you. Generally, it can not be taken for granted, becuase in the owrld we live in many people take shortcuts to “success”. They will scam and trick people. Basically do anything to make a profit, just like organized crime. That is not success.

          The most successful entrepreneurs that I know of have reached the success based on moral and ethical principals. This does not mean that these people are perfect in every way, not at all. They do not have to be, just offering honest service and assistance based proper education and info is what it is all about. Dishonesty weakens the soul and no money can remedy that!

          Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it! All the best!


      6. Hannah says:

        This is such a helpful article. There seems to be a massive difference between the thought process of a successful person and most other people! That makes perfect sense actually as success starts within the mind.I have always been a firm believer that our thoughts shape our reality and have had many experiences in life which prove this to be true.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Hannah!

          Yes, the difference between how the successful people and regular people think, is very big. But it is important to say that everybody can develop that way of thinking. Every successful person has started somewhere, and at one point begun the journey from ordinary and limiting to outside of the box and unlimited. Basically, it is all about seeing the possibilities where ordinary people miss them. It comes with the practice, so you can say that successful people went through the process of practicing.

          You are right when you say our thoughts shape our reality cause it is exactly how it is. All people have experiences of this but most of them just don`t see it. It was so for me for the bigger part of my life but I practiced, and I am still practicing. It is difficult in the beginning because we are attached to things and are afraid of losing what we got. But even if we lose, we actually gain way more than what we had. It is like an award for boldness and bravery.

          Thanks for the comment! I wish you best of luck!


      7. Marika says:

        Great article. Hits critical points on becoming and staying successful. I agree we should not be materialistic, but I do think we should strive for a better living situation or to get a better car. It can help keeps us focused and push us to continue going after the success we truly desire. Now, if it only becomes about getting new things to show off, that’s when you need to reevaluate why you are doing this. Wanting better things can help you if you are smart about it. All in all, it was a educational read and good luck on your success.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Marika!

          Yes, you are absolutely right when you say – wanting better things can help us if we are smart about it. We all want better life circumstances and material possessions are definitely a part of that, but if that becomes a main goal we lose sight of what we do and why we are doing it in the first place.

          I have studied other successful people, mainly out of pure curiosity, but also to see if they do something that other people do not. I was intrigued by some of them, people like Branson, and their almost spiritual way of seeing things. After all, it is not only important to reach the success. I think it is even more important how we do that. If I can choose between the difficult path and one that is easy, I would always go for the second one.

          One thing I realized is that the success follows the intelligence, not sacrifice and hard work. It follows intuition and originality, not stress and pushing things to happen.

          Thanks for the comment, it was a pleasure talking to you! Wish you all the best too!


      8. RuthM says:

        I love this article, It’s very inspiring. And I particularly agree with your point about learning from other who are successful. There are loads of people out there willing to teach and if you find the right ones to learn from, in the industry in which you are interested, be that online entrepreneurs or gardening, then this is your best way in.

        Good read!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Ruth!

          Thank you very much. I am glad you like it. Yes, learning from others is very beneficial and it is called modeling. Why go through the process of something that is already discovered and worked out. It is good to be a pioneer but it is better to let somebody else be that and learn from them. Much easier.

          And you are right, there are many successful entrepreneurs who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with those who are interested. But also adopting these habits means adopting the success attitude. Things go very spontaneously this way.

          Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! Much appreciated!


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