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    About me

    About me

    Hello and welcome to this website! My name is Igor and I currently live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    I am not a great story teller but if you allow me, l would like to tell you what is relevant so that you can have sense of who I am and why you should stay and take a good look at the material of this website.

    I am online entrepreneur, currently running several successful businesses. But, it wasn`t always like that.

    My online career started back in 2009 and I can tell you it was a rough ride from beginning. At that time I had a “regular” job, working as the maintenance technician at the local middle size company. By every measurement of the society, I was settled and “safe”, but that was a very false impression.

    If nothing else, the last economic crisis was showing that clearly. No jobs are safe! Working for others can backfire at any time cause you can`t affect your situation much. You don`t have much choice.

    But there was something else, not visible on the surface. I felt very tired of my job. The sameness of the situation and the endless repetition of it, day in-day out, started taking it´s price. I felt stuck and suffocated. I needed something new. And, I needed it like yesterday.

    I turned my focus online!


    There were two reasons for that. First reason was the fact that I`m not the type of person who will open the restaurant or sell sausages and pancakes on the street. I also knew that many people were making regular income online. Which means, it was possible.

    The second reason was the freedom that it gives. In order to work all you need is the internet and a computer. You can travel all over the world or lie on the beach somewhere all day and still make living. I thought that was amazing. Worth every effort.

    I also thought; if others can do it, I can too! Still, I did feel little anxious about it because I didn`t know anything about working online. I would need to start from scratch, with no help whatsoever. I didn´t know anybody who was doing it at that time.

    So, I started buying some online courses about building websites and basic affiliate marketing on my spare time. I spent countless hours researching what to do and how to do it. Yes, I quickly realized that most of those “opportunities” are scam and they lead nowhere. That meant a loss of money as well, cause $20 here and $50 there, quickly builds up to quite a sum.

    2 years after I started doing all this I bought the “Extreme Niche Empires” course. Following this detailed course I built 4 websites within 4 months. I believed I finally got the proper knowledge of how to set up and run this business. But, 1 year later, the only profit I made was $20 through Ad-sense. It wasn`t working.

    That was discouraging. After 3 years, It felt like no matter what I do, I end up failing. It was like there was no end to it. I still think that this course was basically good cause I learned a lot from it, mostly technical stuff. But obviously, not good enough. No money means no business, and at that point, I gave up. I had nothing else to try.

    Vacation cats

    Me and vacation cats.

    God knows how long would it take me to come back to it if I had not got in touch with the guy that was successful affiliate marketer and he offered to help me out. That was one good thing that came from those 3 years of work; I developed some valuable connections with people within the branch.

    I was even reluctant to start over with it because, during those years, I developed the negative attitude towards it. All because the failure, of course. But, he gave me some advices and feedback on what I did before and I realized one thing; so far I learned how not to do it. Some of the things I did with my websites was directly hurting my rankings and traffic.

    I needed to unlearn what I learned before.


    I started working differently under his “mentorship”, I discarded two websites completely and continued with the other two. After 3 months things changed, I made $ 500 that month. I was thrilled! Back in the business! I was finally figuring things out.

    After 6 months I was making almost $2000 a month and my Forex trading (another business I do) was also turning to be profitable. After a year, I was flying, making more money that I thought was possible.

    Reaching that point of being able to make enough money through my own business was one of the most empowering thing I ever done. There is nothing like it! Since than I continued expending it, always open for good business possibilities. This website is a summary of my work and knowledge, at least when it comes to affiliate marketing.

    I enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of being independent, having lot of time to pursue other things I like to do. I love being outdoors in nature and I do it as much as I can. I am also a musician (guitar player) and I love to travel, especially by driving a good car.

    Once more, my name is Igor and I`m very pleased to meet you. I hope you`ll have a great experience working online as I`m here to provide you with all you need for it. Feel free to contact me any time either through e-mail (igor@independent-entrepreneur.com), by dropping the comment below or contacting me within Wealthy Affiliate community.


    How to Contact me
    Igor Prpa
    igor.ie@hotmail.com  or,  igor@independent-entrepreneur.com

    +4670 6662369 or +4631 199453
    3.00 PM – 8.00 PM GMT+1

    Skype ID: sage6967


    All the best

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      2 Responses to About Me

      1. Kavinah says:

        I have really enjoyed reading your story.
        It gives hope that it is definitely possible to make money online regardless of the small beginnings.

        Thanks for sharing your story.

        • Igor.P says:


          Thank you very much for such kind words. Trust me, it`s not only possible to make money online but to run long-term, profitable and fulfilling business as well. If you ever need assistance in the process, don`t hesitate to contact me.

          Thanks for the comment!


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