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    Sherlock Nation

    Sherlock Nation

    I posted an update to my Sherlock Nation review in the beginning of the January this year, 2016. The feedback I received requires some further explanation cause some people do not understand it and they asked me why it is there.

    If you have come to this page first and wonder what this is all about, I recommend you to see the review first!

    The update is about placing a certain process of qualification because I receive a lot of inquiries about SN business. This is the actual update:


    January 2016, Important Update!

    Due to overwhelming demand for the past two months, and hundreds of mails coming into my mail box, I need to put a qualification process in place. Contact me by sending me e-mail which needs to contain following info:
    Title of your mail: Sherlock Nation IE Team
    – Your full, first and last name
    Present place of residence
    Present line of work and eventual experience with online business/marketing, or in general (not required to have).
    – Why are you interested in this business?

    All mails that contain requested info will be answered within 3 working days. My assistant will eventually book the skype call with me, so if you do not have skype account, you will need to open one. E-mails that do not contain requested info will not be answered.


    The reason I inserted this process is because of really high demand. It started in November last year and it does not show any signs of decreasing yet. My e-mail inbox is pretty much flooded by e-mails from people asking for more info and it is more than I can handle personally, so I hired some help.

    The problem for me is that it became difficult to sort out people who are seriously interested in this business from those who just want to know more because they did not read the review completely.

    The review is very detailed and it serves as complete description of all aspect of this business, therefore it is essential to read it before taking any further steps.

    I understand people, they are used to false and fraudulent things online and they become too cautious because of that. So when they encounter a serious opportunity, they can not recognize it. But still, I can not spend my time answering all e-mails that come from people who do not do the basic homework first.

    So this qualification process helps me to spot serious candidates in order to serve them directly.

    Remember, upon joining this business, I serve you! Therefore, I work only with serious candidates, otherwise I am wasting my time.

    I take in max 4 new candidates a month and they get my full attention with training and education. We work quickly and effectively! In time, I will increase the number when I create more effective working circumstances but for now, this is the pace.

    I hope this clarify things and answer the questions why I put this process in place. Naturally, feel free to leave me a comment if you have something to say or ask about.


    Sherlock IE Team Leader
    Igor Prpa

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