Affiliate Marketing

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    The subject of affiliate marketing has been illusive to me for many years since I first started with it, back in 2009. To learn how to do business online may be quite overwhelming at first cause you need to grasp the phenomenon called internet. And, it is huge! The task itself is almost impossible. Almost!

    In my case going the hard way payed off later, in so many ways. But, the ultimate award came in the form of something we all work for- success!

    Affiliate marketing is a science in itself. And like with anything else, the keyword is KNOWLEDGE. This simply means that you need to get on the right track at some time. It doesn`t have to be right from the beginning, as it was in my case.
    But, once you get to it, the confusing matter suddenly clears up and start making sense. And you begin to see where you need to go with it.


    Myths about affiliate marketing


    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    There are some, more or less, false believes regarding this subject. Myths that can easily get you to the wrong track, which can take long time to rectify. I will not dig into this too deep here, but I feel i need to mention some of them in order to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with the subject.

    One myth, particularly common, is the belief that affiliate marketing is easy to get into and generate great profits right away. You only need to set up the website and things are running amazingly by themselves. Right?…. WRONG!

    It is not strange that many entrepreneurs, especially new ones, believe that. Everywhere you go on the internet you are exposed to loads of this kind of advertising, promising people a quick success. They are of course all scams and, not knowing any better, many people fall for that.

    To rectify this claim, others will tell you that you need to work hard to succeed in affiliate marketing. But, that would be just another myth. The truth, as I said, lies in the knowledge. Once you understand properly what affiliate marketing is and how it works, your work will not be hard work. Instead, it will be focused and proactive.


    Quality vs quantity


    Still, you will not be able to generate big profits right away. They will come, but it will take some time and some quality work. When you know what you need to do and how to do it, you will move forward quickly without any difficulties. But if you don`t, you may overdo, and that brings us to the another strong myth that the quantity counts.

    Many marketers believe that doing more is going to bring them quicker and better results. So, they go through the effort of building a lot of links, doing this and that, all in order to increase the number of visitors and conversion rate.

    This kind of activity is based on lack of knowledge. As Google periodically changes it`s algorithms, many marketers find themselves doing outdated strategies without being aware of it. Efforts made this way, usually bring no desired results. In fact, they may do just the opposite. Trust me on this, I have the actual experience of it.


    Affiliate Marketing- The Truth




    As a said in the beginning of this article, this subject was very illusive to me in the beginning. First 3 years of my work went lost, cause everything I did was basically wrong. Lot of work without any results! Eventually that changed, and as I was starting to grasp the whole process, I realized on thing;- It is not only that the way I work has changed but, I was changing with it too!

    Today, as a successful affiliate, let me tell you the truth about it! The internet and affiliate marketing is the most amazing thing we have today because it gives you the POWER to change the circumstances in your life situation in any way you desire.

    It gives you the possibility to be creative and achieve the financial independence. You, me and every other individual in the world, can use it to our FAVOR!

    You only need to do is to gain the proper knowledge of how it works. I say- proper knowledge because unfortunately, it`s also possible to get stuck in the wrong “knowledge”. And, there is nothing hard or difficult with building your business online. It is easy!

    So, this is a very good news for you! And it is not all. The main reason why I wrote this article in the first place, is to deliver you the possible and very real solution.

    Let me repeat- the knowledge is the key. And, the key is Wealthy Affiliate. Believe me, I am not trying to sell you anything here. I am just giving you very valuable information. The best resource in affiliate marketing on the planet today. You can find my full review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE, but for now let me just say one thing;- IT IS FREE to join!



    WA will teach you everything about affiliate marketing and get you to the right track. But it is not only the best educational center there is. It also provides everything you need to start and grow your business in the practical terms. All tools you need are there too.
    I wish I knew about it when I first started but, what the heck, who cares about the past now! I certainly don`t.

    If you need any assistance or have any questions, leave the comment below or send me a mail, (


    To your success!

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      10 Responses to Affiliate Marketing

      1. Jimmy Örneholt says:

        Hi Igor!

        Unfortunately, I fit into the category you are talking about, at least to some level. I have been trying but had no success. This thing you are describing really sounds good. Since it is free to join, I decided to give it a shot.

        May I ask, how much work do you put into this yourself? I am asking cause I don`t know if the time I can spend working with this is enough.

        Great article!


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Jimmy!

          I guess there are many people with the similar experience out there. Joining WA may be the best decision you ever made, you`ll see.

          Don `t worry about the time and work. Just do as much you can and keep moving forward in your own pace. I do several businesses so it is little different for me. Sometimes I work for several hours, sometimes nothing. The best thing is that you control how much you work. Just let me know when you need something.

          See you inside

      2. Magnus says:

        Hello Igor!
        I find this article very interesting. I never thought of online business in these terms. I tried some of those affiliate programs out there but got nowhere with them. I guess, I understand now why. But, I don`t have any products of value so what do I do? I will take a look at Wealthy Affiliate since you recommend it.

        Great article, thank you!

        • Igor.P says:


          I am glad you find it interesting and I can tell you it really is. There are ways of finding the high value products and it`s the part of the process. You don`t have to create them yourself. I am here to help and assist you just let me know when you are ready to proceed.

          Thanks for sharing!

      3. Roopesh says:

        I agree with you that knowledge is the key. It is what separates you from wanting to do to actually start doing and doing it properly.

        Ok I learnt that affiliate marketing is not easy to do and you got to work hard.

        You really got me excited about the prospect of having my own ‘financial independence,’ that is my dream.

        I am so glad that I stumbled upon your website, I look forward to exploring it further and hopefully find my path to financial freedom.
        Can you give me an idea of how long it takes to start and seeing some results from affiliate marketing?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Roopesh!

          I have been a marketer for years and I have a lot of experience. One thing I never really agreed with people on is the claim that it is hard to learn. It is NOT. Yes it takes time and you need to sincerely invest work and effort into it, but I can`t honestly say it is hard. What is hard is to find where to learn it. Luckily, there is a Wealthy Affiliate that puts it all together which makes it all much easier.

          How long time it will take depends on many factors like; how fast you can learn and apply, what exactly is the direction with your business, and so on. My suggestion is to give it at least 6 months without expecting anything. Results may come much faster than that but do not get attached to it in the way that it creates strong expectancy within you. It takes time to build the good business but it is worth it. Trust me on that!

          Thanks for the comment and questions! If you ever need any assistance, let me know!

          All the best

      4. Neil says:

        I sure have read a lot of myths when it comes to affiliate marketing, which is why I can see how people easily head down the wrong track.

        There are too many scammers online for my liking who give out false statements on making quick money. But the truth is, hard work is the only way to become a success!

        I do see how knowledge is the key aspect to making money online as an affiliate marketer, but the hardest part is putting it into action. However, the work becomes easier as it forms a habit over time.

        Wealthy Affiliate sounds great :)

        Thank You!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Neil!

          Yes, you are right! Although I never agreed about hard work part, people generally work hard when they do not know what they are doing. Once you have the knowledge necessary, you do not work hard. You just do it. Especially, when you reach the point of profitability and your actions are calculated in comparison to the results.

          The way I see it, the knowledge is everything. Once you have it, taking action is easy. WA gives the knowledge but it takes time to assimilate it. I think that is the most difficult part to the most people.

          Best of luck in your business! Thanks for the comment!


      5. Dave says:

        You mean to say that things are more than just setting a website up? I was told by a internet guru, as he called himself, that you only need to build content and place your affiliate and things should run on autopilot from there.

        So there is actually more work that goes into a website before it makes money? And I had even paid him to help me get things an autopilot. I better get back to him for my money.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Dave!

          Well, if you can get your money back, you definitely should. No business operate on autopilot, although well developed business can actually behave that way. What I mean by that is –  you need to put some honest and serious work in it before it starts making money.

          So yes, there is much more to it than setting up a website, placing your affiliate offer on it and making some kind of autopilot thing, whatever that may be. Personally, I know nothing that can be used to makes things work like that. You need to know what to do with it, how to advertise and bring the profitability up and running.

          I know there are many “Gurus” out there trying to sell a dream that is not working to the people, but there are also a serious schools out there, that will teach you all you need to know about how to get your online business running. Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best, you will find a detailed review of it on this website, but keep in mind, there are no short-cuts in the process. You will need to dig really deep, learn everything and apply before you start making some real profits.

          Best of luck to you, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate a comment!


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