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    If you are looking for the best resource to build the website for e-commerce, or website for any purpose whatsoever, let me point you to the right direction right away. I have tried almost everything out there, lost much time on trial and error, but finally found the best. It is the Wealthy Affiliate University.

    The chances are that you are beginner and first time entrepreneur if you are looking for this type of information. I went through the process myself, and I am very familiar with challenges that are in front of you. Since the valuable information is worth gold and it changes everything, I am eager to share it here.


    E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing


    These are basically the same. Affiliate marketing is, I believe, expanding type of career cause more and more people is getting into it. And it is not strange considering the fact that the potential that it gives is tremendous. Once you understand how it works and apply it, there is no limit how far you can go.

    E-commerce has been growing every year for many years now. The interesting thing is that mobile e-commerce was expanding more than desktop, which created new business opportunities like Sherlock Nation(Shopping Sherlock). Last year, the mobile e-commerce has even outgrown the desktop, but it does not matter much cause websites are easily created to be accessed on the smartphones as well.


    Wealthy Affiliate


    The WA is not only the best resource for building websites but it is the best affiliate education on the planet as well. I will not go into much details about it here cause you need to read my full review of it to get the whole picture. it is the best community to join, especially if you are beginner.

    Even if you are experienced marketer, you will find so many benefits. I have been one of those when I first joined. The cost for premium membership is $47 a month (yearly membership is even cheaper), and you can build as many websites you want, on the best hosting there is. Even if you do not need the education, you benefit only from that.

    Regular hosting like Host-gator or similar will cost more than that, if your bandwidth grows due to several websites on one hosting plan.

    On top of that, you have the best support if anything goes wrong with the website. Trust me it is the best, I am speaking out of experience, and it all comes with the price.

    For beginners, it is the ultimate place to start learning and applying. The education is complete, no stone is left un-turned. It will save you years of trial and error. Of course, if you have the patience and are willing to learn and do the work, you can not fail. The funny thing is that it has been around for 10 years, and I did not know about it.

    Read my full review of it, just click on the picture below!


    WA Review

    WA Review


    If you have any questions just leave me the comment below, and I will answer. Best of luck!



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