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    Best Online

    Best Online

    I have been lucky to find and start working with online business opportunities that really are the best out there. My way to reach the point where I am now has been hard but it was worth it, every step of it.

    I spent several years learning and trying to figure out how to create the long-term, sustainable business online. In the process of trial and failure, I experienced the sense of hopelessness. It seemed like it`s really not possible to do it. I even gave up on it at one point.

    When you have some particular experience repeating for some time, there is the risk to start seeing it as the dominant reality. Today, however I twist it and turn it, it seems that coming to the solution for this problem, is a matter of luck. And, it is to the some extent!


    Being Ready For the Opportunity


    People in general tend to go for the safety. We don`t take chances and risks much. And, I can`t say that it is all bad approach. But, if we are not ready to leave the comfort zone at some point nothing will ever be done. Even when the right opportunity comes our way, we can`t be completely sure it is it.

    At that point we will need to act cause it is usually not there forever, waiting for us. It may be gone fast. When I was first introduced to Shopping Sherlock, I was suspicious. It is good thing to be suspicious if it doesn`t take you over completely. Even after I did my research on it, I wasn`t 100% sure that it is real.

    Still, it looked good, so I took a chance. The risk I was taking was the calculated one. The initial investment was $249, and I wasn`t in the mood to be scammed and lose that money. But, the company was real, people runing it were real and that was enough for me. I got into it and started working.


    The Best Business


    It took me a month to finally realize that I made the best business decision in my life. So, that is the reason why I am writing this article. Simply, to tell others about it. I am very p….. at those scammers who are making all this so difficult for all of us. This may also level things up a bit.

    Shopping Sherlock is the best possibility for sustainable business that average people can find on the planet now. Wit it, you will enter the mobile business segment. A perfect entrance into online business. As I see it grow by the week, I can tell you, it would be shame if you missed it.

    It doesn`t require any particular knowledge in affiliate marketing to start working with it. You will be taught all you need to know, once you enroll. No, you won`t be “processing e-mails” or “placing ads” around the internet. Starting business online has a particular blueprint and I suggest you to read my article about it to get the better picture.

    So, I will not go into details SS here. Instead, read my full review of it! You will need to contact me as well to give you additional info, help you sign up and deliver you start-up training. I believe we will be talking soon and I am looking forward to it.


    One More Thing!


    This website is created to show you best business opportunities online that you can use right now. SS is not the only one possibility available even though, all you need is one. There is another possibility in form of best affiliate program online;- the Wealthy Affiliate.

    There is a shortcut to both reviews in the menu- Important pages to the right of this website. You can`t miss it.

    I`ll talk to you soon! In the meantime, drop me the comment below!

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      48 Responses to Best Online Business Opportunities

      1. Alejandro Alameda says:

        Hey man I gotta tell you. You’re like an inspiration. I mean I went through the article and even read through the next 2 articles hidden within the article and I’m impressed. How long did it take you to get this far? What do you do in Shopping Sherlock? I gotta know man. Let me know if you can

        • Igor.P says:


          Thank you for a great feedback! I am doing my best to give the best info possible. Whatever you need to know about Shopping Sherlock, I`m here to assist.

          Send me an e-mail, and we can talk. Regards


      2. Lorren says:

        I like this Shopping Sherlock App. The interface seems very friendly to use. This App must eliminate a lot of problems when using a mobile. I think that the business opportunity is quite interesting too. I was looking for opportunity to make money online. I bookmarked your site and intend to check it out again soon and share the App. Will it work on all mobiles?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Lorren!

          The app works great and is very useful. So far this year it saved me around $1500 and it works on all mobiles. You need to become distributor in order to do business with app. It is a great business and If you think it`s something for you, let me know and I will show you how it works.

          Thanks for the comment!


      3. Shane says:

        Hi Igor, I can really see the value in what you are saying. As I am already a WA member, I can see how Ss would be a natural progression. Thanks for introducing it to me, I have never seen it before and have book marked your page. Is SS operational in New Zealand?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Shane!

          Shopping Sherlock is not yet operational in New Zealand. It is a question of time when it will be though. First, a small number of distributors is needed in order to incorporate that country. This creates extra strong opportunity for you if you live there.

          Whenever you feel you want to know more, just let me know!


      4. Donnie says:

        Hey, Igor!

        Very interesting review about this company, Shopping Sherlock! I like it!

        All you have to do is share it without even building a down line and you can make some money? That is so cool!

        I read this review and your connecting review, too! It sounds very interesting. I can see how people would want the app! It is really a no-brainer!

        I may be interested in joining. Is it already over saturated in the U.S.?

        I’ll be in touch! Great post, thanks!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Donnie!

          Yes, you don`t need to build any team. Sharing the app in itself is very lucrative. That is way I joined it in the first place. It is not over saturated anywhere, that is another charm with this business. The timing is perfect! We are working on distribution as we speak.

          If you need any more info, just let me know!


      5. Charles Reynolds says:

        I have read about Shopping Sherlock in the past and I signed up for the free service. Your post is a convincing discussion that leads one to believe that SS is the real deal.Your discussion about how you have struggled to be successful and that you succeeded is somewhat captivating. The fact that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate makes me think your are honest and that SS is not a scam.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Charles!

          Yes, I remember you. You left me a comment not so long ago. Thank you for that!

          I understand your concern completely. When I first got in touch with SS I was very skeptical. My first thought was; this is a scam. It looked to good to be true. Even after I have done all the research, I wasn`t sure. But I can say the same about WA, I didn`t know it`s value from beginning. So, it is not a scam. It is the only business opportunity that can be compared to WA in value.

          As I told you before, I will show you more any time you want, just let me know. Thanks for comments, I appreciate them!


      6. Jeff says:

        Your article about Shopping Sherlock has interested me. I’m definitely going to check into this service as an online business. The story you tell about yourself trying to find a business online is inspiring. Can you tell me is the Shopping Sherlock opportunity something that is good for the person who is just starting out with an online business – or do you need some experience?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Jeff!

          It`s very nice that you find it interesting. This business opportunity is suitable for everyone who look for long term, solid business. No previous experience is needed in order to start, cause all training is provided within the team. If you want to learn more about it, let me know!



      7. Vladimir says:

        Hi Igor. Your post made me really curious about this app. To tell you the truth, I haven’t heard the Shopping Sherlock App before and I will maybe read some of your reviews and visit their site for more information.

        It is really a good thing to see more opportunities of having businesses online and choosing a good affiliate program is also very essential in being successful in online marketing.

        The license fee and the monthly recurring fee is a bit pricey for starters but I will try to learn more about the company and the system and maybe I will consider joining the affiliate program.

        Thank you for sharing in your site this wonderful opportunity.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Vladimir!

          I am glad you like it and that you find it interesting. I definitely recommend you to do the research, not only about the company itself but about the whole market situation. Send me an e-mail and I will send you more info that I didn`t put into the post. Of course, if you have any questions, don`t hesitate to contact me.

          Thanks for the comment!

      8. Neil says:

        There are a heck of a lot of online business opportunities, but the problem is finding the ones that are LEGIT and don’t empty our bank accounts.

        I agree that if people don’t leave their comfort zones, success will never happen with any business online. We need to learn to take risks and a leap of faith if we are ever going to expand our comfort zones.

        Shopping Sherlock sounds interesting and I will look in to your recommendation of this program 😀


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Neil!

          So true! And, you are absolutely right when you say that the problem is to find right and legit opportunities. I believe that reason for that is that they are actually few. Many things look like opportunities but are actually not.

          The comfort zone will save us from failure but will also keep us away from success as well. At times, we need to take risks. I have lost a few times but succeeded at the end. I have been lucky to find Shopping Sherlock and enjoy doing it and see it grow. It is the real business, that is why I am recommending it.

          Take a look at it and let me know if you need any help. Thanks for the comment!


      9. Marc Cantave says:

        There are so many business opportunities that are online when you search them on google but sometimes they are not always good. It’s great that you made a review site that can tell you which ones are the best business opportunity. I’ve been with wealthy affiliate for about a month and I must say that it’s been great this was a great post keep it up

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Marc!

          I am not sure about those opportunities. They are not many at all. Most of them are semi good or bad, not opportunities at all. I was lucky to find out about Sherlock Nation which is probably the biggest opportunity to this date. Besides Wealthy Affiliate, it`s the only real thing out there i know of. You have it mentioned in the article, check it out.

          Thanks for the comment!

      10. Luke says:


        I fully agreee with everything you wrote, especially the part about leaving your comfort zone.

        One day, if you want to keep making progress, you will need to leave your comfort zone.

        As for the App – I never heard about it. But I read your review and it looks interesting.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Luke!

          I hope it will not keep you from moving forward. I wish you all the best in your business. Thanks for comment, I appreciate it!


      11. Chris says:

        And there was me thinking I knew about every online opportunity out there….then this!!!!
        I have no idea what shopping sherlock is or how it works so this is a great wake up call for me! I had a quick scan over your dedicated page and things look pretty cool. Tell me, how much have you yourself earned through this platform?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Chris!

          I have always claimed that there are not many opportunities out there, it only look like there is. Most of those semi-good things are not worth doing so when you count those out, there not many things worth doing. Shopping Sherlock, now called Sherlock Nation, is really solid and powerful career opportunity. Not many like it out there. But as any other solid business, it takes time to build.

          Since I joined, almost first two months took me to learn about it. First month I made $75 and it progressed since then. As distributor I focus more on app distribution but the team is growing so soon the earnings will increase by that as well. So far I made a bit over $1000 through the business but the app itself gave me savings of more than $1500. I am in the process of finding the most effective way of massive distribution.

          There are also very powerful updates to the whole thing in form of new features like extended education and possibility to enroll local businesses in the register. I will post those updates within few days so look for them as well. Thank you for your question and comment! I hope this answer provided you with what you want to know.

          All the best!


      12. Paul says:


        Thanks for sharing with us this information about Shopping Sherlock. I skimmed through your review and will be reading it in full a little bit later. I’ve personally never heard of Shopping Sherlock, but I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate and I can confirm that it’s the real deal.

        Thanks again.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Paul!

          Take your time and examine all the info. There are updates to this business and I will publish them in a couple of days. Wait for them cause they are really powerful. Possibilities are much bigger now, like the education available. In general this is the only business of this caliber that I now. Besides WA, it is the only thing worth doing. If you need any assistance, let me know!

          Thank you for the comment!

      13. Simone says:

        I have been looking for online business opportunities but like you said, there are a lot of scams out there. Even the scammers say that. So it really is hard to know who or what to believe.

        I know that people are legitimately making money online without scamming others so that is what keeps my hopes up.

        I have not heard of Shopping Sherlock so I will check that out.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Simone!

          My advice to you is to not trust anybody. Do the research cause the solid opportunities are realized through that. Ask questions and check everything out. The real thing always have substance and you need to find it by taking close look. There are some solid business opportunities out there but they are not many. Shopping Sherlock is one of them but it takes time to build and develop. No need to hope for things, making living online is not just the idea. It works and many are doing it. Just keep looking and have your eyes open.

          If you want to know more about this business, let me know. We can meet on skype and I will show you more. Thanks for the inquiry!


      14. David says:

        Hi Igor,

        At first glance you would think that starting and running an online business on the internet would be pretty simple and it should be pretty simple to start and run. It should also be profitable almost from day one. After all that is one reason if not the real primary reason why people start and run businesses in the first place.

        I found your article interesting along with the two main reviews of it, Wealthy Affiliate and Shopping Sherlock. I am already familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, and wish I became involved with them sooner, due to their excellent training content.

        At this stage. I am wondering what countries in Europe does Shopping Sherlock operate in?


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello David!

          I wish it would always work like you say, but usually it takes time to reach the level of profitability. Like with all other business models, it is how it is. Nevertheless, it is important to know that it is more than possible and it does not take much work. It is more a question of right focus and some knowledge.

          As for the Sherlock, this is a list of countries where it is active at this point; Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hongkong, Iceland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, USA.

          Also, there is a strong expansion in Zimbabwe, so this country will be on the list any moment now. Let me point out one important thing; your country do not need to be on the list,(even though it is a question of time when it will be), in order for you to use the app to your benefit.

          Thank you for the comment and the inquiry!

          All the best!


      15. Neil says:

        After reading about the best online business opportunities, I’m now intruiged with Shopping Sherlock as it sounds like a great online business model. :)

        So I am about to go ahead and read your review to see what great things I can discover about the program.

        I do agree that people go more for safety because people are scared to take risks and step out of their comfort zones.

        If people are to succeed at making money online, they must be willing to expand their comfort zones because there are no other options.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Neil!

          Yes, the comfort zone is the major problem in doing anything. New things can not be done with the old mind and changing the mind seems to be too challenging to many. Sherlock business is a great possibility but I guess nothing fit everybody. If you think it is something for you, let me know, and I will help you with it even further.

          One more thing, do not forget to check the update and the new review. You will find the link for it on the page itself.

          Thank you for the comment!

      16. Viljoen says:

        One of the best online business opportunities is affiliate marketing because you do not your own product to sell. There are companies such as Amazon or Clickbank that will let you partner with them by selling their products.

        I see that you have mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. They are a great training center for newbies to start of with their own online businesses.

        • Igor.P says:


          There is so much that can be done within this business. That is why I love it so much. Possibilities are virtually endless. If one just have some interest and desire for this business, it gets fun and rewarding more than people realize. And the WA is the only place that I know of that offer everything that is needed in order to make this business set up and running successfully. That is why I promote it so much.

          Thanks for the comment!

      17. Angel says:

        Dear Igor,

        This is great, you have highlighted the key aspects for anyone to take when it comes to the best online business opportunities.

        I would say that Wealthy Affiliate is much better than the Sherlock Nation. So much offered here for a low price, it just can’t be beat. Support of the community, step by step training and courses, what more could anyone ask for?

        I hope many people see your Review on WA and Sign Up, it is a great legit online make money opportunity.

        Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Angel!

          I don`t think that these businesses can be really compared cause they are quite different, but it is good that you recognize what is more attractive you in such a clear way. I am glad that you find WA to be a good opportunity cause it really is.

          Thanks for the comment and best of luck to you too!


      18. Peter says:

        Hello Igor Your site has some excellent information. I am pleased to see that you are giving your reader great information and that you are also promoting Wealthy Affiliate which is an excellent place to get an online education about exactly how to build a sustainable online business.
        As we all know there are so many “get rich quick scams” out there and knowing what is a scam and what is not can be very difficult. Great to see you are helping many people with this article. Good work :)

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Peter!

          I am doing my best to give the value and useful help to my visitors. Thanks for the feedback and comment, I appreciate it.


      19. Stephanie says:

        Thank you for your article describing the two best online business opportunities out there. I belong to Wealthy Affiliate so I know it is definitely one of the most effective ways to grow an online business. However, I had only heard about Shopping Sherlock and did not know much else about it but you have given me the inspiration to do more research on it and check into myself.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Stephanie!

          Great that you are a part of WA, it means that you are serious about online business. In this article I presented the best of two worlds, affiliate and network marketing. When it comes to Sherlock, you definitely need to see the new review cause additions to this business available from September last year really makes it even better. You will find the link on the page.

          All the best with your business and thanks for the comment!

      20. RuthM says:

        Shopping Sherlock, I have never heard of this, it sounds so interesting.

        I feel like you have left me hanging a little bit! how can I find out more.. Are you going to give us more information to go on.

        If something works I am willing to invest the money!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Ruth!

          Sure, you can have all info you want. First, take a look at the new review that covers additional features of this business introduced in September last year –

          The company has changed the name, as you can see, and brought new possibilities to it all. If you feel you would like to proceed after that, contact me, and we will meet on skype. This is a real business but the you need to see it all in order to come up with educated decision whether this is for you or not. Hope this helps!

          Thanks for the interest and the comment!


      21. jschicanha says:

        Hey, this is the best information.I have been using this online business through wealthy affiliate and i enjoyed it for four months now ,therefore i am currently supporting this article for online business opportunities because i got experience now even not enough.Thank you for the information.

        All the best

        • Igor.P says:


          I understand your position. Just keep going and you will get there. Keep studying! If you need any assistance, just let me know. And, thanks for stopping by and the comment. Best of luck!


      22. Stephen says:

        Hello friend,
        I really like your article and your attitude about accepting any offer. I’m that type who will like to do thorough research about any offer before accepting it. Especially if it requires that I pay some money before starting.

        I’m beginning to have some interest in your recommended programs, Shopping Sherlock and Wealthy Affiliate, I was looking at your reviews on them. Bit my question is, which of the two will you best recommend for me? Shopping Sherlock or Wealthy Affiliate?

        I will be happy to hear your reply.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Stephen!

          Well, it depends on what you want to do. Every type of online business requires some same things to do like marketing, social media engagement…and so on. But Wealthy Affiliate is online business to the core, you do every aspect of it, and you build your own business. Shopping Sherlock is Network Marketing business, which means you build your business within the company. But it still requires same things.

          I would suggest to follow your instinct. Study the info on both, and see if one of them full you more towards it. Or, you could do both, like some people including myself do. It depends on your time that you can sped on it. Regardless of what you choose, let me know if you need any assistance.

          All the best! Igor

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