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    Shopping Sherlock app

    Shopping Sherlock app

    There are many shopping apps available on the market these days, but there is only one of them that can truly be considered as the best! It`s the Shopping Sherlock app! Ever since I have started using it myself with the incredible results, I have been doing research about the subject. As a professional affiliate it is a part of my job, but regarding this subject I was extra curious. Read this article and I will explain you why.

    Prior to April this year (2015), I never used any apps for anything. I was just not interested in this aspect of available technology most people use today. My mobile phone was just that- a mobile phone! Nothing more, nothing less. I have already mentioned that I do affiliate marketing for living, and being always open for good business possibilities, I engaged in mobile business recently.

    That is how I first got in contact with Shopping Sherlock app. So, let me quickly explain what it is and  what it does. From the beginning it was told that that this app saves time and money by always finding the best deal to it`s user. I have put it to test. I wasn`t impressed when I used it first time, but not having any interest in this, it is not surprising. But I continued and quickly realized that this app is about to become as big as Google itself.


    Shopping Sherlock app


    I checked online information about shopping apps and got very surprised when I realized that nobody even mention it. I found out about many other apps: ShopSavvy, Smoopa, BuyVia, Google Shopper, PriceGrabber, Amazon`s Price Check…and so on. The only reasonable explanation for this is that people still don`t know about it. And somebody need to fix this right away.

    Shopping Sherlock is the search engine in form of app and that is the difference between it and all other apps. For example, Amazon`s price Check is Amazon`s app and when you use it and search for products what do you think it will show you? Amazon products, of course! It will not show you products from other sources, although I may be not entirely right on this. Even if it does that, It`s just like with Google, it will show you products from all sources but it will put their biased products first to see.

    I can understand this cause almost all apps today are just extended applications for existing businesses. Amazon is just a business just like Google, EBay and Walmart are. It is the same with Shopping Sherlock but SS is not biased and will show you a whole market. Not just Amazon, or just Google. It will show you everything. You only need to do the search for your product and it will show exactly who is giving you the best deal.


    Great Savings in Time And Money


    I have never been a great shopper but you don`t need to be in order to harness those great benefits this app provides. I started using it in April this year and by now, 30-th August (2015), I have saved almost $1500 using it! Not bad, not bad at all! The biggest part of this saving was my trip to Greece in July this summer. I searched for it in SS app and found this trip with 32% discount, $1100 saving.

    The thing is, we all need to buy a certain things in our lives and this app really saves a lot of money and time for purchases that we need to do anyway. So, even if you are not great shopper like me, you need this app. It just works great and we can all use this kind of improvement in our personal economies.

    Even after 4 months of using it, I still get new info on how you can perform the search and find things most effectively. Take a look at this instructional video below where the whole process, from download to how to effectively use it, is explained!

    I don`t know if I have mentioned it by now, but the app is FREE for everyone! It only requires the invite code to register, which you only need to do once. The code is 841313. So watch the video, install the app, register using the code and follow the user instructions.



    If for some reason you don`t like the video, go to Shopping Sherlock page and at the bottom of it I have placed the direct download link. Just follow it and you are all set. Feel free to give the app to everybody you know, your family and friends. And that would be a part of new features and updates introduced the 13 September this year(2015), as well. You can read about them HERE!

    Enjoy your app, you will love it when you discover what it can do for you!

    Feel free to contact me at any time and don`t forget to leave me a comment below!



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      38 Responses to Best Shopping App

      1. Dylan says:

        This is an extremely interesting read and i didn’t know any products like this existed. I may have missed it in the article, but is there any cost to this app? Like a monthly subscription or one time buy in the beginning?

        I could definitely see myself using this app for all my shopping needs in the future.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Dylan!

          Yes, you have missed it. No problem, it happens all the time. No, there are no costs to it, whatsoever. It`s totally free to download and use without the limit. This is a new generation of e-commerce so grab it, use it and you will be surprised how valuable it is.

          Thanks for the comment!

      2. Sammi - says:


        Oh I’ve never heard of the Shopping Sherlock app but I’ll certainly be looking in to it now! It looks great!

        I use so many different apps at the moment, I definitely love to try this. Is it available in all countries or just the US?

        Is there a minimum or maximum redemption amount?


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Sammi!

          It is available in most western countries at this point, you can see the list of them inside of the app, And, soon it will be available everywhere. The app is really great in saving you loads of money on things you must buy anyway. There are no minimum or maximum on anything. It`s free and you can use it in any way you wish as much as you wish. Trust me, you will love it.

          Thanks for the comment!


      3. Christian says:

        Hey Igor, thanks for the review on Shopping Sherlock. It certainly does look like an interesting app. In the video, the guy talked about the coupon portion of it. How do they work? Can you tell me if you need to print them out or is there another way to redeem them?

        Thanks in advance and cheers,

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Christian!

          No need to print anything out. Coupons are redeemed inside of the app. The whole system works very well. Grab you app and I will soon send the info to all registered users. You will be surprised how much money it will save you.

          Thanks for the comment, if you have any other questions, let me know!

      4. NemiraB says:

        Hello for introducing this new feature. As your commentators told, I never heard about this app too. There so many of them. I stuffed my phone with 20 apps and I guess, I need to rid from few of them. They take a lot energy.
        If your recommended app does these great things as you described here, it is worth to check out.
        I like to travel and look for best deals as possible. I guess , it could save for me money and time. I guess that time is most important thing, because we can not buy it.
        Thanks for review, all the best to you happy writing, Nemira.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Nemira!

          I totally agree with you in what you said about time. Trust me, I would not be promoting this app if it wasn`t really good. It saves a loads of money and time. As you said, we can`t buy time, but we can save it. Try it out and I know that you will not be disappointed.

          Thanks for the comment!

      5. Hannah says:

        Very interesting article!

        It’s amazing how an amazing shopping like this can get over looked so much. I’m surprised to have never heard of it before. I know where I will be doing my future online shopping!

        I get fed up of shopping in all the same places such as Amazon and Ebay. They get too much of the market and it’s not fair on other shops!

        Thanks for showing us this awesome app.

        I’m going to download it onto my Tablet!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Hannah!

          Go ahead, grab it and enjoy it. I am absolutely sure you will love it. It`s still pretty new technology, so it`s not strange that you haven`t heard of it yet. We are working hard to promote it and soon it will be known to all.

          Thanks for the comment!


      6. NemiraB says:

        Hello, thanks for introducing this app. I used many apps, but still did not know about your mentioned Shopping Sherlock app.
        I guess, if it is searching all possible options from all stories in Internet, it is worth to check out.
        I think that this app can work pretty well for holidays, such as Christmas. Sometimes we need so many purchases to that head can spin from it.
        I wonder how about delivery? Do we need to pay as in the same way, when we buy from Amazon or eBuy?
        Apps take over because it easy, convenient and simple.
        Thanks for information, all the best, Nemira.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Nemira!

          You are right, apps are taking over and it`s not strange cause we have our phones everywhere and all the time. The payment process and delivery depends on the seller, whoever it may be. In general it is the same. I use my app for everything, but mostly to find discounts on travels and bigger items. It is working very well. It is so much that you can do with this app so, experiment with it, you won`t regret.

          Thanks for the comment!

      7. Neil says:

        I have stumbled across the Shopping Sherlock app many times on the internet, and it sure does sound like a very popular program.

        You have definitely saved a lot of money from this app, so it’s certainly something I will try because I love saving money AND Christmas is on its way!

        Thanks for sharing your best shopping app recommendation, and I will watch your video too!


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Neil!

          Shopping Sherlock is gaining the momentum as we speak, but it`s not yet widely known. We believe that it will go viral sometimes next year. It is very powerful but you need to check it regularly for the best prices. When I found and purchased my vacation trip to Greece this summer, I did not find it at the first search, but on the second. It was more than worth it, $1100 in savings. Also, there has been updates to it and I will be posting it any day now. Do not forget to check it out.

          Thanks for the comment!


      8. Dallin says:

        This seems interesting, but I’m wondering if it will work for me. I live in the middle of nowhere, and we only have a couple stores. Walmart, Safeway, stuff like that. most the other stores are little mom and pop shops. Will the app know about the little ones like that, or will it only recognize the big stores?

        • Igor.P says:


          The app finds everything that is on the market and place it right in front of you. This way it really saves you a lot of time that you would need to put in searching. And by doing what it was design to do, it saves you a lot of money. It does not matter where you live. If you are at some remote place, you won`t be able to use daily deals which are bound to city areas but everything else is available to you with no difference. But you can check daily deals anyway, have things shipped to you and still save some money on it.

          I suggest you to get it, it is free anyway, and try it out. You only need to do one similar purchase I did this summer when I saved $1100 on my trip to Greece, to fall in love with it. I use it regularly now. Try it out, do some searching and you will find many chances to save money on things you would buy anyway. It really works!

          Thanks for the comment!

      9. rufat says:

        I think you are right that we have to use such apps because they make our lives much easier and plus we can make good savings. I’ve never heard about Shopping Sherlock app but it looks very appealing to me and I’m going to give it a try. By the way, is it available for iphone or is it for android devices only? I’m planning to use it for some time and then let you know how really cool it is.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Rufat!

          It is available for both, iphone and android. It`s also available for desktop, which I use most of the time because I get better overview comparing to the phones. Use it and you will not be disappointed. It works really well. I saved more than $1500 so far this year, using it. Sometimes you need to do little digging and refine the search, but if the product you are looking for is out there with the price reduced, it will find it for you.

          You may also be interested in Sherlock Travel because it`s the best search engine in the world for hotels and travels. It is only available for distributors, but prices you will get makes up for the investment many times over. But, I will explain that in the update in a few days.

          All the best!


      10. Gina says:

        This is so cool!
        I’ve always went to all the different apps to search for what I was looking for to compare prices. I didn’t know there was something like this where it would bring everything together for you. This makes things so much easier. And of course saving money would be great; plus the app being free? Definitely getting this.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Gina!

          It looks to me that Sherlock is right thing for you, especially if you are looking for app that compares prices. I started using it in April this year and I can tell you, I made great improvements to my personal economy. I feel you will love daily deals. It is the function within the app where you can access daily deals localy where you live. I love it, I check it regularly cause I never know what i will find.

          Enjoy it, and thanks for the comment!

      11. G.C.Horton says:

        Hi Igor!

        This is the first I’ve heard of the Shopping Sherlock app. I sure does seem like the best shopping app to me.

        I like that it has a coupon function, although I’m not really sure how that works. Please tell me more. Do you actually print the coupons out or is there a code?

        I’m kind of old school and still adjusting to shopping apps, but this a real winner. Plus, it’s free. You can’t beat free.

        • Igor.P says:


          Coupons are not printed but given inside the app from the distributor which in this case is me. Now there is another thing within the app that is called Loyalty program. That means that you as user can invite your friends to get it and use it as well, and if they start using it you receive $10 gift cards that you use to make purchases. There is no limit of how many gift cards you can collect. Right now, the loyalty program operates only in US, but on spring next year it will work in all countries.

          Take some time to get used to it. I was like you before, not much used to apps. But after I made really great savings so far, I changed habits and I am a frequent user now. It does work really well.

          Thanks for the comment!

      12. Kush1000 says:

        Hi there! That’s a nice post you have created here.
        Very nicely explained and easy for a reader to understand.
        I will definitely come back to this site in the future.
        I’m sure many people will find this article as useful and interesting as I did.
        Thanks for sharing this nice information.
        Cheers and best of luck to you.

        • Igor.P says:


          Thank you, I am doing my best to give the information in the best way possible. The number of downloads from my website is increasing rapidly, which certainly means people are discovering this app. Thank you for reading and the comment!

          All the best!


      13. Ehab says:

        Hello there,

        Great post, i never heard before about Sherlock application!, but it seem that it’s a very interesting application, and i am wondering how this application is for free! , your words and paragraphs are so simple and understandable,i will give your website a visit again for sure, thanks for sharing this useful post.

        • Igor.P says:


          Thanks for the good feedback, I am doing my best to present the information in the best possible way. As for Sherlock being free, it makes perfect sense to me. If it was not free I would not be working with it. I would not be distributing it. As I have said before, I leave this to Michael Wiedder and his team to worry about. I guess it has been made like this through deals with the vendors which created some kind of win-win situation for both companies and consumers.

          Thanks for the comment!

      14. netp says:

        I’d vaguely heard of this before – but had no idea what it was. Since the app is free, no harm in checking it out is there? Actually I’ve been trying to find the best price recently for a garmin watch and exercise bike lol – maybe time to download the app and have a look on there! Thanks for the info, v helpful

        • Igor.P says:


          Sherlock Shopping app is gaining the momentum and soon most people will hear about it. But as you said, it is free so there is no harm in trying it. There is no risk involved. Try it out and look for those products, you may be surprised how effective it is to compare and find the best deal. Just keep in mind that often you need to follow it for a few days until you find the deal that will satisfy you. I discovered that when i was looking for a hotel and flight for the vacation last summer.

          Enjoy your app and thanks for the comment!

      15. Ian says:

        Wow, this looks like a great shopping app. It seems to cover everything.

        Does this kind of app also include coupons and options for grocery shopping as well?

        This is a great resource everyone should take advantage of, and especially because it’s free. I am planning to download it tonight to check it out for myself.

        Thank you for sharing this.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Ian!

          To be honest I never even thought of groceries as something to search for on the app, but now when you mentioned it, I`ll have to try it out and see for myself. Otherwise it works for everything else that can be purchased online, so I agree with you when you say everyone should take advantage of it. After all, it is free!

          Grab it and see what you can come up with it. I have to say, it saved me a great deal of money last year. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

          All the best!

      16. inzhirov says:

        Hello just wanted to say thanks for sharing found this information very useful. I always look on ways to save money and if it does your research for you than that is great and most of all it is free. Thanks again keep up the good work. will let my friends know.

        • Igor.P says:


          I am very glad you like it. Grab it, and have fun with it! Just keep using it and you will be surprised how useful it is.

          Thanks for the comment!

      17. Renee Townsend says:

        Interesting app. My husband and I were planning to go to Las Vegas this year. We invited our family and offered to do the research for them. The fact that you saved $1100 to go to Greece is amazing. I’m curious to see what kind of savings we could get as a group using the Sherlock App.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Renee!

          You can definitely save a lot of money on similar trips just like I did. Grab your app and see for yourself but remember one thing. Sometimes you need to monitor the market for a while before the right opportunity/offer present itself. When I bought my trip to Greece last summer, i have been looking for it for a few days.

          Things and products come and go. People actually buy things so you need to wait it out and search. The search takes 10 seconds to perform, and if you keep looking you will soon find a great discount on what you have been looking for.

          These days, many items I regularly buy using Sherlock. It is very handy for people like me who like to buy cheap without going to the store. When it comes to traveling, hotel and flights, there is a much better search engine which is called Sherlock Travel, but unfortunately, it is only available to licensed distributors.

          So grab your app, I know you will like it cause it works really well. After all, it is free.

      18. Ben says:

        Hey! I love saving money on purchases! In my perspective, searching for ten minutes in order to find even a ten dollar discount is totally worth it. I look at the time spent searching for it as “work,” meaning I just earned $10 in 10 minutes, at a rate of $60 an hour. I’ve gotta look this thing up.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Ben!

          Well, thanks for sharing! Examine things as much as you need, if you have any questions, let me know.

          All the best!

      19. Marlaine says:

        This is really interesting! I love finding out about apps (especially free ones) that help save money! Things are so expensive these days – every bit helps!
        Not sure where you’re located, but another great app if you like Shopping Sherlock is an app called Flipp (works in Canada where I am located). It scans all of the flyers and in the area where you are and if you’re looking for something in particular, you type it in and it shows you how much it costs at each place – who has the best sale. Works great for grocery shopping, but I’m thinking it’s lacking in that it doesn’t show the price of something unless it’s on sale. Does the Shopping Sherlock app do that? Somehow catalogue all prices in all the stores for pretty much everything, then show you the best price? Or does it use just sale prices?
        Thanks for an interesting read! I’m going to check it out!

        • Igor.P says:


          I must admit to you I am not a great shopper, and to this day I use the app almost only for big and expensive items and travels. But scanning function you have on it will help you with what you wonder about. You simply scan the item you find in the store and are interested in, and the app shows you if better deals on it exist somewhere else. It shows it to you right away. Try it out and see for yourself.

          Thanks for the good comment, let me know if it is anything else you wonder about!


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