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    Time Efficiency

    Time Efficiency

    Becoming time efficient in your business is very important and it is, a major contributing factor to your overall success. Time efficiency is also closely related to the business mindset, by developing the one, you are developing both.

    I mentioned this in one of my recent articles and this is definitely a skill that all successful people develop sooner or later. Actually, I do not see how you can become successful without it. But do not be alarmed, it is not hard to develop, you just need some conscious practice. That is all.


    From chaotic to organized


    Probably all first time entrepreneurs go through phases of their business development in a chaotic manner, and there is nothing wrong with that. You can not be good at something when you first start with it. You need practice to become good at it.

    This depends on the mindset. You have limited knowledge and experience so your thoughts and feelings are running around stretched between hopes and excitement for the future and possible fear of loss and failure. Especially if you made a significant investment in your business.

    Nevertheless, this state of mind needs to be overcome in order to get your business really going. The success in form of earnings comes when you become successful in your mindset, and this is achieved by the calmness of properly developed entrepreneurial mindset.

    I know that most people do not think about these things, but everything in our lives start with the thought. Every idea or inspiration is just a thought and we need to be aware of this fact. So, if our thoughts are stressful and chaotic, it will affect everything we do later on.

    So we need to get down to earth and conduct our business efforts in an organized and educated manner.


    Always go for the maximum impact action!


    I have been observing this process within WA community with many new members, and I also remember my beginnings in online business. I was not the exception to this and it took me some work to develop the proper mindset and become effective in my regular daily activites.

    There is a great saying by Henry David Thoreau, he said:


    “It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”


    He obviously knew what he was talking about. What he is trying to say is that we need to avoid doing futile things. Instead of pointless actions, we need to focus on actions of value, with purpose and meaning.

    As I progressed in my work I realized that the success is about quality work, not quantity. We never need to work hard, we need to work intelligently and effectively. Of course, learning and education is unavoidable to get to this level of organization, but if you know where to go to learn online business, that is easy part.

    I have already mentioned WA (Wealthy Affiliate), which is one of two great business opportunities and educational programs that I point out to people on this website. The other one is Sherlock Nation, but I want you to start thinking about the mindset cause it is equally important as learning and education.

    Actually, it is the essential part of ever proper business education!

    I will not give you some steps on how to become time efficient, simply because we are all different and it is not hard to develop as most people think. I would suggest you to do one thing – remind yourself of following things every single day, until they become your reality.

    These things are:


    Business takes time to develop so keep in mind to be patient.

    Work to learn and improve your knowledge, not to make money because money/success comes out of what you know, not how much you work. If you join WA, this part is easy cause all you have to do is to follow lessons and do daily task. In time you will become the expert in online marketing business. Again, be patient!

    This is a creative process. This means that you are entering the unknown. At the starting point there is nothing (no business), but somewhere down the line, a solid and profitable business will exist.

    It will be times when you can not do much to push things forward. Respect this process and do not go against it. Remind yourself to rest and relax when it is so, and continue when things open up.

    And that is all.


    Trust me, if you keep reminding yourself of these things, you will develop your ability to work efficiently in the way that you do not even know it is possible. It will develop your mindset in a way that will completely cancel all worry and uncertainty when it comes to your business. It will speed up your success.

    I like and appreciate comments, so leave me one below!



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