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    Business Education

    Business Education

    Business education is absolutely necessary if you are like most people today who are interested in making money online. If you ask me, these online possibilities available to everybody are one of the greatest blessings we have today, because they make it possible to become independent and escape a rat race.

    Also the great news are that such education exist, and that it is very affordable to everybody who is serious about doing this. I have been writing about this before but it does not hurt to ad little more to it, and give this info out.

    Most people who try something out online fail because of the lack of education. People get caught in scams, waste some time and money and then they give up. I have gone through this process myself, but the biggest damage these scams make is in convincing people to believe in shortcuts, spreading and stimulating a get-rich-quick mentality.

    But these things do not exist and it is impossible to succeed taking this route. Think about it, in offline world people spend a fortune on education, investing years in study, all for one reason – to secure a better future for themselves. But online almost everybody believe in shortcuts, pushing few buttons software’s and making money in some miraculous way.


    Back to school!


    The education I am talking about is Wealthy Affiliate University, and it is the best education of this kind in the world! As I said, it is AFFORDABLE to everyone!

    What you learn in this program is simply how to do business online, from the beginning to the end. You learn affiliate marketing for real and it is especially suitable for beginners. When I say business, it means it is focused on long term success, not just some quick gains with imaginary shortcuts.

    Like any other business form, you build a strong foundation for long lasting success, and then you scale things up from there.
    SO THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS THING! If you are really interesting in career change, this is what you need. If you are not interested in career change, you can do it as the side business. It is up to you how far you will go with it, but however you look at it, you are building a new career!


    So how does it work and what do you get?


    You can read my full review of it below, but for the sake of clarity, let me give you a few pointers here. Comparing to regular education forms provided by systems from around the world that cost a lot of money and take years to finish, WA is very different from that.
    You do not need years to finish it, and by studying it, you become an entrepreneur. Take a look at the graph below!



    Here are also few additional thing you need to know about WA:

    It is a big community, built around the common interest which is to build a successful online business. This provides a tremendous support, which basically assures your success.
    You can join for free and remain a free member as long as you wish! You still get the part of the education and you get to build two websites. This makes it possible for you to try it out before you become a premium member which cost $1 a day.
    All tools you ever need to build your business are included without any additional cost.


    Wealthy Affiliate Review

    Wealthy Affiliate Review


    You need to put some work and effort into it. As I said, it is not some mindless push button system but a serious business that needs to be built before you start seeing profits. If you understand that and do the work, there is no limit how far you can go.

    In my experience, it is important to pay attention to the mindset, cause it is the only thing that can prevent you from succeeding. Even though it is so advantageous and beneficial, this education is not for everybody. To those who are ready to invest some time and work, and keep going, it is the SOLUTION you have been looking for!

    On the other hand, for those who are not ready to do a bit of work, there is no point in trying it out. Again read my full review of it above, try it out and decide for yourself. The possibility is REAL and you are more than welcome to join us.

    If you have any questions, leave me a comment below and I will be happy to answer!



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      4 Responses to Business Education – Affordable to Everyone!

      1. Simone says:

        I recently started a blog in hopes of making some money online. But it is a lot of work. I keep writing articles and I have google adsense in my sidebar but the pennies are barely trickling in.

        I have taught myself everything through reading about SEO and such online. But so much of the info I find is conflicting.

        If Wealthy Affiliate is as great as you say it is, I might check it out. I will read your review on it as well. I like the idea of getting all my information from one place.

        Since you said that Wealthy Affiliate is a University, will I be about to get some sort of certificate upon graduation?


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Simone!

          I understand your position perfectly. You are at the stage where you do not make money, you are in the process of learning and building your business without knowing how long this stage will last. This is the challenging stage, cause you may easily develop a doubt that could seriously sabotage your efforts.

          But let me help you with that. First, SEO is only one part of the business! The truth is, even though it is important to get good Google rankings, it is not the ONLY THING. People focus on SEO too much so do not do that. It is vital to go through the all education within WA because you need it.

          Second, most people focus on blogging, SEO and FREE stuff, but incorporating paid traffic methods must not be forgotten. They can actually speed up the process of reaching the profitability way more than just posting articles on your website and waiting to get ranked good on Google.

          The funny thing is that Google reward websites that are basically independent from it, which means that when you develop the social media presence and establish yourself as authority, Google reward you with rankings. Google is basically a parasite that builds its success on other peoples success. So do not focus much upon it.

          So you need the education, and WA is the best in providing it. I know that this stage of your business can be frustrating but keep going and focus on learning, cause the KNOWLEDGE is a key to success! It is called the University cause it fit it very well. You will not get diploma that you get from the systems education forms. You get your independence and power instead cause you are learning to become an entrepreneur.

          Remember, JUST KEEP IT GOING! I will not say good luck cause the luck has nothing to do with it. Whenever you need a help, contact me and I will be there to assist.

          Thanks for the comment!


          • Simone says:

            Thanks for all the info Igor! I haven’t looked into paid traffic because I have no idea where to start. And I don’t have a lot of money to play around with. But if it can help me start making money then it might be worth it. I am in the child development niche, so I am not sure what the best way to use paid traffic would be. Do you have any suggestions?

            • Igor.P says:

              Hi Simone!

              You do not need a lot of money for it. Just like with everything else, you need to find service that works for your niche. You do not advertise every niche the same way, so you need to try them out to find what works best for you. The general rule is to not work with anybody who you can not contact before the order. Paid traffic means somebody is doing advertising campaign for you, and you need to be sure they are doing a serious job. Be careful with Fiverr gigs cause they are mostly scams, but even on Fiverr I have found some valuable stuff.

              PPC can work very well if you learn how to create ads with USP, which basically mean explaining in few words what your potential client is getting, keeping it relevant to your article. I am in the process of looking some new services that look very promising. I got your email so I will send you the info if I find them valuable. In the meantime, keep looking and investigate. Your niche is great, there is a lot of potentiality.

              Thanks for the comment and good luck!

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