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    Small Investments

    Small Investments

    You are looking for some good business ideas and opportunities that require low investment probably because you believe they exist out there. I know, I have been doing this kind of search before myself, and it is worth investing some time and effort in it.

    Many people told me that these things do not exist and it may be easy to believe that when you can not prove them wrong. I guess, there is always a place for doubt. But I did not care about proving anybody wrong. I needed a career change and I was convinced that they exist! Well, I was right, these opportunities are present and available. I have used them and thrive, and if give me just a minute of your time, I will tell you all about them!

    I run 3 online business at the moment, and this is how I make living. I found myself in this kind of work, and I love it! After all, I am doing way better than all my previous regular jobs together, so I know what I am talking about when it comes to business online.


    Low Investment


    The subject of this article is low investment business start-ups, and I will reveal to you two such businesses. I said I run 3, but one of them do not fit the criteria so I will not mention it here.

    My beginnings in online business were really troublesome and difficult, but when people were trying to convince me that these things do not exist, I just did not believe them!

    So what are those low investment business opportunities that I am talking about? They are Wealthy Affiliate University and Sherlock Nation.


    Wealthy Affiliate University


    Primarily, the WA is a business school within the field of affiliate marketing. And what a school it is! It is not only the best, but the only one of its kind in the world. Many people miss to see the full magnitude of it and do not know how to use it properly once they get into it.

    The investment for this school is ridiculously low. It cost only $47 a month for premium membership. Even though you join for free and can remain as free member forever if you so desire, the premium membership is a must if you are serious about the business.

    When it comes to quality, the WA is on the level of any regular education form within the society you live in, and probably even better. The regular education will cost you a fortune, especially if you live in countries like US where you must pay for all of it out of your own pocket. And what you get out of it is that you are thrown out to the job market without any guarantees that it will ever pay of, leaving you with the huge debts.

    In WA you learn affiliate marketing, learn and build your business (everything for it is provided and included in the price), and thrive after few months. And you have no debts associated with the regular education. Again, the investment for it is $47 and you get get it even cheaper if you go for a yearly membership, which is $359 a year.


    WA Review

    WA Review


    Read my full review of it above, clicking on the banner! This was one of my best investments I ever made, but let me tell you about the other one too!


    Sherlock Nation


    This is another business I do, and it is the only one that can be compared to WA in value. I do not know any other. This business is related to affiliate marketing but it is also a different kind of business opportunity.

    The company offers you an incredible chance to develop a great business and residual income by sharing it`s product which is a new e-commerce technology. The product is free, which means there is no selling involved, you just give it away. When it is used by people, you make money.

    This is of course a simplified explanation that I am giving you here. You will find the review and details of it by clicking on the banner below. Similar to the WA, many people fail to realize what tremendous opportunity this really is. Now, the investment for it is little higher than WA. You need to get the distributor license which is $279 (one time payment), and you have the monthly fee of $49.

    This scares most people claiming that it cost too much. I do not really understand that! The price is ridiculous considering the fact that this business can secure your financial future forever. If you follow the training and do the work which require not more than 10 hours per week, you can not fail. And there is not limit of how much money you can make on monthly basis.

    I made that money back within a few months, while I was still going through the initial training. The training is a top notch and you work with other distributors who are there every step along the way. The only way of failing is if you are not willing or interested enough to learn and do some work. What an incredible opportunity!


    Sherlock Nation Review

    Sherlock Nation Review


    I hope this information has provided a value that you have been looking for. I stand for these claims I make and I dare you to check them out and investigate. If you find that I lied about anything, tell everybody, but do the honest investigation first. Come back and leave me the nastiest comment you can make!

    Remember one thing; developing the solid business takes time! None of this businesses I presented are some kind of push-button programs, where you do not need to invest some honest effort and work. Thing of that kind do not exist. These are real and solid business opportunities that can easily outmatch any current profession you have, but they require some level of honest engagement.

    If you have any concerns and question do not hesitate to contact me and, as I said, LEAVE ME THE COMMENT BELOW!



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      12 Responses to Business Ideas With Low Investment

      1. Anthony says:


        I like how wealthy affiliate is free to start. That makes it really nice for newbies to get into it. I have to ask you because I know a lot of people besides me are wondering with either product, Wealthy Affiliate or Sherlock nation, how long would it take to start making money consistently? I know it all depends on how fast you learn and how much time you put into it but for the sake of oversimplification lets say the person in question is a fast learner and devotes 5 hours daily to the new business.

        Thanks a ton!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Anthony!

          Thank you for the comment and inquiry! Under the circumstances that you propose it would definitely take less time to reach the success. When it comes to WA and website building, ranking and SEO, this is the process that take some time, but it would go faster. The pace that those who reach the good level of profits is different from case to case, but it is closely related to the time and effort that they put into it. So, it would definitely speed it up.

          It is same with Sherlock but there are always other circumstances that come into the whole picture. Some people reached the level of over $10 000 a month in less than a year and some never reach that level. The best thing with both businesses is that the education is top-notch, so the rest is up to us. The quality work is what counts, not quantity! But the bottom line is; it would bring it all about much faster!

          All the best with your business!


      2. Boniface says:

        Hi Igor,
        Many people have not realised the potentila there is in online opportunities like WA where you invest little of your finances and more of your time and effort and get rewards. Had I known WA 3 years ago, there’s not telling how far I’d be today in online entrepreneurship!

        • Igor.P says:


          You are right many people have not yet discovered what a great opportunity WA really is. I also had a same thought when I first found it- why did I not know about it before! But better ever than never. Wish you all the best with your business.

          Thanks for the comment!

      3. Viljoen says:

        To pay $47 per month for the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate is a real bargain because that is around $1.5 per day.

        That is all you need in order to get your online business started and when you make more money, you can always reinvest it into your business for more growth.

        • Igor.P says:


          I can not agree with you more. I have friends who invested large amounts of money in other businesses. They work all day long and with no guarantees for success. Within WA, this symbolic sum of $47 can bring you a sustainable business for life, working only a part time.

          The best thing with this is that you can work any time of the day, and it can be done from everywhere, as long as you have a laptop and internet connection. Last summer I was lying on the beach in Greece, working on my websites. If you ask me nothing can beat that.

          Thanks for the comment!


      4. Joon says:

        I haven’t tried the Sherlock nation but I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I myself think it’s a good low investment if you are serious about starting an online business through your own website. I myself discovered Wealthy Affiliate as I was trying to find ways to make money from home and I’ve seen a lot of scammy products and didn’t fall for them but WA seemed pretty legit. So far WA had taught me all the basics of what I need to know about starting my own online business.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Joon!

          Wealthy Affiliate is legit, there is no question about it. I have been a member for a while now, took the education and I can tell you; it is in the class for itself. So your investment will pay off multiplied, and that is the reason why I tell people about it. It is one of the best investments people can make at the present moment.

          Sherlock Nation is a network marketing business although it is mostly similar to affiliate marketing. These two possibilities are the only two great possibilities I now of at this time. When I tell people about it, I know I give them a priceless info and offer great value. Then what they do is up to them cause not everybody wants the business on their own.

          These ridiculously low investments can set you free for the rest of your life if you are interested in working for yourself. No debt, low investment and great business opportunities. With some work and dedication, the sky is the limit.

          Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.


      5. Kris M. says:

        Hi Igor,
        I had not heard of Sherlock Nation, I will definitely check it out. Both opportunities seem to sound legit as you are not offering any “get rich quick” ideas and you state that you will earn your money back in a few short months.

        Does the training at Sherlock Nation teach you how to set up websites and do affiliate marketing like Wealthy Affiliate does or is it a different type of training?


        • Igor.P says:

          Dear Kris!

          Thank you for your interest and questions. Yes, it is legit, otherwise I would not post it on my website. As for the education, Sherlock Nation is network marketing company which offers a great possibility to build a big residual income. Education is good but also the knowledge from affiliate marketing is highly useful in order to work with it.

          Network marketing has its own skills and we teach it within the team, so even total beginners have possibility to be successful. Some people have succeeded very quickly, so it is possible to do it, although it is a strong and stable business opportunity and not a get-rich-quickly thing.

          Thanks for the comment and questions! If it is anything else you wonder, just let me know!


      6. Peteni Kuzwayo says:

        Hi Igor

        I must admit, I know exactly what you mean when you say “many people told me that these things don’t exist”.

        Most people believe thriving businesses have to be conventional. They also believe that these businesses can’t be cheap to invest in.

        But, as your post correctly points out, there are tons of business opportunities that are “low investment”.

        However, thank you for emphasizing the importance of patience and time investment. No solid business is built overnight.

        Thank you for this post.

        • Igor.P says:


          Yes, I know what you mean. There are so many wrong beliefs out there, but I can understand people in this matter. If you do not know about something – it is outside of your focus, so everything starts with the correct info. The Internet gives us such tremendous possibilities and hopefully, more and more people will learn to use them.

          Thanks for the comment and for stopping by, I appreciate it. All the best!


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