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    Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate

    Serious desire to succeed online and Wealthy Affiliate are all you need to finally make it. If you really want it you will do the work necessary to make it happen. The Wealthy Affiliate will give all you all knowledge in order to complete the task.

    I have been writing about this before from a little different angle but this time I thought of giving a little different perspective to the whole subject. Ever since I first engaged with online work/business I have been struggling, but it was not so because I lacked motivation. I was struggling because I did not know what to do and how to do it.

    As I mentioned before, you need to get to the right track. It is like finding a right direction, because it is possible and highly probable that you will get it wrong from beginning. Everything I did was wrong from the start but the rectification came later.


    The Big Picture


    Basically it is all about understanding the big picture of how it all works. At the beginning of my affiliate career I started with workout, fitness and weight-loss niches. Very natural choice for me because I have been working out my whole life and I know a lot about different workout and fitness methods and practices.

    I understood more than basics of what I need to do even at that time, but I was not producing any results. I made a great website, placed great products and everything else on it, but nothing really worked. No sales and no results whatsoever. It took me a while before I understood why.

    I have also mentioned before that I quit it all for some period of time because I had no answer to it. It seemed pointless to continue. Eventually I returned starting to figure out the process but my point is that I would not go through all this if I knew about Wealthy Affiliate at that time.

    Today, the whole thing is very different. Affiliate marketing has eventually become my new career and I love it. What changed in the meantime? Well, the big picture!


    Final Piece Of the Puzzle


    My websites that I mentioned before (workout, fitness and weight-loss) do not exist anymore. From the beginning I have built them properly but that part was not the problem. The problem was that I lacked the authenticity and originality. When I understood that, I discarded them.

    Affiliate marketing starts with the niche. You choose the niche based on what you know and like. After that you start blogging and creating a quality content giving a useful information to your readers.

    I did that but it was still wrong. That is the part I missed. Basically I was doing the same thing that every other marketer out there was doing. Too predictable!

    Although I knew a lot about it, I failed to create and give a great content. Why? Simply because I did not believe in it. Every time I was writing an article related to those niches I was trying to inform people and stimulate them to start some kind of workout routine. But in reality I always had one and the same thought; Get your ass out there and do something!

    Instead of writing an article about treadmill or elliptical machines and how to use it, honestly I just wanted to say; Are you so **** that you can not figure it out on your own?

    Instead of writing an article on how to use gym equipment I honestly just wanted to say; Go, try it! You will figure it out on your own. Nobody can teach you anything about the most simple thing in the world!

    Instead of writing about weight loss products that I absolutely knew are worthless, I honestly just wanted to say; Move your *** and you will lose weight!

    That was the part I was missing. I love working out and I still do it regularly in my life but I do not like to blog about it cause I find it stupid. It is just a common sense and nobody can really teach you how to grab the dumbbell in your hand and lift it. But that`s just me. Those niches are good niches and many people are running successful business within them.

    Today, I do not even sell any products on my websites. I am not engaged in any niches I do not really believe in and my marketing efforts are focused on services and education. Online marketing/business is about finding ourselves in a particular niche or subject. That is the only thing to set right from beginning. Everything else falls into place.

    That is the true value of Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches you the right way, it puts you on the right track and give you all you need to develop your business from the start. For the first time entrepreneur it is not only the best place to start and learn, but the only one as well.

    I will not talk about it here, just go to my FULL REVIEW of it for details. But seriously, you should not miss the opportunity and possibilities ti gives. It is truly unique. Read my review and join. Everything else just follows spontaneously!

    If you have any comments or questions leave them BELOW! I would gladly read what you think!



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