Business Psychology

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    Business Psychology

    Business Psychology

    Business psychology is a subject covered in many different educational programs and projects of which many also can be found on the internet. I have done some research on it and found a lot of helpful material even though the majority of it is only a way of promoting these programs, without revealing much of the program material itself.

    In this article I will cover this subject from the position of the small business, focusing more on the practical nature of things ass much as possible.

    I do not have the actual numbers but there is no doubt that the number of people who are starting a business online is growing every year. It has also been said that the majority of people who are engaged in affiliate marketing is failing to produce results. I can`t confirm this cause I have not done any particular research of it myself, but being in this environment for many years now, I can say that this claim definitely seem true to me.


    Starting A Business


    I have gone through the whole process. Few years of wondering in the darkness, through trials and tribulations, I have found what works for me and I have reached the success I desired. I have never taken any education on the subject, as I was learning much about the business from others, adjusting to the process accordingly. The education on this subject(business psychology) is not necessary, even though it can be helpful.

    Starting a business, whether it is online or offline, almost always mean going out of your comfort zone. This has a different meaning to different people. Of course, it`s not strange in any way considering the fact that we are all different. Some things may be difficult to me while in the same time it may be nothing to you.


    Comfort Zone


    The Self

    The Self

    Each and every one of us have the comfort zone. It is made of everything that is familiar and known to us. Doing business online, or anything similar that would bring the challenge, inevitably tests it. It comes through breaking the habit of what we do and how we do it. Before we start with something that falls into this category, the comfort zone is hardly something we even think about. When tested and challenged, it shows itself in form of fearful feelings, reactions and doubts.

    I don`t think that anybody can really teach you how to deal with your comfort zone. In time when I was facing it, I used the experience of others who went through the same process before me, to my benefit. It did help me a great deal. But according to my experience, the learning process about the business has also provided some additional help.

    Comfort zone is shaped by our personality and previous experiences in life. When dealing with business start ups and development, our personality needs to open up and transform as much as it`s needed, to serve the process. This way, the business psychology and psychology in general, are one and the same thing. At the end of the day, we decide what we can do, or not.




    Motivation is also something that, as I have noticed, many people talk about when it comes to business and other types of challenges in general. I have always had my own approach and point of view what it comes to motivation. I never really used any of it but I will not cover that particular subject here. Instead, read the article I have recently written about this subject.

    Just briefly, I don`t think that any kind of motivation is needed when mature decision about something is made. I have often seen the motivation process collapse in people who never made that kind of decision. They struggle and then give up when it does not work. There is no need to fight against our own minds and that is often what motivation really is all about, just like the comfort zone.


    My Advice


    Every en-devour we take in life is about learning and/or knowing, and action taken. That is all there is to it! When things are taken from this position, everything is pretty simple. Starting the business does not have to be hard at all, and it will not be unless our comfort zone starts sabotaging the process. Then, we will start talking about business psychology and looking for some motivation techniques.

    Regardless of what your business idea is; opening a restaurant, starting a travel agency or building a affiliate/product-based website, no excessive thinking process serve any constructive purpose in the process! You need to know what do you need to get it going, get the knowledge you need for it, and than do all you need to do.

    I have seen this in my case, and in case of every successful businessman I know. People rarely start out this way but those who adjust in this matter, always succeed. And one more thing! I noticed one more thing that all successful people have in common. That is patience. One of the greatest virtues we can posses!



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      10 Responses to Business Psychology

      1. John Monyjok Maluth says:

        Hello there. Your site is well organized, with pictures and capturing content. I just love reading it. Your imagery demonstrates your message. Keep the good work.

        I would like to come and read your posts when I can. You just have to add more content as you can. I believe people will love to come and stop by your site.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi John!

          Thank you for the comment, I am glad you like the website. You are welcome to save the URL and come back any time you want. I am adding the content in the pace I find appropriate, and I hope your desire for enough content will soon be fulfilled.

          All the best!

      2. rufat says:

        Good article. Business psychology or psychology that stands behind a business is an extremely interesting topic in my opinion. It’s true that excessive thinking doesn’t help much. It’s rather distracts you from the main goal. And I totally agree with you that in fact, patience is the most important aspect of any success, online or offline. I’ve started working on my online business over a year ago and still struggling to achieve my goal and all I can say is that if I hadn’t been patient enough I wouldn’t have achieved even half of what I’ve achieved so far. So, patience is the key.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Rufat!

          Well, that was my experience too. The patience was the key and we may need some skills to deal with the mental aspects of it. But, if one just keep going it comes to the destination, sooner or later. I wish you all the luck with your business and thank you for the comment!



      3. Deidre Bourne says:

        Hi Igor,
        I congratulate you on finally achieving success with your online businesses. Looks like you have finally made it. Like you, I have had my share of failures by falling victim to several business opportunity scams before finally finding legitimate ones. However, I have to disagree with you when you say that “The education on this subject is not necessary, even though it can be helpful.” I think that it is a MUST, (not an option) that people learn the basics of starting a business online. This will reduce the amount of failure and money lost for newbies coming into the business.
        Great post; best wishes for continued success!

      4. Anh Nguyen says:


        I agree with you patience is important in business. And a lot of things in life actually. I don’t have a lot of experience yet, but I am starting a blog for more than 2 month and know how it could be pretty tedious at times when you didn’t see results and and just gotta keep grinding.

        Thank you for this reminder, I think I needed it.

        Have a great day!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Anh!

          You got that right, it`s not only important in business but in life in general. You just keep going and you will make it. And we all need to be reminded of it, from time to time.

          All the best!

      5. inzhirov says:

        Hello Igor very interesting article really enjoyed reading it, found it very useful. Also Found your website really nice to navigate and you got some awesome content on here that people will really love to read about because that is exactly what people are looking for. Great info thanks will recommend to others.

        • Igor.P says:


          I am glad you found it useful. I am doing all I can to give the most valuable info to my readers. Thanks for the recommendation and the comment! Highly appreciated!

          Regards! Igor

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