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    Career Change Advice

    Career Change Advice

    You would naturally expect that those who give you advice about career change actually know something about stuff they are talking about. But as you know it is not always the case. Changing a career can be a big step, you do not do it often and it is better to find what is most suitable for you as soon is possible, cause you want to avoid going through the process too often.

    I have a friend who works in unemployment office and he told me a little about what they do, and how they direct unemployed people to consider other options. And it always includes some kind of education before you take a shot at the new thing.

    I will not give you a list of suggestions, like I see is a common thing in online articles. Most of time, a career change is not about career change at all, but about finding a way to make a decent living. People primarily look for job that will generate good income to pay their bills, without caring much about the work itself.

    I saw once an online article with a title – 101 ways to make money online! I laughed to be honest when I was reading it, cause there is not such a big number of serious money making possibilities online, and most of things pointed out in that article were joke.

    As I said, I will not do the same things and give you the list. I do not want waste your time, nor mine. But it is exactly the online work that I am suggesting you to consider as a career change – AFFILIATE MARKETING!


    Online vs offline


    I know you have heard about affiliate marketing before, and probably got some info about it already. Maybe you have even tried it and failed like most of folks, including me for a first few years of my online career.

    So natural conclusion is that this stuff does not work, and that is confirmed by the fact that vast majority of marketers are not having the results at all. Why is that so?

    The answer is simple – the lack of education!

    This is a very strange situation. In the real offline world, people do the work! But online, probably because of lies and scams, people are looking for shortcuts!

    You need education

    You need education

    Offline, people go to college, pay a lot of money to go through years of study, all in order to get a good job, good salary and better position in society. Then, they go online to look for ways to make extra money and what they find is endless load of scams that promise them turn-key-push-few-buttons-systems that will make them loads of money right away.

    The problem is, most people believe and buy that, and then get burned and disappointed when they find IT IS ALL A LIE!

    Why is this happening? Why would people believe that in order to become affiliate marketer, all you need to do is push some buttons? But in order to become a doctor, teacher or engineer, you need to study for years! Why are they buying this “reality”?

    I have no idea! But I hope you realized by now that online and offline worlds are the same! THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO SUCCESS, YOU NEED THE EDUCATION, just like with any other profession!


    No list, only one advice – affiliate marketing!


    Affiliate marketing is just like any other profession. It requires education and training. It is exact science just like any other profession. Just like a doctor who is trained to perform the surgery, all based on educated methodology. Or architect who build things the right way, otherwise the building will collapse and kill bunch of people.

    You do it the way it is properly done!

    It is the same with affiliate marketing, but there is a big difference between it and most other professions. You do not do it for others, you do it for yourself. You do not work for salary, you work for profits and keep it all for yourself!

    You become an entrepreneur!

    I know that most people are not ready to become entrepreneurs, and they depend on what is given collectively. When you have a regular job, you are part of the work environment and the individual responsibility people have for their own situation is regulated by the employer. You do what you are asked to do(ordered).

    As an entrepreneur, the responsibility is totally yours. As an affiliate, you do what you need to do. Your decision, your work – your profits. THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS!

    Do not be discouraged by all this! It is easier than it seems, although it is also challenging because as I said, some people are not ready for it so they experience it that way. The education I am about to tell you about is serious and the only one in the world. You will need to spend some time to study it and apply the knowledge, cause in this case, you build your business as you study.

    And by the time you are done, your business is fully operational!

    I have gone through this education myself, in case you wonder. That is why I mentioned the expectancy from those who are giving the advice in the beginning of the article. I know it, I have gone through it myself, I know exactly how it works and what results it produces.

    I am independent entrepreneur now and my online businesses turned around the circumstances of my life completely. Simply because I took the education.

    Wealthy Affiliate University is the education I am talking about, and it has been available for the last 10 years. Unfortunately, majority of people who are interested in online business, still do not know about it. Click the picture below and read my full review of it!


    Wealthy Affiliate Review

    Wealthy Affiliate Review


    Being the only one of its kind, it is very serious education and it must not be taken lightly. As you have seen it in the review, it is laid out in form of daily lessons and tasks. From my experience, it rarely took me more than 30-40 minutes to complete one for the day. But you can do several lessons and tasks per day, if you have time for it.

    You do not do it alone! At this point, WA has grown into a big community and you have incredible support available 24/7.
    Any regular college will take you 3-4 years to finish and the actual study will dominate your time. It will also leave you with a huge debt.

    Wealthy Affiliate will take more or less 6 months, which as I said, depends on how much time you can set aside for it on daily basis. And this including all work that you do on your website and business. You do it part time and you end up with very lucrative business!

    The way I see it, this is the best possibility for a successful career change. It goes beyond borders and social limitations. It gives you the possibility to run a global business, and it is all done from the comfort of your home. Or wherever you may be at the moment, cause you will not only get the financial freedom, but freedom of movement as well.

    Leave me a comment below in case you have any questions regarding this subject, and hopefully, I will see you inside WA!



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      2 Responses to Career Change Advice – The possibility that actually work!

      1. Barry says:

        I think jobs or careers are mostly about the money and that’s really too bad.

        It is odd all the work that people put in offline to get a good job but think they can get online and get rich in a week. Possibly because of all the ads you see claiming such.

        You don’t see that offline. Like work here and make thousands in two weeks.

        Education is the key and learning a new skill takes time, as you say college takes 4 or more years to get a starting position. I think four years spent working on your own business online would really pay off in four years.

        Are you past four years online? Did you start making money in 4-6 months? Heck these days even if you have a job you can’t be sure you will have one tomorrow . Loyalty from employers and workers has gone by the wayside and that’s too bad.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Barry!

          Spot on! You are absolutely right with everything you say. The offline work has been around probably ever since people came to existence, and online work is still very new in comparison. The possibility to do it has been around for how long, maybe last 20 years or so? So it is new and extensively used to market unrealistic claims and promises. So people believe them cause they have been lied to, and if you have no experience in it, I guess it is easy to buy those concepts. I am speaking from experience.

          On the other hand no system education offers the possibility to study affiliate/online marketing, but luckily it is available through WA. It took my some times to figure out that realistic and ethical thing is the same offline as online. That changed the way I saw things, so it all took a different direction. The proper education is absolutely necessary cause it is all too complex to figure it out, with no direction to follow.

          Yes, I am past my 4 years online but that is besides the point here. I think that one year is a mark to focus upon, and that is why I mention it in the article. I make living working from home full time now, but I am not a best example of the best route to take, cause I had what could be described as – more typical beginnings online. It took me few years of failures, scams and dead ends, before I got somewhere with it. But I was persistent and kept going.

          You are also right when you say that you can´t be sure of having the job tomorrow if you have one now. This has been so for a while, and I see it clearly where I live. Online work looks to me as the most certain thing there is today for reaching and maintaining a financial stability. It is not easy to get new education I know, but with WA is definitely not hard either. The way I see it, it really is a great opportunity worth considering, and with some work and focus, anybody can build a good online business.

          Thanks for stopping by and leaving me the comment, much appreciated!


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