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    Career Change

    Career Change

    Changing the career is not easy task cause it often includes changes within. Whether you are 30, 40 or 50, it may cause some discomfort which is associated with personal changes.

    We people tend to identify with our life situation. With some parts of it more than other, and when we start re-arranging, our sense of self may be little disturbed. Especially when it comes to the career which often plays a dominant role in our lives.

    I remember people on my last job. I remember this silent agony that dominated the group, like an invisible mist that nobody see but everybody feel clearly. Nobody would really talk about it, just occasionally express it.

    And yet, there is this acceptance of it like- “what else could you do”. “There is nothing else out there, so you better cool down and keep doing what you are doing even, if you hate it”.


    I Was There Too


    I have been part of this perpetual nothingness and I kept going this direction for years. But, with a minor difference! I couldn`t accept it and I could never tell to myself that this is it, like so many people do. At the point of my life where I am now(way over 40), I am having a time of my life. Really, I wouldn`t go back in time to be younger again for all money in the world.

    This comes as award of accepting the challenges and dealing with them as they come. The way I see it, the agony and dissatisfaction are signs that waking-up is needed. Signs to look up for the horizon in the distance and move towards it. But what do people do instead? They drag the pillow over their heads and hope that the challenge will go away.


    Changing Career in your 40


    We don`t necessarily need to change the way we think in order to make changes in our life and start a new career. I kept my job that I didn`t like for some years, waiting for a chance to do something else. Of course I wasn`t waiting, doing absolutely nothing. I was testing and trying out different paths until I found what works for me. When I found it I was 40 years old.

    So, is it more difficult to change a career at 40 than it is at 30, or even earlier? It depends on you, but the definite answer is- NO! There is a saying where I come from that always kind of stick to my mind, never letting me to forget it. It says:



    “Before you are 30- you live as God created you, and after 30- you live as you deserve”


    The truth is, if you are part of the collective way of thinking that you are in trouble. I don`t want to discourage you, but it`s the truth. If you can leave that and stand for yourself- you are blessed! Your ability to change and rearrange the circumstances of your life depends only on your ability to accept the uncertainty and be courageous to take action.


    How Do You Do It!


    How Do You Do It?

    How Do You Do It?

    Many people have talents or skills that they don`t even think about or consider as possible new career in their lives. I met many people like that. They had abilities to do something else and yet, they were stuck doing jobs they don`t like. I will give you the example.

    Few years ago I was at the small party at my friends house and his girlfriend baked home-made pizza. What a surprise! To this day, that was the best pizza I ever tasted. Here in Sweden, most of pizza places are the same, baking the same versions of it. You need to have some kind of sauce on top of it to cover the poor quality.

    She made a south-european type of pizza that tasted like a bit of heaven. Trust me, I know. I am the greatest pizza lover in the world, and everywhere I go, I eat pizza. She even made the olive oil spiced with herbs and medium strong pepper.

    My first thought was- “You should open a pizza place and make these”! Instead, she is still working as a nurse, under-payed and stressed. I know she doesn`t like it very much.

    This is what I am talking about! What stops her to make steps towards opening the pizza place which would be a great success, no doubt about it? If you have tried it- you would know, just like I did. This is just one example of it. I met quite a few other people who are in the same situation, not using the skills they obviously have.

    Willingness to take action is needed and we decide whether we have it or not. Age has nothing to do with it. As a matter a fact, we should be able to do it more easily being more mature and experienced. Unfortunately, errors in our way of thinking create obstacles that most never pass by.


    How did I do it?


    I had to learn the skills for my new career and I am still learning. I run my businesses online and make a great living, but it all started with a series of failures. Just like baby steps, I always ended on my butt. But I had patience and determination, so I kept going. There were periods of time when I didn`t even believe that I will make it.

    I have changed the career several time in my life so far. My career now is affiliate marketing, and as I said, I was 40 when I made it. It is exactly what gave me flexibility, freshness, more money and almost endless possibility to expand. I enjoy every minute of it. I will never make another change cause this is it for me.

    So, do I think it was worth it? Would you think it`s worth it? Yes, I remember all difficulties I had to go through to get the results, but I can tell you; IT WAS WORTH IT! Every step of it!

    Learning the affiliate marketing could create wonders in your life too. Yes, you will need to do some work. It is- pay it forward- kind of work. You first do than you see the results, but hey!- Isn`t that the same with everything else?

    In your case you have the best starting point cause on this website you will find the very best resource for it- Wealthy Affiliate. I didn`t have that when I started. I wouldn`t write this article if I didn`t have something practical to offer you.

    Check my article- New career ideas- to see if those possibilities I describe are something for you.

    In the mean time, if you have any questions, contact me directly ( and DROP ME THE COMMENT below!

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      14 Responses to Career Change at 40

      1. KatoKani says:

        Nice advice! This is information that will help me greatly later on in life. I have thought about this quite a bit in the past. The thought of it scared me, but now it doesn’t seem quite so bad. Awesome site overall. Thank you so much! Good luck in your future endeavors!

        • Igor.P says:


          I am glad if I could help. Trust me, it is not bad or too difficult at all. If I could do it, everybody can! It`s just the matter of decision and focus.

          Thank you for the comment! If you ever need any assistance, just let me know!


      2. Yuko says:

        Hi Igor,

        Great article. Fear toward a change is what everyone has at a certain level. We all want to stay in a familiar place because it feels safer. People say it is harder to change as we age. In my case, however, it was reverse. I was more inclined towards comfort when I was younger. As I got older and really understood who I am, I began sensing the need of a change. At the very moment, I am making a career change, just like you did, at over 40 :)
        Nice to read an assurance from someone who did the same years ago.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Yuko!

          You and I are so much alike. My experiences are so similar to yours. I grew up in focus as I got older, that`s why I could drop the comfort and move beyond. Now when I think about it, it was all about learning! It`s easy to do when you know how and don`t believe all those fearful thoughts in your mind.

          Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it!

      3. Evie says:

        It’s great to be able to change careers. I think people tend to be afraid to change careers because of financial security.

        Life is too short to settle. I understand we all have families and need to eat.

        With the internet, people can now keep their jobs and start a new career online if they choose to. It’s a great option for people to look into.

        If people have a will they will find a way. Great info!

        • Igor.P says:

          Spot on, Evie!

          You are absolutely right. The internet gives us the possibilities that older generations didn`t have. It`s a shame to not learn to use it. Yes, there might be challenges on the road, but it`s not that difficult as some people believe. As you said; if people have the will, they will do it.

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


      4. Matt says:

        Hi Igor,

        First of all, great article! Very inspirational and I salute you for taking it upon yourself to do something you love.

        I have two questions for you. How long have you been an affiliate marketer and what is the best part, for you, about running your own online business?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Matt!

          Thank you very much for such a nice comment. I have been doing this work for 6 years now, and it was pretty challenging in the beginning. I got so much from it, more than just money. What I love the most about it is freedom that it gives. Not only freedom from working for others, but the freedom to move in any direction with it, as well. There is also one thing worth mentioning; the contact and interaction with people from around the world. It`s quite enriching!

          Again, I appreciate the comment. All the best!


      5. Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

        Hello there Igor , yes changing career at any stage of our lives is a difficult process.

        This quote in the middle is very interesting and I never heard of it.It is pretty much accurate I suppose but we have to move forward no matter how old we are.

        I bet your friend could open that pizza restaurant but as you said , a lot of people lack of self confidence and that is preventing them from spreading their wings.One friend of mine belongs to this category.

        Great that you chose the affiliate website as career , I wish you success.Nice and inspirational article

        • Igor.P says:


          You are right, it is challenging at any age. The quote is from where I come from, but I did not understand it before I really grew up. I think it is valid.

          My efforts to do this change was certainly challenging but fun and rewarding too.Worth the effort. I am glad you find the article valuable.

          Thank you for the comment!


      6. Ehab says:

        Hello there,

        Great article and I agree there is no age to success and accomplishing your dream I have a full-time job now and I am planning to leave it so I started to search how to get the financial freedom till I found amazing platform which is wealthy affiliate and started to create my online business, actually this article motivated me a lot and gave me inspiration.

        • Igor.P says:


          I was doing the same thing some years ago. I don`t know about you but I did not know about WA when I started. If I did, it would have saved me a lot of time and energy. You are at the right place and you have a fun time ahead of you. Best of luck!

          Thanks for the comment!


      7. Aless says:

        People that hate a degree and are just working as unqualified workers, and even people with said degrees can benefit a lot by changing their careers to the online environment, where the levels are even and the one that works harder achieves the most.
        Degree or not, old or young, all you need in the online space is determination and ambition to make it work.

        • Igor.P says:


          Yes, you are absolutely right. Ambition and determination is all that is needed to succeed. And some work of course. In my experience, the hard work is not the solution, rather focused work, based on knowledge. But nobody can achieve that in the beginning. It comes with time.

          Best of luck with your business, and thanks for the comment!


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