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    Never Stop Learning

    Never Stop Learning

    Generally to say something like – do not work for money but work to learn, seems to be going against common sense cause almost everybody in this world live and work to make money necessary to survive, and possibly thrive. But we all know that the vast majority of people in this world are very far from thriving.

    This means that we are primarily speaking about survival here, and it is sad thing that most people struggle only to survive. Do you feel, maybe somewhere deep inside of you, that life is about more than just survival?

    Well, I am not interested in what is wrong with the world and I will not waste my time(yours neither) on that subject. I have always been interested in one thing – how to go beyond this paradigm. And everybody can do it if they adopt a different way of seeing things. Some people have already done it, so why not model what they did?


    Work to learn!


    To say – work to learn, does not fit the common sense either. Even though many people go through the education process – which is learning, but everybody still end up working for others, which is again – working for money.

    I am not saying to not educate yourself, on contrary! If you want to be a doctor, you better learn how, otherwise you may kill people. If you want to be able to build buildings or bridges, you better learn how, otherwise they will collapse killing someone, or even yourself while under the construction.

    As I said, it does not fit a common sense but do not forget, most people only work to survive, so common sense is not working very well. It is not very good thing to follow. So the question is what is the alternative?


    Rich Dad Poor Dad


    In his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki gives and explains another view and approach to work and life. This approach has never been considered by majority of people, therefore it is worth reading this book. Even though the book does not offer practical solutions that can be used immediately, I recommend it highly.

    Robert explains the difference between the rich and middle and low economic class citizens in US, and point out that the main difference is that rich do not work for money. They have money working for them!

    That explains why 70 % of Americans hate their jobs. It is not strange if having job is about constant struggle for survival.

    There is one big difference between rich and others, and that is in the level and balance between assets and liabilities. The rich acquire assets while working class collect liabilities. Of course, it is necessary to understand the difference between those first.

    Assets Put Money Into Your Pocket

    Assets Put Money Into Your Pocket

    Assets are things that bring you money while liabilities are things that drain personal economy. One thing fills your pockets with money, while the other takes it out.

    Assets are coming in different forms and shapes: funds, bonds and stocks and income generating real estates, but if you ask me the best form of assets are skills and lucrative businesses.

    Therefore, if you are going to get a job and work for someone else, at least make sure that you will acquire skills that will give you advantage later, and serve you as asset. Eventually you want to become an entrepreneur, because even though a jobs can be well paid, nobody really reaches a long lasting success by working for others.

    Jobs are never safe, especially in today’s economic climate, and they can never be considered as a long term investment. Skills and knowledge are, so I suggest you to start right now! Ask yourself – does your present line of work serve you as an asset offering you skills that will be useful to you in the future?


    Becoming an entrepreneur


    Regardless of your present circumstances, you can start thinking like an entrepreneur by asking yourself – How do I continue from here? What can I do to improve my situation and take steps that will create assets in my life? How and where can I get skills that will serve me in the future, or maybe even right now?

    You may not have an answer to these questions right away, but stay focused and keep your mind open to these possibilities. If you do, I guarantee you, you will be surprised! Because, once you set this approach into a motion, answers and solutions will present themselves to you, sooner or later!

    Changes, breakthroughs and success in life come through what you know and never through hard work, so work to learn, not for the money!

    If you have comments on this subject, leave them below! I would like to hear what you think!




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      2 Responses to Do Not Work For money, Work To Learn!

      1. Tony B says:

        Great post Igor and certainly an attitude that needs to be filtered across the land.

        So many look at becoming an entrepreneur as a instant payday. However as you say – the more you learn, the better you understand it’s not about the money – money comes after we share our help & do it open handedly!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Tony!

          Well said, many are doing it for that reason – instant payday. But it is not working like that and I agree that this should be reconsidered more widely. You obviously understand it. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

          All the best!

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