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    The belief that the hard work is unavoidable and that will lead us to success is so common, and so deeply carved into our consciousness that very few people ever question this “truth”. I am absolutely certain that this belief is nothing more that a part of our common slave-identity, and it is not much different in different parts of the world.

    For some reasons, I have never bought this concept entirely, even though I have worked really hard in some periods of my life, and I love to work in general. From the early age, I was looking at my parents and the way they live and work. I must say, I never wanted to follow the same pattern and I never did, but hard work has always been a part of their approach to life.


    The truth about hard work

    The truth about hard work


    Maybe I would have bought the concept if my parents were rich, but they were not. We were not poor, but definitely not rich. Actually, we have been experiencing shortages in some things. Not in food, clothing and basic things, but sometimes vacations and similar stuff that comes as extra things in life. Our family life has not been luxurious in any way.

    This raised the question in my mind,- Since most of people in this world work hard, then why are so many only fighting for survival? It took me years to get the answer to this question.


    The sense of the possible


    As I have already mentioned, humanity suffers from the slave-identity. I know that some people will react to this statement but honestly I do not care about that. We have all been programmed to follow and serve things that looked bigger than us, and never question the order of things.

    You may disagree with me if you like, but the reality rules and this is how it is at the present moment. It does not have to be this way and individually, we can change things in our lives!

    The collective programming has heavily reduced our sense of what is possible!

    May I ask you something, would you show up to your work tomorrow if you knew exactly how to invest some money you already have successfully in order to make much more out of it?

    70% of all Americans do not like their jobs. I do not have exact numbers about the country where I live (Sweden), but I am pretty sure it is similar. And these numbers may be even higher. In the same time individuals like Warren Buffet, invest money and make it work for them. And he makes profits that could pay of the debts of several third world countries all together.

    So if Warren Buffet works hard then he gets much value for his effort, but he is one in a hundred million. So this concept obviously does not work, it is not valid, the reality shows it clearly. The reason why Mr Buffet does what he does is that his concept of what is possible is very different from what other people believe it is.


    Successful people do not work hard


    I have recently written an article about some common things successful people do and you can access it HERE. If you read it you will see that these people think and act differently, and they have very different approach to things. I know how big difference this is cause it took me years and much effort to incorporate them into my work, and I can tell you- they work!

    It is all about breaking the programming that we have all been exposed to in our lives. I hate to be philosophical, but it is unavoidable to consider other ways of looking at things in order to break the spell.

    I have reached the success I always desired and I can tell you that it enriched my life in a way that it would be impossible for me to explain. I did all that by modeling successful people in my business, and this made me realize that working hard has nothing to do with being successful. It is all about competence and intelligent work, not the hard work!

    I will give you an example, when I started my affiliate marketing career years ago, I was working really hard. I had no problem sitting in front of my laptop for hours and hours, every day, building my websites and my business. I was very motivated so I went extra mile doing it. But I had no results whatsoever, no money at all.

    The reason for that was simple, I had no clear idea what I was doing and naturally we always try to compensate that with hard work. We try to replace quality with quantity. After some time pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place, but I was still working hard with no results.

    Many people quit at that point of business development, but every time I reached that critical point I would be reminded of my errors which made possible for me to continue with new clarity and strength.

    Modeling the successful people in what they do and how they are doing it, made a difference. After series of failure in my marketing campaigns, I started studying Dan Kennedy and that changed things completely. Implementing his strategies and methods turned things around.

    So it is obvious that success depends on what you know rather on how much work you put into it.


    Putting it all together


    As I said earlier, I like to work, but I did not enjoy working a lot with no good results. But every time I received a game changing information from people who knew more than I did, it raised my game to a whole new level.

    Let me give you the example of this. When I first started with network marketing I had the same experience and results as everybody else. It seemed almost impossible to do it successfully and make something out of it.

    At that point I could continue like many other people I knew did, blasting their contact lists with requests and offers, hoping that few people will answer. It is like what I see people still do on different social media platforms, advertising the same thing over and over again. This is a hard work, and it does not bring results!


    Supply and Demand

    Supply and Demand


    I was lucky to learn how to do this from a true expert. I learned about a whole different approach to this kind of business. I learned about posturing and principle of supply and demand. I learned how to leverage this techniques to my favor.

    And miraculously, with the implementation of this strategies, I got results that surprised me like nothing ever surprised me before. Before, I could only chase people hoping that they would find my offer interesting. Now people turned to me, asking me for more info!

    So, if it is anything I can tell you out of my experience is this – if you work hard the chances are that you are not doing it effectively. Work to learn and improve, cause the hard work in itself is not going to lead you to success!


    Feel free to disagree with me. If you do, and LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW!



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      6 Responses to Does The Hard Work Lead To Success?

      1. Alexey says:

        Hi its Alexey,
        it was very motivational for me, because I am thinking the same as you, In fact my goals are similar to your’s.
        This topic is so important – you’ve included some valuable info inside and successful people do not work as hard as unsuccessful people.
        I liked your post, it was a very wise topic.

        • Igor.P says:


          I am glad that this subject resonates with you. It is very important to consider it, cause otherwise we may lose too much energy on things that is not necessary. And it affects the quality of what we do which certainly brings best results we can possibly have. Those who are truly successful have figured that out, and that is what made the difference in their lives.

          Again, I am glad you liked the article and i wish you all the best in your business! Thanks for the comment!


      2. Norman says:

        I must agree wealthy affiliate is the place where to be, this community makes online business possible. But the road to success is not easy, but once we have the tools anything is possible and wealthy affiliate provides us with those tools. I like how their are many person within the community willing to help. So then with all that said i just want to say good job your website. keep up the good work.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Norman!

          I am sorry for this late reply, I always answer comments within a day but I have been away for a few days. Well, as you said it yourself, it is all there. All you need to build a business from scratch, and helpful community.

          Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!


      3. Peteni Kuzwayo says:

        Hi Igor

        What a brilliant article!

        It’s amazing how a change in belief system can yield completely different results.

        However, I find that people who work smart ordinarily work harder because they are motivated by the results they see.

        People who rely on hard work only, get fatigued because the results are not motivating. And so, at some point, they get frustrated as you correctly indicated in your article.

        I also like how you have made it relevant to online marketing activities to give your readers a real sense of how hard work alone is not enough in online marketing.

        Once again, great read!


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Peteni!

          Sorry for a bit late reply, and thanks for a great comment. You are right, smart workers often start working harder, especially when business lifts of the ground and money starts coming in. But that is fun part, at that stage the last thing you think about is how hard you work. It worked so in my case and, everybody else`s that I know of. I think it is good to remember in times when you only work and see no measurable results.

          I appreciate the comment!


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