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    2015 has been a great year for e-commerce. I have been writing about this subject and gave some details about this before in one of my older articles on this website – Mobile Business, but I still gathered some more interesting info. Last year a mobile e-commerce has outgrown the desktop for the first time and predictions were that this trend will continue.

    And it does continue. The interesting part is that this is not case just about everywhere, it is regarding the general trend in the whole world rather than every single part of it. Previously this year a Sherlock Nation CEO, Michael Wiedder, has said that strongest mobile e-commerce growth is in Asia and South America. The growth there is about 22% per year.

    I got some information about this development here locally, in Sweden. Sweden is the country where mobile e-commerce really is stronger than desktop, and it is rising. 2015 the size of e-commerce here in general has been just over $1B this year, which is a growth of about 12% comparing to the last year. The mobile e-commerce has grown a staggering 163% in the last 3 years.

    The stats say that 42% of Swedes has made purchases online using mobile phone this year and the explanation to this is that mobile phone is always within the reach. For a consumer environments like Sweden, it is obviously all about accessibility.


    Differences in markets


    But this is not the case everywhere. This was very surprising to me. What I found particularly interesting are differences in different markets. In some markets, the PC usage is still stronger than mobile. The US is one of those markets. The e-commerce there is not the worlds largest, with its $349.06B in 2015. China is bigger with $562.66B. But what surprised me was that the PC usage in US is still much higher than mobile with its 72%. Mobile usage is only 15%. Take a look at the graph below!


    US stats


    Some countries are very faithful to their local markets, like French. I was surprised to see that only 68% of French use the internet, it is almost that I can not believe it. But out of all those who do use the internet, only 19% purchase items from non-French websites, and PC usage is much higher that mobile, 80.8%.




    Now compare all this to South Korea,


    South Korea


    or Japan




    This is a pretty big difference and what Michael Widder has said is definitely confirmed by these stats. These graphs come from Remarkety.


    What can be expected in 2016?


    According to Statista, the continued growth in e-commerce is expected in every particular market in the world. These are good news to all who are involved in e-commerce. I am interested in it as well in order to orchestrated my business efforts more effectively in coming year.

    I do not think I need to come to any conclusions for you here. These numbers are giving a pretty clear picture of how it is at the present moment. I am primarily involved in mobile e-commerce and I know that this is growing so it is basically business as usual in coming year. Still, I will be focusing more on Asian markets cause they already provide a fruitful ground for the expansion of my business.

    I will be keeping you updated in the the next year as I find the info that is worth considering. In the meantime, if you have some comments regarding all this, you are welcome to leave it below.



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