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    In the last article I published on this website – How to get out or your comfort zone, I talked about fears and I was thinking of adding just a few points to it. As you have probably noticed, this whole website is dedicated to the new entrepreneurs and this subject is important to cover.

    I have said that fears not real and it is so but let me add a little more to it in order to clarify this little better. Fear is not entirely negative thing cause some types of fear are necessary mechanisms we all need in certain situations for protection. This kind of fear is real and highly useful and valuable thing. The problem occurs when unrealistic fears kick in and take over.

    Let me explain! Lets say you find yourself under the falling tree in the forest. The immediate danger put some defense mechanisms into play and it all happens beyond your conscious mind. Adrenalin is pumped into your blood stream so that you can run like never before and remove yourself from the danger spot.

    In such case you do not have time to think, you just do it! I know about examples where women has managed to lift a car in order to save their children. These things are organized by something bigger than us and it is obviously there within us. Something that gives us such temporary power in order to save and preserve ourselves.

    This kind of fear is not only amazing thing but also very necessary and desirable to have. And this kind of fear is never a problem.


    Unrealistic Fears


    Types of fear that do cause problems to us are unrealistic ones. Fears that are unreal and never questioned. Let me give you an example and presume you are fearful of the future. You are afraid of how your life will turn out, or maybe you are just afraid of whether you will be able to put food on the table tomorrow, or not. Regardless of your present circumstances, I am telling you, it is never valid.

    I know that many people would say; Oh, you don`t know how it is! But I do know, cause I have been there! I actually had that type of fear and it was creating such a mess in my life. I was afraid of many things and I doubted my abilities that I can do what it takes in order to succeed. Those fears were there and they felt real but they were not. They were just a tricks of my unenlightened mind.

    And it is the same with all other things you fear, whether they are spiders, angry mother-in-law, snakes, thunder storms or economic crisis.

    First time entrepreneurs face this kind of a challenge at the beginning. Once you get over that line fears will most likely diminish or disappear all together. Being the illusion and once you face them in order to see what they really are, that is what happens.

    I will give you a example. At one point in the past I needed a new career so I started with affiliate marketing. But all I did with it was with the apprehension, cause I doubted that I can do it simply because I doubted that it can be done at all.

    I was fearful because of all these doubts but it was all based on ignorance of course. I did not know that at that time and those fears felt real and my thoughts seemed valid.


    Practice being centered/balanced


    Today I make living working online and I enjoy every minute of it. How did that happen? Simple, I faced my fears and kept going. If I gave up at any time during the process, I would not reach the success that I have.

    Practice being centered and balanced. It is simple to do and you can do it in many different ways. You simply practice observing your thinking process like it is not yours but come from someone else. This way you get out of it and in time this practice will lead you to realization that thoughts and feelings do not have substance.

    It will also lead you to realization that you are not your thoughts but the one who thinks. This will give you the power over your thoughts and fears will melt away gradually. I know all this because I was practicing this way. I also kept learning about business but that is easy part. Once fears are out of the picture, the knowledge about business will build up and form the success you desire.

    I still practice this. I always start my day drinking coffee in peace and quiet while watching my thoughts. It is my meditation. I do not answer the phone and I am just there being with myself. I also do this regularly during the day but in a different ways.

    I pull back and gather my strengths especially when I notice that I am close to reach the state of stress. But by now I am very good at noticing the state I am in without any particular practice, just by paying attention to it.

    So keep practicing and I promise you, you will be amazed how effective this is. When it comes to business and learning it, the Wealthy Affiliate is all you need. I suggest you to join it HERE and keep going practicing balance. Have some patience and the success is guaranteed!


    Feel free to leave me some comments below!



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