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    Before we get you started, let me give you a few points that you need to have in mind in order to get the maximum out of the whole process. These are following:

    The very purpose of this website is not only to inform and teach you how to build your own business, but also to present to you real opportunities that you can take advantage of right now. I will follow you through the entire process until the moment you will not need me or anybody else anymore.

    At this moment there are business two different opportunities presented here: Shopping Sherlock and Wealthy Affiliate. In time there will be more. As I`m always interested in new opportunities, I will present them here as soon I work them out myself.

    – You can pick one of them to start with but I suggest you to consider both. The reason why I suggest you this is the fact that they are both easy to learn about and work with. Doing both, you will speed up the process of reaching financial independence.

    Shopping Sherlock is mobile app business, sharing the free app and getting payed for it. The Wealthy Affiliate is a training center online, teaching absolutely everything that you need to know about online marketing and business creation. These are the best online businesses on the planet right now. Both have a great community around themselves, so you never work alone. That is essential, because, as I tried myself before, it`s very hard to do it on your own until you have all the knowledge needed for it.

    Everything you need to know about these businesses is structured into separate categories in the menu on top of the website. It is very easy to follow.

    – Everything on this website is transparent, which means you can check everything out before starting your business. I suggest you to do that. That includes me. Feel free to contact me and ask anything you need! You can contact me through the e-mail ( Depending on my work load, my response time can vary, but I always respond within 48 hours. Later, we can also schedule the skype call.

    – Working online is not about working hard but working steadily and focused. The knowledge is everything! It is easy to apply everything you learned, especially with support you have here and within the communities that are created around these businesses.

    It is impossible to fail with theses businesses. On the other side, if you are not willing to learn and apply, or you give up at some point, you will fail.

    Building a business takes time, so you need to understand that and have some patience. How fast you will reach the point of being able to make a living doing these businesses? Well, you could reach it within a few months, maybe 6, maybe a year. It depends entirely on the effort you are able to put into it. You will actually speed up the process if you are patient, work effectively and enjoy the process.

    – Be serious but have fun! I told you it is impossible to fail if you keep going.

    Let me also ask you one question!


    Is there anything that prevents you from doing what is needed to succeed online? I know that many people get discouraged by the enormous number of scams out there. I was exposed to them as well, so I know.

    At one point I gave up by the lack of results, cause I first learned the wrong way of doing the business online (scam). Here, you will never suffer from that problem.

    Maybe it`s the comfort zone? It appears as the fear of unknown. Yes, you may need to be a little bold and adventurous. If that`s the case, find it within yourself. Don`t ever let the fear getting in your way. Just remember one thing about these businesses; you risk nothing and can gain everything.

    In order to succeed online you will need only three things. These are like a blueprint of success, common to everyone who has made it doing business online. These are:

    Help and learning.

    As I said knowledge, a proper how to, is everything. Once you learn how it works it is easy to apply. You need help to get to the right track and it`s all provided here. Both from myself and great communities within these businesses.


    No website means no business. Attempting to do the business without website would be like trying to go cruising without cruise ship. Website is the platform of all your business activities online. Here, you will learn how to install the professional website within minutes.

    Taking action applying what you learned.

    It`s strange to me how some people fail to apply what they know to get the results they want. I`m not judging, it happens, I`ve seen it. Once you realize how easy is to get the business going online, I`m sure you won`t have any problem applying what you learned.


    Take a look at the top menu on this website and get familiar with actual businesses presented. Leave me a comment below or contact me directly via e-mail (, regarding any question you may have.

    And, lean back, take a deep breath and feel the satisfaction of success, because you have just taken first steps towards your financial independence.


    To your success!


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