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    Having a Job

    Having a Job

    I don`t know how you look at this subject, but having a job is nothing else but form of slavery in our present time. Of course, the world we live in has developed drastically in the last 100-200 years and the forms of slavery has been much more extreme in the past. I don`t want to get into political or social aspects of anything here. Instead, I will just put out what I see.

    Here in West, we seem to chase comfort and luxury and people in those so called, third world countries are fighting for survival. Regardless of how you or I look at this, it`s obvious to me that everybody is fighting for survival. The difference is just on the level of circumstances.


    Keeping Up Appearances


    Do you remember this old comic series from England (called Keeping Up Appearances), with it`s main character Hyacinth Bucket and her constant obsession with being something she is not? When I look around I see versions of the same thing everywhere. I live in Sweden, the country where everything looks like very organized and clean. On the surface, it`s very different from slums and ghettos areas around the world. But, nothing is as it seems, especially if you know how to and where to look.

    The unemployment rate here is quiet low comparing with most other countries, so does this mean that this is a country full of happy people. Not at all. It`s the other way around. I am not trying to criticize my own country but I always look for the truth.

    I remember the last job I had before my online career really took off. I have quit it 18 months ago. Almost everybody there was in the constant state of desperation. They were all working class people, and if having a job is such a good thing, than why was that so? Everybody lived for Friday, a short glimpse of freedom. And they were all pissed on Monday.

    When the regular workday starts early in the morning I saw only miserable faces. I never saw happy people in the good mood enjoying themselves on they way to work. This included me, or course. I hated that job and just like everybody else I was there because I had no other way of making money.

    The only difference between me and others was the fact that I never accepted that as final reality. And I never pretended that things were good. So I kept pushing, searching and digging until I found something better. I was ready to do what it takes to change it, and I did it.


    There Is No Safety


    There is no safety in it either. During the last economic crisis, some large companies here were heavily affected . Volvo was one of them, and as I remember, it was more affected than others. I am sure you know about Volvo, the car manufacturer. It is one of the largest companies in Sweden. As a main employer in this region, it basically holds the economy on it`s shoulders.

    Back in 2009-2010, it fired thousands of workers because of the declining economic conditions. A friend of mine was one of them and it created a complete interruption in his way of life. Just like most of people he had obligations, loans and payments to make. The whole situation shook him up pretty heavily. I could only observe what was happening and I remember very well how it was for him.

    The last economic crisis is not the last. New ones will come and many people will be affected again. It`s only a question of time. The truth is, nobody is safe while working for others. It is bad enough to not be able to affect the circumstances of you working conditions, but there is not safety in it either.

    My own experience of working for others was a life of constant suspension and interruption. The only thing I could plan was what my working schedule allowed. And, that was basically nothing. There was the work and the rest of my time went to get some rest to be able to go through another working day.

    Let`s be honest, you don`t control anything by working for others. Everything is set for you and you can`t change it. You can only go along. You can struggle to raise your salary, but even if you succeed in it, it won`t be significant raise. And, after you paid for everything you must pay for, it`s hardly much that is left. Your whole life depends on whether you will show up for work tomorrow, or not. And life slowly goes by. How wonderful!

    I dropped all this and left the slavery. I work for myself now. I make a small fortune every month, working 2-4 hours a day. On top of that, the work I do can be done any time and at any place. Nothing is set anymore and everything is up to me now. And, the best part is; anybody can do it.

    Thanks for reading! if you have any kind of opinion on the subject, leave me the comment below!



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