How to Avoid Scams Online

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    Learning how to avoid scams online is definitely one of the most important tasks we have in front of us. If you would gather all components of affiliate marketing that are out there today and put them in one place, the sum of it would be in the level of public toilet. The bad would completely cover over the good ones.

    As it is now, you don`t even know about good ones cause you need to spend a lot of time searching for them. The number of scams is way bigger than the number of honest- high quality affiliate programs, so you need to dig deep in order to find them.
    In the Wild West, the time of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, they used to hang the horse thieves. It`s not that I would actually do it, but this is how I feel about online scams, to be honest.


    Ways to Avoid Scams Online


    Just like many other honest affiliates, I am putting a great deal of work to inform others about the honest and ethical business opportunities online. It is the only purpose of this website. I will reveal to you absolutely the best solution to avoid scams at the end of this article, but for now let me describe some other ways to do that.


    1. Video marketing!

    This is the very common trick that scammers use to get people to buy their products. Don`t misunderstand me here. Using video to promote something is good and positive marketing strategy, but if you see that the video is only thing there together with the signup or buy now button, move on.
    Also, as soon as you hear the voice starting to talk about all these great things you will be able to get for the money, this is a SCAM. They are trying to play out the basic need that people have in life- decent way of living. The only problem is that they don`t have anything of value to offer, so this is the only way to get you to buy that crap.


    2. Unrealistic pictures!

    Take a look at these ads below. When you see those, run as fast and far as you possibly can from it! Don`t even click on them, 100% scam! There are no exceptions to this. An honest affiliate, who has something of value to offer, would NEVER use this kind of ridiculous strategy to market his products.





    3. No possibility to contact them or no support in general!

    Some scammers know about this and sometimes actually offer the contact form and support. But don´t think that means something just because it`s there, no no! If you test it they probably won`t answer. If they do answer, test if they offer the transparency of their business. True marketer will ALWAYS meet your needs in any way he/she can.

    For example if you can contact me, the owner of this website, I will definitely answer and we will schedule the phone call or even better, skype call. I will show you absolutely every aspect of business opportunities that I promote. A scammer will never offer you this, because he knows that once he shows you his “business”, you will not only walk away but you may get angry as well.


    4. Upsells!

    After you have bought the product, which is usually cheap one,- maybe for the price of a few dollars, you don`t know if it`s worth something. I have done this several times. But if they come with the upsells, another purchase to complete the first one or something similar, this is the scam! It always is and those upsells can go up to 100`s of dollars. Don`t ever follow!

    As I said, I have done this. I`ve been scammed this way. Sometimes, we may just try things knowing that it might be a dead end. If you lose a few dollars this way, it is not the end of the world, just don`t follow upsells or make habit of trying out too many products.


    5. Products, programs or methods that come from the “GURU”!

    As soon as they mention that, that something they are “selling or promoting” comes from some “guru” character, walk away! No guru does business that he doesn`t own! And he definitely doesn`t allow some scamming idiot to mention his name in promoting it for “him”! 100% scam.


    Final and Best One!


    Following these tips above will save you a lot of time, energy and money. And, as I said at the beginning of this article, I will save the best advice for the end.

    The best way to avoid scams online is to find, as soon as possible, the true and honest affiliate program to start working with!

    This advice seems to be obvious, I know. You have most likely already been doing this for a while. Unfortunately, considering the circumstances as they are at this point, this is pretty much the matter of luck. Not easy thing to do! Therefore, I am doing all this to get the material of this website out, to reach you. Since you are reading it, I made it.

    Independent Entrepreneur is promoting two, most powerful and life-changing online business opportunities. Trust me, you will not find any other opportunities of this level in the world. I have been lucky enough to find them myself and I have been smart enough to go beyond my limitations and engage with both.

    Now, IT`S YOUR TURN. But, it`s different for you, I am here to help you. I got nobody to help me (I am not complaining, it`s just the way it is).

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    You can also find both reviews in the- Important pages category to the right of this website, where you found this article.
    I suggest you to join both and contact me by sending me the mail. Also, don`t forget to leave me the comment below.



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      17 Responses to How to Avoid Scams Online

      1. Mill says:

        Thank you for the insightful post. I never know there were so many tricks that online scams had to convince me into buying their products. I enjoy the separation and detail you did for each of the online scam technique.

        The only question I have is if all Video Market product are online scam?

        • Igor.P says:


          Not all video marketing is scam, but it is important to spot a scam-ones. The real thing will most likely be informative and educating. Scammers can`t offer that so they need to play out the ego which usually sounds cheap and shallow. Pay attention to these aspects.

          Thanks for the comment!

      2. Bill says:

        Hi, Igor
        You have done a good job of touching on some of the top techniques for scamming the consumer. These are certainly ones to watch out for. Others I hate are the ones that combine numerous videos and testimonials.They carry on for 10, 15, sometimes 20 minutes telling you how great their product is, only to dump a huge price tag on you at the end.

        I think anyone who takes a good look at wealthy Affiliate will find they can’t go wrong.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Bill.

          You are absolutely right. Some scammers are really skillful and know how to play people. My rule of thumb is; if the information is not delivered fast, I turn it off. The real marketer is straight and to the point, it doesn`t need to go around with it. You are also right regarding WA, everybody who takes a good look at it will find it is valid and strong.

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it!

      3. Bill says:

        Hi, Igor
        You have done a good job of touching on some of the top techniques for scamming the consumer. These are certainly ones to watch out for. Others I hate are the ones that combine numerous videos and testimonials.They carry on for 10, 15, sometimes 20 minutes telling you how great their product is, only to dump a huge price tag on you at the end.

        I think anyone who takes a good look at wealthy Affiliate will find they can’t go wrong.

      4. Luke says:

        Internet is full of scams and unfortunately beginners who are just starting out online believe that these are real opportunities. If you’re experienced you won’t let those scammers deceive you.

        When I see a video with a guy who shows me his big house and two Ferraris in front of it claiming that it’s all his and you can have the same if you only buy his program, then I immediately close this video.

        In the past I believed in such things, but not now.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Luke!

          You got that right! Everybody who see that kind of junk should do the same. It is really hard for beginners cause they don`t know where to start and things of that kind sound appealing. I guess there are too many out there who believe in quick money. Experience is definitely important, not only the good one but the bad too.

          Thanks for the comment, all the best!

      5. Lynne says:

        Hi Igor
        Thank you for sharing all this great information. I have experienced exactly the same as you online. The scams far out number the good opportunities.
        I find it so hard to wade through all the BS to find anything worthwhile. I am very skeptical so I have not lost money to a scam yet. However I am well aware of how many people must fall for this horrible scams online!
        So thank you letting everyone know what to look out for. I hope this saves a lot of people!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Lynne!

          Yes, they are real problem cause they are everywhere and honest people get caught in them. When they get ripped of, even if it is for a small amount of money, they naturally get suspicious which may cause them later to overlook a good and honest things out there. Therefore it is good to inform people of those mechanisms scammers use cause they have a lot of common ground. Methods are repetitive and by learning how to spot them, people can save a lot of trouble, effort, time and money.

          I am glad that you managed to avoid them. I wish I can say the same but I can`t. I was caught into a trap a few times. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

      6. Bill says:

        Hi Igor:
        What a great information source this article is. I wish I’d seen it 3 years ago before I fell for some of the same traps you warn about.
        Bill :)

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Bill!

          I can say the same thing! I wish I knew it too. I did not fall into them all, but few. Well, we can look at it from the bright side; all those were still a part of the learning process. Thank you for the comment and I wish you all the success in your business undertakings!

          All the best!

      7. Daniel Combes says:

        This is a great post. It motivates me to keep going with my process on becoming a huge business man! Keep the work and I will see you in the top! I agree with you point of view too, we all have to take action to be someone, if we just sit down waiting for life to bless us with some miracle then we could be waiting for a log time.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Daniel!

          You got that right! Waiting for miracles to do things for us mean waiting forever! Action takers are only people who get somewhere, not only with business, but with anything else in general. On the other hand, miracles do appear to people but they do not recognize them. They come as good opportunity, but it still mean you need to take some action and do some work.

          It`s good that you are ambitious, keep on moving forward!

          Thanks for the comment!

      8. Jason says:

        The online scam has become one of the most popular ways for scammers to get into your wallet.I have lost thousands of dollars over the years trying to make it in this business. You are so correct Finding a legit opportunity is very hard. Now these scammers have something to fear!! Websites like this play a major role in warning others about these scum who have no cares as to who they rip off. Good Stuff.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Jason!

          You have not been alone in this, I have also wasted money and time back in the days when I was looking for a valid opportunity. So, I know how it is and I am putting a lot of effort to prevent this as much as possible by informing others of best opportunities out there. That is what this website is all about. I hope you found your way and got your business going by now. But if not, take a look around this site, all opportunities presented here are legit and great, I guarantee you that!

          Thanks for the comment and best of luck!


      9. joshua collins says:


        This is a well-structured blog on what to look out for in scams online

        Thier are many sites out there trying to scam people and unfortunately for me i have been scammed once before. Its a shame that these sites get away with the things they do. As a result of me getting scammed i decided like you to write a blog on how to avoid scams. i thinks it’s important to spread the awareness of scams to others.

        Have you ever been scammed online?


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Joshua!

          You are absolutely right, awareness about online scams are more than needed. Helping other people to avoid them is noble, but there is another reason why I am doing this, I HATE SCAMMERS to the point that i would do anything to sabotage what they are doing.

          Have I been scammed? Yes, more than once! Many “programs” that scammed me were something I had to check out, and at that time, i did not know how to recognize elements scammers use. And by the time you realize it is scam, it is too late. Your money is gone, and you can not get it back.

          Yes, I wish there is a proper authority that could track and punish those, but it is as it is. In the meantime, we need to help each other out. Keep doing what you are doing and you will have your rewards! You will definitely succeed!

          Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I like a good questioning and conversation! Best of luck!


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