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    How To Become an Internet Marketer

    How To Become an Internet Marketer

    If you want to become an internet marketer, then let me show you where, and how to start in order to become one. Actually, the info I am to present to you is priceless, but it is not that I am the greatest person in the world who shares some amazing secrets, changing peoples lives. This is not a secret, you just do not know about it, yet!

    But you are about to! The problem is, finding a valid info online is a tricky thing because of the ocean of crap and scams. This is what you, and every other individual in the world who is looking for solutions, actually face.

    But every now and then, you may find some small nuggets of gold floating on the surface. It took me few years before I found it myself, but let`s see if you will resonate with all I am about to show you.


    Affiliate marketing in a nutshell


    Yes, it works and it is more than possible to make great living working from your home, as affiliate or internet marketer. It does not matter how you call it, it is the same thing. So what is it, and how does it work?

    I do not want to redirect to another page in this case, even though I have already written about this in my other articles. So very simply put – affiliate marketing is about doing business based on the interest you have, something that you like and love!

    That is what it is! Therefore it is suitable for everybody, and really a realistic possibility for a career change. The fact is, anything can serve as a niche for a good online business. Let me give you an example. Let say, you like to cook and you gladly spend time in the kitchen.

    So cooking will be your niche/business, or you could be more specific, so your niche could be also anything related to this: the best beef recipes, southern cooking, or maybe you are a master in pancakes, so you focus on that.

    Once you determine what you will be doing(your niche), you build a website, create content based on your interest that you know about (cooking or whatever), you place products from affiliate programs, and SELL THEM.

    Of course, products you will choose to sell need to be related to your niche, but I am sure you get that. If you really do cooking niche, you will not sell racing tires or pool tables on your website. You will be selling cooking pans, ovens…. and similar things. The are millions different ways of how to do that, but you get the picture.

    The thing is, affiliate marketing is about learning how to use already existing things online that are available to anybody, to your own favor. That is all.


    So how, when and where to start?


    Now when you know what you will be doing and how it works in the basic terms, you may guess there is little more to that, then what I just described. You have maybe never had a website and do not know how to build one, and you probably do not know how to create content and place it there.

    We can not, and will not go into details here, cause there is a complete education for this that teaches all steps of the process in to smallest details. And you get all tools like websites, plugins, and similar, already set up for you.

    The education I am talking about is Wealthy Affiliate, and it is free to join. See the full review of it below!


    Wealthy Affiliate Review

    Wealthy Affiliate Review


    The WA is the only education program in the world that offers a complete education. Nothing is left out and it covers everything that you can possibly face in the process of building your business.

    It is important to say that there are no automated systems that many scammers promise out there in order to succeed online. I am sorry to disappoint you if you believed this, but that is the reality. You need to build your business manually, step by step, but the good thing is – it really works very well, once you learn how to do it.

    If you are serious about doing this, you need to become premium, which cost some money every month. But if you are experienced and educated in affiliate marketing, you can remain as free member forever, and you get to build two websites for free.

    So what you need to do is following:

    1. Read my review and sign up(free), you have the signup form on the review.
    2. Set up your account, which means write e few words abut yourself and put some picture
    3. Meet people within the community
    4. Start with the Certification Course level 1

    If you want to upgrade to premium and get all that WA has to offer, you can do it anytime. And it is up you whether you will do it or not, but the bottom line is, nobody will ever bother you with up sells or similar.

    There are some other decent educational programs out there, but they are few and nobody can compare to WA. Nobody gives you first part of the education to see it before you invest in it neither.

    This way you can taste it for real, and then decide. The Certification Course Level 1 is free, so take your time, study it and see if this is for you. For all info, see my review of it above, and let me know if you have any questions about it.

    LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW, and I will be happy to answer!



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