How To Become Successful Entrepreneur – Journey In 3 Stages!

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    How To Become Successful Entrepreneur

    How To Become Successful Entrepreneur

    In order to explain how to become successful entrepreneur, it would be easiest for me to use my own example of it, simply because it matches the example of many others I know who managed to achieve the same thing as I did.

    What exactly did I achieve? Well, I left my last employment two years ago because I reached the point of fully supporting myself through my business. And in my case it is about online/affiliate business, although principles for success are same, regardless of what you do.

    You could be an entrepreneur in regular meaning, like opening a restaurant as a your particular business model, a coffee shop or something similar. Still basics are the same, If you want to be successful in what you do, you need to know your business and be ready to do what it takes to make it happen.

    Since I know online world best, I will keep to it as subject for this article.


    Online Entrepreneurship


    The way I see it, online entrepreneurship is the greatest blessing that has ever been introduces to all of us, because it gives so many advantages comparing to regular businesses. Every single person in the world today can start a successful online business if he/she is willing to learn how to do it, and do the work necessary.

    Like with everything else we will need education, tools and support in order to achieve it. I had some rough times in the process of learning all this because from the beginning, I had nobody to help me out and I had no idea what to do and where to start.

    So I tried all these different things, realized that almost all of them are scams and had to quit at some point, because it was pointless to continue that way. Long story short, I finally managed to come to the right track but my point here is, becoming an entrepreneur is both rewarding and challenging because very few people in the world has been trained to be entrepreneurs from the early stage of their lives.

    Despite all these difficulties I had to go through, I would not go back for anything. Online business gives me a freedom I need. I have no products in my hand, no employees and no rent to pay for business location. It does not keep me anchored to any particular place because of these aspects, I just turn on my laptop and I am there working wherever I may be at the moment.


    3 stages of getting there


    The way I see it there are 3 stage of this process, and they are:

    • Exploring the possibilities and determine what to start with
    • Building stage
    • Result generating stage, or scaling up the business

    Let me take it from beginning. Some years ago I had a regular job and lot of dissatisfaction with my lifestyle. A job is a modern version of slavery. You work but you do not get far with it and the only way I saw of getting out of that was online world.

    You could say I was in the first stage, and unfortunately, I stayed in this stage for 3-4 years. For most people this phase is about going through the sea of online scams, but it does not have to be like that for you, and that is why I am writing this article. I will give you the useful info on how to find workable solutions in the minute.

    Once you find your possible business model, then you will need these things I already mentioned: education, tools and support. This is not bad place to be, considering the fact that many people get stuck in the first phase for a long time, just like I did.

    Nevertheless, once you nail that part down, then you will proceed to the next one, which is a building phase. Building the business takes time and that is where every dis-functional part of your thinking process will come to the surface!

    In this phase you have to demonstrate patience and focus cause you will be working for some time without seeing any results. You will be investing your time and effort but you can not expect to see much profit. It is like building the house, you can not move in before you build it first.

    But your mind may interfere the process trying to convince you that you are fooling yourself, doing all this in vain! You will need to push these thoughts aside and continue moving forward!

    This is also the phase where most of work is done, cause you will eventually see profits which means that you are entering the last phase.

    This final phase still demands some work, but this work will be fun because everything you do results in profits. A lot of satisfaction comes from this cause you have worked with focus and now reap the fruits from it. From that point all you need to do is to scale it up!

    This phase is very rewarding!

    So, what kind of info can I give to you to make all this journey short and effective. Well, two words that brought drastic changes in my work and these are – Wealthy Affiliate!

    WA is not only the best business school in the world when it comes to learning and building you own online business, but it is a school that EVERYBODY CAN AFFORD!


    WA Review

    WA Review


    There is no need to go into details about it HERE cause you need to READ MY FULL REVIEW OF IT anyway. I am just giving you the valuable info, so you decide what you want to do with it. But I guarantee you that it will be challenging and very rewarding.

    You will not need to work hard but you will need to push yourself to develop time efficiency and proper focus. Since this is not something that regular society teaches us, you will experience it as leaving your comfort zone, which many people experience as difficult. But the work you need to do regarding your business is definitely not hard!

    If you decide to take on this task, I will meet you inside!

    If you have any thoughts on this subject, leave me a comment below and welcome to WA!



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      4 Responses to How To Become Successful Entrepreneur – Journey In 3 Stages!

      1. George says:


        I just bumped into your site. I found your article quite intriguing. Especially the part where you indicate that we need to leave our comfort zone when trying something like online entrepreneurship.

        I am all about stretching and get my creative juices flowing, but what I am a bit sceptical about is my lack of web skill.

        Do you think that a newbie can get a head start with this WA program even with the lack of experience or technical background?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello George!

          Thanks for the comment! I am glad you find the article intriguing. Even after so many years of working online, I can not say I am the expert in technical and web skills. I know enough to work without much problem, but sometimes I need help with it, which I always get within WA community. These things are not problem so you do not have to be worried about it, especially if you are WA member, which you should be if you are not at this point. WA provides you with everything, all knowledge and tools.

          The mindset is essential for success and leaving the comfort zone is a big part of it. After all, building a serious business, online or offline, is a serious thing and it challenges us in many ways. Our comfort zone keeps us where we were, therefore, it must be left behind. The good thing is, you can do it gradually, there is no need to rush into anything.

          Take steps you can do right now, keep in mind it s a process, and you will be more than fine. With WA you can not fail. Thanks again for the comment, and let me know if you need anything. All the best!


      2. says:

        I wish I had read this before I got scammed. I bit on the binary options , (Push Money Ap)aka Option King. I knew better!!!…None-the-less, I bit.
        You give great tips and examples . Over all it’s a great site. looking forward to more.
        I’m still a newbie here , but I’d say you’re well on your way…. Good Luck!!!

        • Igor.P says:


          I am very pleased that you like it. I have been scammed too in the past, so it is almost a common things these days. But it is not bad if lessons are learned. This way these experiences can be valuable thing.

          Wish you all the best too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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