How To Build a Website For Free

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    How to Build a Website For Free

    How to Build a Website For Free

    Building a website is easy to do and it`s possible to do it for free. In this article I will present to you the best possibility for doing that. When I first started, I built websites by setting up all components by myself, which is not particularly difficult to do. You need to be a bit technical in some steps, but there is a better way.

    In order to build any kind of business online, you must have the website. It is your online store and resource center. Even if you build it for other, maybe non-commercial reasons like having something to show your friends and family, it is fun and creative process.


    The “Regular” Way


    I call this a regular way even though some people may disagree with me on that name. Nevertheless, let me point out one thing; before you build the website a proper planning is needed. You need to figure out the niche you are getting into first, and preferably do some research about the competition and keywords for your blog pages and posts.

    At least you need to have a basic idea where are you going with it. So, you get your domain name first. Domain does not have to be keyword related but it needs to be related to your niche. I always go to Namecheap to purchase my domains and I recommend getting it together with whois guard (information protection), it costs like $11 per year.

    Then you will need hosting, unless you have your own server. I never did that myself so I used to purchase my hosting from Hostgator. As you can see, this is not free. My hosting there was around $15 a month. I don`t see this as expensive. It`s nothing, especially if you make a good money from your website, but it does cost a bit.

    Still after all this is done, you need to connect the domain with your hosting and you are ready to install your website. You need to be a bit technical in this step because if you mess it up, you may need help to fix it later. Basically, you install the wordpress website from inside the Hostgator. I never used any other platform than wordpress.

    This is, as I called it, the regular way. Unless you have some other resource, this is at your disposal. It is nothing wrong with any of it, it`s actually great. But, this article is about how to build the website for free. As I claimed in the beginning of this article, there is such possibility.


    Website for FREE!


    This possibility is not only for free but it is way better and quicker way to install the website. Actually, it takes only a minute to do that. Sounds good to be true? Well… it sounds very good and – IT IS TRUE! Don`t take my word on it, try it out.

    This possibility is available inside Wealthy Affiliate training program. I won`t get into much detail about it here but, by joining as free member you can build 2 websites, all FREE of charge! And hosting that is used for this purpose is a state of art. It beats any other hosting offers out there. Let me show you, watch the video below:


    Take a look how Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate installs the website in this video →



    On top of that you also have the best learning course that goes with it. Whether you are the beginner in affiliate marketing or experienced marketer, you can use all this to your benefit. Maybe you don`t need it, but it`s there in case you do.

    Yes, there are some other possibilities to build the website for free out there. But quality hosting is vital to think about as well, and taking all these aspects into consideration, WA is the best for it.

    You can read my full review of WA here! As you can see, WA is much more than just something that gives you free websites. Actually, it is the best affiliate business training program in the world. It also gives you all tools you need to build and run long-term and successful business. You can use any link within the review to join or just click the banner below! See you inside!



    Tell me what you think, drop me a comment below!



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      14 Responses to How To Build a Website For Free

      1. JellyB says:

        Hi Igor

        Nicely written article and very simplistic and easy to read. I like the fact that you explained the process as well as the benefits of designing your own website using the WA affiliate program. Very well constructed and easy to read and grasp. Well done, keep ’em coming!

        • Igor.P says:


          Thank you for the comment! I am doing my best to be simple and easy to read. After all, the info is important. It`s always good with some feedback, very appreciated!

          All the best!


      2. Maria says:

        I agree with you in the fact that wealth affiliate is the easiest way to build a website.
        One year ago I actually fall into one scam money making system that promised I’ll make hundreds of dollars every day with the website they gave to me. I paid 89 $ for one year hosting for website filled with affiliate offers. I didn’t have any idea what to do with that website or how to get traffic to it. I didn’t earn any money with it.
        WA is totally different because you always know what to do next and you are never alone if you need any help.
        Great article, keep up the great work!

        • Igor.P says:


          I know what you mean! I have tried similar things myself. Unfortunately, there is too much of that online. Luckily, you ended up on the right place. People need to know about the real things, there are not too many of them out there!

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


      3. Cathy says:

        Hi Igor,

        For anyone who wants to start a blog or an online business and has never used WordPress before, I think building a free website like SiteRubix can offer a lot of learning space.

        – You can experiment with different plugins, widget and themes.
        – You can do some test run with certain embeddables.
        – You can unleash the writer in you, get some engagement and feel what blogging is all about.
        – You can use it as a tool to learn how web business works.

        And if this is the direction you think you want to make money online, then transferring your site to a self-hosted WordPress (in which you have to pay) can be easily done.

        Even if this is not what you want to do, you have absolutely nothing to loose because it’s free to begin with anyway. You just walk away with a bit of learning experience.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Cathy!

          Spot on! You are absolutely right, nobody have anything to lose with it, and lot to gain. I have been promoting WA intensely for the last couple of months cause it offers the freedom to go in any direction with the business. And, as you said, it`s free to join and start the business. Really great!

          Thanks for the comment!

      4. Sophie says:

        Hi Igor. First of all, I like the way you presented the idea of WA, all in a straightforward way and without the hard-selling approach we get from most sites. Great work!

        It’s true: People learn at their own pace and it’s up to us to adjust our way of thinking and take it level by level. It’s not often that you get online courses and so much support for free, so I’m all for it!!


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Sophie!

          I have never seen any other educational program that can be compared to WA. I am grateful than you like the presentation, cause I hate selling and your comment means I succeeded to do it the right way. After all, we can only tell people about something and they make up their minds on their own. I wish you all the best with your business if you are also in the WA.

          Thanks for the comment!


      5. Alec says:

        It’s a great thing that people can get started on their website for free. Site builders are making this process even easier. I’m glad I can focus on content instead of programming.

        I have a question. How does Wealthy Affiliate compare to the free versions of Weebly, WordPress, and Wix?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Alex!

          I never used Weebly or Wix myself before. I used to build websites using the wordpress from within hosting, in the past. It is much easier from within WA. It is done quickly and the hosting is the best there is. I don`t think anything out there can beat that. That is very important even though many people do not think about it.

          Thanks for the comment and the question!

      6. cmacd says:

        This seems like a great way to get started, and the information is clear and easy to follow.Thanks for the information so far, I look forward to seeing your site grow. I just have a couple of questions: How long did it take you between getting started with WA and getting relevant ads on your site? Do you feel like the method that you’re working with is bringing traffic to your site?

        • Igor.P says:


          Thanks for the comment and questions! I like your questions cause they are very relevant and constructive. The thing is, I do not have any ads on my website. I do not know if you have noticed that, but the reason for that is simple – I do not want to expose my visitors to low-value commercial stuff! And that will remain so.

          I am only focused on providing the most useful info and content that is possible. I have been working online for quite many years now, and I joined WA much later. The reasons I joined are many, cause they are so many advantages in doing so. But I can tell you one thing, I was not aware of the amazing quality of education WA gives, from the beginning! If I new that I would have joined it right from the beginning of my online career. Unfortunately, I did not even know about WA at all at that time, that is why I promote it now, cause I know the value of it.

          Methods for getting traffic are many and I am constantly examining new ones. It is the ongoing process of finding the most effective one, but of course, I am very satisfied with methods I am using at the present moment. It is a creative process, possibilities are virtually endless and that is what I love about this business. My point is, once you learn the basic stuff and get into higher level or marketing, that is when the fun really begins!

          Again, thanks for the comment!


      7. Julius says:

        Hello Igor,

        very informative and useful article. You seem like a very knowledgeable person, and it’s obvious that you really want to help people. Today it’s much easier to create a website than ever before. Advanced services, such as WA, made it really simple. I’m also a member, and I love it!


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Julius!

          Thanks, I really do like helping others, just as I have been helped many times before. In time, good and honest people may change fraudulent nature of the internet. WA is amazing education, the best of the best. I am sure you will reach a great deal of success with it.

          Thanks for the comment, and best of luck!


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