How To Do What You Like – And Get Rid Of things You Hate!

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    Do What You Like Or LoveI know, this is like the dream to all of us, but figuring out how to do what you like and keeping it as the main thing in your life is not a dream, it is a real possibility. It is very achievable and easier to do than you think!

    I have heard it many times – “I go to work every day in order to do what I like later”! I am certain you have heard people saying this too. Are you buying this philosophy fully or you maybe believe, deep down inside of you, that it does not have to be so?

    Well, I have been living like that for a big part of my life. I had a few jobs I hated, I dropped them all in order to find new and better ones, but somehow always ended up facing the same situation again. Pretty pointless, but I guess we all do what we can.


    So what are the options?


    Every single person in this world may, or may not have some individual solutions to this issue, but I am here to tell you of about the universal one, something that everybody can do! You will probably not believe me when I tell you what it is cause you have most likely heard of it before.

    But before you react and turn of this page, I suggest you to read this article to the end.

    The solution isĀ  AFFILIATE MARKETING!

    As I said, you have heard of it before and probably the first thing that came to your mind was – Common, you can`t be serious! That crap does not work! l Online stuff is just a myth, it is not real!

    Well, I do not blame you cause about 4-5 years ago, I believed that too. After trying and failing, time after time, I came to the same conclusion – this does not work! I stopped and walked away at one point, but I will not get into the story of how that worked out at the end here, you can read about me page on this website to see that.

    Nevertheless, it is funny how things sometimes evolve and develop. When I think about it now it feels surreal considering the fact that I make living online doing exactly what I once believed is only a myth.


    So how, what, when…


    So, affiliate marketing! Let me first tell you the basic truth of it so you will understand better what you are dealing with. And especially how it is related to doing what you like and love. Affiliate marketing is general profession, where you as somebody who is doing it, learn how to build the business following basic and later advanced marketing/affiliate methods and strategies.

    Basically these are:

    Choose a niche
    Build the website
    Put it outtraffic
    You make sales/earn money

    Simple is it not, but of course, there is more to that! You may argue – I do not know how to build the website! I will tell you how every single aspect and challenge in this process is resolved in a minute, but let me first explain how this is related to doing what you like.


    Become an affiliate!

    Become an affiliate!


    Learning all these steps that are essential part of affiliate marketing are, as I said – a profession, something that every single affiliate in the world learn and apply. But thing that is unique to every affiliate is the NICHE. That is what every one of them like or love, something they are interested in.

    Let me explain! I have many connections with other affiliates, so I will pick one as the example and compare him to me cause we are doing the same thing on the level of profession, but the niche is different.

    My friend is making a good living running the website about kitchen supplies, while I am running a website about car parts. Both websites are profitable and we both dropped jobs we hated and now work for ourselves.

    My point is, he loves cooking and I love cars! We both do same things when it comes to profession and marketing online, but the interest is different. This is how we both do what we like!


    Why did you fail before and how to fix it this time!


    The reason why you failed before is because affiliate marketing in general is not structured as educational program that is available in regular society, so you looked online for solutions. Online world is mostly fraudulent and it is almost impossible to avoid scams when you first start looking for solutions.

    You can consider yourself as lucky now cause I will tell you about only the complete education in this field that exists today – Wealthy Affiliate!

    I will not put any details about it here cause you need to read my full review of it anyway (just click on the picture below). But as I mentioned before, if you were worried about the technical stuff related to this profession, you do need to be. It is all worked out in a way that every technical issue is done for you, you just follow the process of installation.


    WA Review

    WA Review


    I know that this may be hard to believe, but take it from somebody who has gone through the process. I have been where you are now and I have gone to the other side. There will be challenges on the way cause you will need to change some things in the way you work and see things, but for your own sake, take a close look at it cause it is the solution that you have been looking for!

    Read the review and join, you lose nothing cause you join for free.

    In the meantime, tell me about what you do now and what you would like to achieve. Just leave me some comment below!

    Best of luck in your new, successful reality!



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      7 Responses to How To Do What You Like – And Get Rid Of things You Hate!

      1. Ben says:

        Being able to do what you want and get rid of things that I hate in life is very appealing. I had no idea about the possibilities and opportunities that come along with affiliate marketing or that I could write about things that interest me. The wealthy affiliate program looks just like the helping hand that can get many peoples ideas and dreams underway. Thanks for the help :)

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Ben!

          Yes, marketing techniques are kind of universal and they are pretty much exact science but they are used to do what you like to do. I don`t know about any other program that can be compared to Wealthy Affiliate, meaning that WA will teach you exactly what you need to know. I am not saying that other good programs do not exist, but I am sure I would know about them if they did. And I do not.

          Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


      2. Imad says:

        Hi there.

        Great article. I enjoyed reading this post because I am a big believer in affiliate marketing, and I also think that it’s one of the best solutions to live a healthy, liberating and enjoyable lifestyle. The concept is fairly straightforward, and everyone can get started right away.

        The only thing we need to do what we want and get rid of what we hate is the willingness to do the hard work and overcome the first hurdles in our lives.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Imad!

          You are right in your belief. Affiliate marketing is the best online solution to a become an entrepreneur and start working for yourself. I know there is a big difference between belief and the actual experience but if it helps anything, I am telling you, just keep working.

          Like with any other business, it takes time to get it going, but it works exceptionally if you learn properly how to do it. Willingness to do something about it is enough to actually do it. Whatever works for each and every one of us, find a motivation form that works for you but, as i said, willingness is more than enough.

          Best of luck with it, and thanks for the comment!


      3. Maria says:

        Your title caught my eye – great title. We all fall into these traps – most people don’t feel they have the option to break out of the misery (must withstand [horrible job] to enjoy [rest of life]) I think it’s hard to figure out how to break out of the rut. I’m recently getting into affiliate marketing myself and hope that it’s going to work!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Maria!

          Thanks for sharing, and you are absolutely right, the vast majority of the people are caught into this trap” I think the biggest problem is not knowing about possibilities available, and the sense of not having any. I know from my example how frustrating that is.

          Also, doing something about it even when you find something good to work with is the issue for many cause everybody have obligations and lack of time and energy. Nobody can make that decision for us but at least a good and valuable info can be given, and that is what I am trying to do.

          Affiliate marketing is very good and realistic way of doing business and change a career. It takes some time to learn and apply but if you keep going, you will make it. I am sure. I did it, many others did it, so you will do it too!

          Thanks for the comment and best of luck!


      4. Edward says:

        I discovered affiliate marketing back in 2014, and it was as if I discovered a whole new world. I never knew a normal consumer like me can make money online. I always thought only retailers and sellers with real products make money online.

        Even though I didn’t make a penny till end of 2015, I’m glad that Wealthy Affiliate gave me the opportunity to learn affiliate marketing the correct way.

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