How To Find Niche

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    How To Find Niche

    How To Find Niche

    Since you are here looking for the information about how to find a niche, you must be involved in affiliate marketing, at least at some level. But at this point, I guess you are at the beginning of it, and if you would allow me to come with the suggestion, I would suggest to you to continue with it. It is a great profession and extremely rewarding.

    Finding your niche is the most fundamental step in you affiliate marketing business. It is what your business is build upon, the very direction of it.


    The Basic Understanding


    There is a lot of confusion when people approach this subject at first. I believe this is because many do not have proper understanding of what niche is. The niche is audience out there! Hundreds of millions, of people go online to search for things every day. And every search made, falls into some kind of niche category.

    Understanding this, the confusion will be removed and you will be able to find your niche easily. You should have in mind to make this a fun process and not take it with heaviness of the regular, day to day job. This is a part of the psychological aspect of working online. Although this article is not about that, it`s worth mentioning.

    So, approach this with fun and ease cause, the more you enjoy this process you will also be more successful and it will feel less like a “job”. Making money online is definitely a fun process, isn`t it. And, since your niche can be absolutely anything, you won`t have much problem finding one to start with.


    Choosing Your Niche


    When choosing your niche you should go for something that you either know well or you are passionate about. A hobby, an interest or maybe a problem that you can help somebody to resolve and overcome.

    This is what people are looking for online and you will deliver that. That is what affiliate marketing is all about. So, if you get into the niche that you are not interested in yourself, you will not be able to offer to people any kind of solution they are looking for.

    So, niche can be anything and you never need to worry whether there is audience for it or not. You can`t make any mistake. The only thing you should avoid is being too broad with your niche. Instead, you can narrow it down to something more specific. I will give you the example:

    Let`s say, you are passionate about cooking and naturally you will choose that niche. But cooking is probably too broad. So, you will narrow it down, let`s say:

    – fast cooking
    – easy cooking
    – european, or maybe south european cooking or barbecue
    – american cooking or american barbecue, or maybe south american equivalent of those
    – vegetarian cooking….. and so on!


    If you go for fast cooking, then you can build the whole website and entire business around 15-20 minutes recipes. There are many people who are looking for that, you can be sure. Or maybe you can collect material to teach all vegetarians out there how to cook for themselves. In that case you consider going for vegetarian cooking niche, of course.

    Choose Your Niche- video

    Choose Your Niche- video

    These are just few examples to explain how to narrow your search. Let me show you how Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate explains this whole process of finding your niche.


                                      Click on the video!→




    Few More Things to Think About


    Take a minute and be creative a bit, cause once you nail this down, you will be working from that. Keep in mind that after you have chosen your niche you will be communicating with your audience and customers on regular basis.

    You will be creating quality content/articles about it, all based on proper keyword research. Since any niche can be long-term profitable business, keep in mind that you will be working with it a long time, so enjoy the process. Enjoy being helpful to your audience. That will come back to you as reward in so many ways.

    Especially when you start making money, cause you will also offer some products related to your niche. This will amplify the fun part of it.

    You should consider joining WA, cause you will not only get in-depth knowledge of every aspect of affiliate marketing, but you will also get to build two websites to start with. And, all of this is for free, of course! Take a look at my review of it here on this website or just click on the blue banner to the right of this article.

    I hope that the information in this article was helpful to you and I wish you all the best with your business. Hopefully, I will also see you inside of WA!

    In the meantime, don`t forget to drop me a comment below!



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