How to Find Niche Keywords

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    How to Find Niche Keywords

    How to Find Niche Keywords

    Learning how to find keywords for our niche is the most essential part of development of our website, and our business in general. Once we have found niche for our business, this is the next, and as I said, most essential step.

    In case you are not totally clear about how to find your niche, I suggest you to read this article first! But here, I presume you are done with that part and now it`s time to look for keywords. Keywords are building blocks for your content. The content is what your website, and therefore your business, is all about. It`s all that counts. The quality of your content determines the success of your business.


    The Building Process


    For the sake of the readers who are maybe not clear about how the website-building process works, let me explain that before we move on to the subject of keywords.


    1. It all starts with determining the niche. The best niche for each and every one of us, is something that we love, like, know or are interested about. A hobby, interest, maybe some special knowledge you have…etc.
    2. Finding keywords for your niche. This is what we will cover in a second.
    3. Building the content. This simply means that you will be blogging (writing articles) about subjects of your niche. The value and quality of your content is, as I said, the most important thing for success. It will read to trust from both Google and your readers, which means traffic and revenue.
    4. Placing your products or any other kind of offer you have.


    This is the whole process and it is easy to do once you learn how to do them properly. It is, more or less, exact science. And one thing that is particularly good about it is; -it`s easy to duplicate and scale up over and over again.


    The Keyword Research


    So once we found our niche, it`s time to start writing articles and for that we need to find proper keywords. This research is possible to do just using Google, but it`s been a long time since I used those techniques. Now, I am doing this research the Wealthy Affiliate way, which way better and faster using the free keyword tool.

    Let me give you the example of how this is done by explaining the same niche that I work with; make money online or home based business niche! Before you start looking for actual keywords it is good to be aware of who is your audience. What category of people would be interested in what you have to offer, to teach or to sell. In the case of my niche I created the list of different categories of people:


    – College or University Students
    – Retired individuals
    – Laid Off Employees
    – Low Salary Employees or laid off workers
    – Passive Income Seekers
    – Residual Income Seekers…etc


    The actual list that I set up when I was doing the research for my website was much bigger than this, but here, I`ll keep it short. The next step is to take one of this categories and see what they are looking for when they do search in Google. I will start by typing college students in the keyword tool and see what it gives. Take a look at the picture below! I highlighted important things to look for; monthly searches, traffic and competition!



    Searches means monthly searches done in Google and traffic means how many visitors you are most likely to get if being on the top of the result page. Monthly searches must be 50 minimum and we need to check the competition by clicking on the View Result. It opens in the new window. So let`s check keyword- work for college students, since it has 100 monthly searches, which is good.

    Take a look:



    It shows that the number of competing articles is 244, which is good. You should never go for the keyword with the competition over 400 but ideal number is below 300. This means that the keyword “work for college students” is very useful and we can now write a competing article on this subject using this keyword. We do the same check with all other keywords shown in the list and we can also dig for variations by clicking the DIG button (highlighted on the first picture).

    This is how the keyword research process looks like, at least within WA which I highly recommend you to join. Just click on the big banner to the right of this website and create your starter membership account. Now, there is one more way of finding keywords, very effective way!It`s done through Alphabet Soup Technique, but I will not cover it here in this article. Instead, I will show you how Kyle for WA demonstrates this.

    Click on the video below.


    Alphabet Soup Technique

    Alphabet Soup Technique



    Alphabet Soup Technique! Demonstrated by Kyle →





    I hope this manual/article about how to find your needed keywords was helpful. If you have any questions regarding this subject, DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME! I am here to help and assist you.

    In the meantime, leave some comments below!



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