How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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    If you learn how to break your old habits and how to get out of your comfort zone, you will advance in any area of life much easier. This is especially important when it comes to business. I know quite many people who are successful in their businesses and each and every one of them needed to break some of their own limitations in order to get where they are.

    There is a great quote, I do not know where it comes from but it says: As long as you do as you have always done, you will always get what you have always got! In the process of developing my own business I had to remind myself of this many times. In my experience, this is most difficult in the beginning of the process. Once you get yourself going it is way easier.


    The Comfort Zone


    Comfort Zone

    Comfort Zone

    Maybe it is important to have a clear understanding what the comfort zone is first. After all we need to know our own enemy. Until we know what we are dealing with we can not deal with it properly.

    Every individual on earth have some kind of belief system of what things are. This includes all self-definitions as well, like this is who I am and this is what I can do. This is mind stuff and many call it self-consciousness, the EGO. We see things the way we see them and this rarely matches reality.

    These ways of seeing things always bring limitations in form of what we know and what we can do. It creates the identity and this identity is what is familiar to us, a comfort zone! When we stand in front of something that is unknown this identity protect itself by pulling back. It does not want to deal with the change and it does not tolerate questioning.

    This is what creates difficulty. In my experience, all learning and doing when it comes to business has never been difficult. These things actually enriched my life but my comfort zone gave me some occasional trouble in the process.


    Breaking the EGO


    Actually, I have spent a lot of time studying these things and I could write much more on the subject than this article. Nevertheless, for the sake of simplicity, I will keep it short and to the point.

    Actually nobody can tell you how to break the limitations of your ego cause this is the process of exiting the known/familiar and entering the unknown/individuality. You are actually breaking out of the subjective(limited) to objective(unlimited), and the taste of that is very unique to everybody.

    But, some pointers on the way may be helpful, and should be used. These are not steps that you will rigidly follow. There is not order of how to practice them and they are always closely connected with each other. I will also write about these in the future giving more details for better understanding. But for now here they are:


    Practice Balance


    What do I mean by this? Most people are not even aware when they are stuck in the thinking process, which is more or less, the continual. It is so common they nobody even pay attention to it, but it is of vital importance. I know it will probably sound stupid to many of my readers, but let me explain.

    From the moment when you wake up in the morning to the moment when you go to bed late at night, you are busy with your thoughts. It does not matter what you thinking cause around 90% of those thoughts are repetitive. It means you are thinking the same thoughts every day. This is what is known to you, your comfort zone. Your own thoughts.

    Balance is the opposite of this state of mind and everybody has experienced it at some point in their life, they just did not know it, cause it usually last for a brief moment. How is it like? Well, you are there but you are not thinking. This is called awareness. You become observer without regular thoughts of judgement and evaluation.

    How do you practice this? Simple, by observing your thought process. Observing yourself when you are thinking. It automatically places you outside of the thought stream and the stream stops right away. This is how it works. You need to practice this cause this increase the power of your awareness and brings forward your internal strength.


    Face your fears




    I know that you will not believe me when I say this to you. You will probably think I am mad but I know what I am talking about when I say it. FEARS ARE NOT REAL!

    Facing your fears is about facing the reality. In other words, fears are misguided thoughts that have never been looked at and questioned. Fears are the strongest form of limitation in us.

    Nothing keeps us blocked within our comfort zone like fears. It does not matter what you fear, spiders, snakes, failing in business or general fear of the unknown, it is never real. You may have the results opposite to what you desired but there is still no reason to fear it.

    How do you practice this? How do you face your fears? By practicing balance as I have already mentioned. This will give you the possibility to realize that these are just thoughts and just like the boogie man who was hiding in the closet when you were a kid, he was never there, except in your mind. The reality is always better than our thoughts about it!

    Once this realization takes place, fears will naturally fall of.




    Detachment is the opposite from the common state of mind in most human beings in this period of time – the attachment! Attachment always means emotional attachment and there is no other kind of it. It is based on the collective programming which again, is nothing but collective way of thinking. Have you noticed that most people are attached to similar things?

    Everybody is eager to find happiness, to make their marriages work in a certain way, to reach the economic and every other kind of security, to get their careers going and to maintain the control of all these aspects of their lives. And nobody really succeeds in this in the long run! People sometimes manage to pull it of in one of these areas, but only briefly, and they lose it again sooner or later.

    It creates the rat race that enslaves the humanity in the first place. Without it, it would never exist. So, how do you practice detachment? By practicing balance!





    Collective programming that is just the collective way of thinking that is causing all this? This means that those limitations that are holding you back are based on thoughts that are not even your own. We have all been living the reality in our minds that has been created by default, at one point or another.

    So would you at least try to live on your own terms, instead of the default reality? Have you noticed that I am proposing the same solution to all of these “problems”?

    Maybe I am raising to much questions at this point but this is necessary. Without questioning there will be no change, things will always remain the same, and I hope that you are finally willing to go into unknown.


    Feel free to disagree with me! I welcome comments and if you have one, please leave it below!




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      8 Responses to How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

      1. James says:

        This probably the most important material that somebody can read! Your ego can play a big factor in determining whether or not you’re successful. We tend to learn our bad habits from family and friends, so we end up doing the same thing they are doing. So my best advice would be to choose wisely on who you hang out with!!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello James!

          You are right, it is very important cause the ego sabotage what we do most of the time, while it is overlooked by most people. I know, it was so for me and it took me some time to put things right. When people say- I am my own enemy, they are actually saying- My ego is my enemy.

          Who we hang out with is crucial, especially when it comes to business!

          Thanks for the comment, all the best!


      2. Neil says:

        Thanks ever so much for sharing your insights on getting out of our comfort zones.

        I had tried it through face-to-face network marketing, but I allowed fear to beat me, and so I quit!

        However, I have chosen a new direction in life and working on expanding my comfort zone each day now by getting up early in the mornings and focusing on building an online business.

        Thank You for teaching me a little more about facing my fears :)


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Neil!

          Face to face network marketing is difficult to do successfully without proper training first, especially for the first time entrepreneurs. This is the kind of training I give to all new distributors within Sherlock Nation team and I know all abut all difficulties related to that. But once you master it, the sky is the limit!

          Comfort zone is ego-related sense of security which sabotage our efforts in the creation of new things in life. Keep practicing what you do and you will succeed. Good luck with your business and thanks for the comment!

          Regards! Igor

      3. Matthew Thomas says:

        Getting out of your comfort zone is of vital importance for every single entrepreneur. There are so many people out there that haven’t yet given their own online business a chance because of fear. And most of the time, it’s a fear of failure..

        I think a great way to break out of comfort zones is to create goals that challenge yourself. I never expected to have an income-generating website 2 years ago, but the goals I created then have gotten me to where I am now. Everyone needs to evolve to become successful, and stay successful, at anything.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Matthew!

          Exactly right, in order to be successful we need to evolve, we can not do new things with the old mind. Very nice that you have achieved some success. Thanks for sharing and the comment!

          All the best in your future business!

      4. Aless says:

        Getting out of the comfort zone can be one of the toughest parts of advancing. In business, in life, at school, in just about every department of our lives.
        I totally agree with you on finding the balance and facing fears, but I find attachment is what keeps me motivated. I am attached to my business, to the persons in my life, and these things motivate me to go forward.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Aless!

          Yes, it is challenging, no doubt about that. If your attachments keep you moving forward, great. In my experience, success in business depends on personal development. We are al different and each and every one of us go different path.

          Thanks for the comment and best of luck with your business!


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