How To Make Money From Home

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    Make Money From Home

    Make Money From Home

    Learning how to make money from the comfort of your home is one of the best things you can do for yourself these days, especially considering the conditions of the unstable economic situation in the world today.

    Regardless of where in the world you live at the moment, it is not going to get better economically, so the internet is the ultimate solution considering all advantages it gives.

    I know that many people are still skeptical about the idea of working online, believing that it is not really possible, and trying to do it is just a waste of time. I actually understand that because there is one big obstacle that everybody who start looking for the ways of working online inevitably meet – online scams!

    It is incredible how much of it actually exist out there. My estimate is that for one legit and solid business opportunity out there, there are at least hundreds of scams. There is no doubt that scammers are succeeding in steeling money from people, but this is only based on one thing – the lack of valid information.

    I work hard to rectify this and I know I am not the only one who is doing that. So trust me when I say – making great living online is not only possible, but relatively easy to do and extremely giving. It will enrich your life much more that you believe it is possible!

    I also claim one other thing that I stand firmly for – it beats any other profession out there! I know what I am talking about and this whole website is about providing you all info you will ever need in order to get it going successfully, including real lucrative possibilities that you can start working with right now! So lets get down to business, shall we!


    Myths about making money from home


    The most basic myth about this subject is that it is not really possible to do. As I said, many people actually believe that you can not make money online and that the whole thing is just a hype and scam. The truth is exactly the opposite, but I do not take it for granted that you believed me just because I said so.

    I am just hoping that you will put my words to test and prove me wrong, if you think I am wrong. I wish you will seriously look around this website, cause every single piece of content on it is about different aspects of making money from home successfully. I have laid out all answers for you, you just need to grab and implement them.

    Another strong myth about this subject is widespread belief in push-button methods that miraculously bring you a loads of cash. This is how scammers get money from people. You just sit down, relax, do those “tricks” they have worked out for you, and few months from now you will buy your first Ferrari.



    People actually believe this and buy these programs. But what happens is that they quickly realize they have been scammed, get disappointed and then fall back into the category of people who claim it is not possible to do it at all.

    The truth is, there is no set-it-and-forget-it kind of making solid and real income online. The reality is very different from that and I will explain how it is done in a second. Let me just quickly mention one more thing that is important to mention, a third myth, which is particularly important for first time entrepreneurs!

    The third myth is a belief that you can start making money online fast, working only an hour or two a day. Well, this myth is true only to the certain point, although it is not that simple as it sounds.

    The part that says you can do it fast is not true. It is not likely that you will start today and see the money within a week or two. It will take more time than that and under condition that you put a serious and educated effort into it.

    Business takes time to build and you will not see the money before most of work has been done.

    The part that says you work only an hour or two a day is true, but as I said, it is not that simple. Let me explain this using myself as example. I have build three solid online business and achieved what so many people desire to achieve – a true, long-lasting economic independence!

    In the beginning I worked many hours a day (4-5 hours), but you can still say it was a part time work. These days I work only an hour or two a day, but it is not the scenario that happens every day.

    Some days I work more than that, but some days I do nothing. The emphasis here is not on the number or working hours but on the quality of your work! Now it is possible for me to achieve a great deal in hour and two, considering the fact that I know my business inside and out.

    But in my beginnings I worked more because I was learning my business as I was working, so the process was little slower. I needed to invest more time in accomplishing a certain level of things, so keep this in mind.

    The first time entrepreneurs need to be open, patient and flexible more than later when things are done and everything goes smoothly.

    Nevertheless, one things is absolutely certain and this is the beauty of online career, you can dictate your working hours because everything depends on you. Once you learn and know your business, it is really easy to keep it going!


    The Truth!


    The Truth

    The Truth

    The vast majority of people who ever tried to make money from home have failed in doing so. Why?

    There are two reasons for that and the one of them I have just explained. They are attempting to do it by implementing all these scam methods provided by dishonest marketers who are basically nothing more than common criminals.

    The other reason is the lack of desire and willingness to do the work when they actually find a real education that teaches them how to do it for real!

    I have already said, it is relatively easy to make money online and I emphasize the word – relatively. The truth is that in order to make a solid income stream online, you need to learn how to build a business that will last for a long time.

    That is the only way of creating a strong financial future for you and you family.

    What is relative when it comes to difficulties in doing this, lies in your ability to learn and adjust yourself to the process. I will tell you exactly where to go to learn how to do all this in a second, but you will remove all difficulties if you can remove impatience and unrealistic expectations you may have out of your way.

    The mindset in business is crucial and so much overlooked by most of people when they first start building their online business. When you get to it you will realize one thing – making money from home is not a joke but a very serious thing!

    By all means have fun in the process, but do not take it lightly if you are seriously interested in succeeding.


    Where to start?


    It is very simple, you need education! And real education can not be found just about anywhere around the internet. Many claim that they can provide it, but it is not true. There are some programs out there that provide certain value, but there is only one that is absolute – Wealthy Affiliate University!


    WA Review

    WA Review


    There is no need to get into much details about it here, cause you need to read my review of it anyway. It will give you all details you need,just click on the picture above. But let me quickly tell you just a few things about it.

    WA will give all the knowledge about building your online business that you will ever need, and you will be followed from the start to the level of complete success. All you need to do is to follow the education that is divided in courses, and build your business as you progress.

    This is not a push-button program, but it does provide you with all tools you need in doing this as well, which means you will never need anything else to do it.

    Have in mind one thing, it is a serious education and it will take time to learn all you need to learn, but I guarantee you that you will succeed if you put your time and effort into it. Some members give it up just as I said before about people that are not willing to do the work but it is up to you to decide whether you are going to be one of them, or not.

    There is no limit of how far you can go with it and now you know exactly what to do in order to start making money from home. All what is left is for you is to actually go and do it.

    I recommend you to read this article too – 5 things Successful people Do

    I like comments so if you have one, leave it below!



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      4 Responses to How To Make Money From Home

      1. Surrounding Beauty says:


        I have been with WA for a few months now and that part on earning money fast is really not true. It is naive thought which I honestly had at the beginning as well, but building my site and creating contents all this while makes me realised that patience and handwork is needed. Just like you have pointed out, this business takes time to build. Any advise you can give to a newbie who is not seeing any real results just yet like me?

        • Igor.P says:


          You should have continued reading after the part where I mention the myth surrounding the belief of making money fast. I have stated it clearly – “The part that says you can do it fast is not true”. But I understand, sometimes we miss things.

          Yes, patience and work are needed for online success, but not the hard work. We succeed by learning and doing not a quantity of labor. Learning process may seem hard at times but we adjust as we move forward. You ask for advice? You mention you are a WA member. My advice to you is to go through courses and focus on finishing them before you start experimenting any further. Follow it lesson by lesson, cause they are made to give you all you need to know to succeed.

          Thanks for the comment!

      2. Matthew Thomas says:

        You make some extremely valid points about the possibility of working from home. The good news is that there’s a ton of opportunity on the internet. The bad news is that it’s full of scams.

        There are over 3 billion current internet users, so there’s an audience for whatever online business you wish to create. The hard part is finding a quality training service/community to help get you there.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Matthew!

          I am not sure that is totally correct. Based on my experience I can not say that there is a ton of opportunities out there. Those that exist usually most people can not recognize, and you also have to be ready to use it when you encounter it. And overwhelming presence of scams definitely do not help the process of finding one.

          Still they are many, but things like surveys and data entry can not be counted as such. We all may have a different view of what good opportunity is, but to me, nothing less than long-term and solid business can be counted as such. But that is just me!

          You are absolutely right when you say that there is audience for ever business and thanks for good info about the number of internet users. I knew that the number is big but I had no idea how big it is. Thanks for the comment!

          All the best! Igor

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