How To Make Money Online

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    Make Money Online

    Make Money Online

    I remember the times when I was googling for answers to this question;- how to make money online! Funny thing is, it took me a long time to get those answers, and they didn`t come to me from where I looked for them. So those searches in Google that I have been making for many years didn`t get me anywhere. As I am about to write this article and rectify the shortage, I am making the search again in order to see if anything has changed.

    So this is what I see; the top spots in search results has been taken by some forex platforms and these are ads. I advise you to stay away from forex if you are beginner. Unless you are the expert you will only lose money, not make it. After that it follows; 40 easy ways to make money, 5 real ways to actually make money online, then it comes believe or not, 35, 32 and again 5 ways to make money online.

    I checked two of those articles to see what they say and both are about these many ways that you could use to make money online; taking surveys, data entry jobs, domain flipping, blogging… and so on. I am not trying to diminish the efforts of those writers but I can tell you, nothing has changed from those day when I was looking for the answers.


     The Problem


    What is the problem with all these suggestions? The answer is simple; they are worthless! I will give you an example, few years ago I tried taking surveys job. I opened a lot off accounts, I spent many hours doing all this tedious work only to receive these occasional surveys to fill in with answers. I didn`t go very far with it before I realized that this is no way of making decent money online. Yes, I did make a few bucks but you need to calculate the time and effort you are putting into it as well. The work is tedious and it`s not worth it.

    I will give you another example. Just a few days ago I saw somebody recommending a job which is about going to websites, testing them and leaving feedback. Another tedious job, I dot even have to try it to know it. And they pay $15 an hour. I don`t even want to get out of my bed in the morning for this kind of money, to be honest.

    So, this raises the question;- what are you really looking for? Ways to make some money without changing your position much or you are looking for a long-time, permanent and solid,- business solution? Well, if you are looking for the first one, then just go check those other articles. They will give you a lot of options to try out. But if you are looking for the second alternative then I suggest you to read this article to the end.


    The Solution- Answers


    Just making some money online will always be that;- just making some money! Doing business online is entirely different thing. You can make it grow without limit and it is very fulfilling thing to have as a part of your life. But it will probably require some changes within you, and that is the problem for many.

    I recently wrote the article about how to start business online. I suggest you to read it because it explains the blueprint of doing business, not only online but in general. Without this fundamental understanding you will miss it. So read that article first, then this article will fill out the rest.

    What we are dealing here is making money seriously, for a long time, with controlled and focused effort. Not just making a few bucks here and there.

    So, how do you make money online? Well, you will need 3 things:

    The website
    To know what to do with the website
    Opening your store

    So let me explain these, one by one!


    The website


    In order to set up and successfully run your business online, you must have a website. You don`t have any chance of doing anything serious without it. You may try selling your products or services by spamming social media platforms but you won`t go far even if you manage to make some sales.

    So, you must have a website. Installing the website is easy part and I will tell you where to get it, even for free, in just a minute. But as I said it`s easy part. Knowing what to do with it is where challenge lies. You need to learn this cause it`s exact science and chances are that you don`t really know that. Especially, if you have been trying this by following those bad or half good affiliate programs on the internet.


    What to do with the website




    Here, we are talking about serious stuff. There are many steps that need to be understood and properly implemented. Before you open your store, which is easy part just like the first step, you need to create a quality content and lots of it. The content is the most important factor for success of your business. Since business is about being of service to others, you need to provide value in your content.

    The quality content will lead to quality traffic, which means connection and engagement with your visitors. The traffic can be created through different ways and content is one of them. You will need to learn how to use other sources like; YouTube videos, SEO and ranking in Google and different social media platforms. You can also pay for traffic and that can be good way of doing it but in my opinion, free traffic should be fully utilized first.

    If you feel worried now because of all these things I am putting in front of you, I am telling you; you can easily learn this! There is no need to be worried at all, I will show you where to get all this knowledge in the minute. But, this is the part where the real work is and it takes some time. No serious project or business is built over night. There goes the myth about quick money online.


    Opening you store


    This is a fun part. By the time you have come to this part, you have gone a long way. The time for monetizing your work has come and you will enjoy it, trust me on that. Nothing beats the feeling of contentment that well-done work brings. When you have done all this previous work properly and correctly, the success is guaranteed. You can`t fail and you know that. The knowledge you have is always with you and your business can be scaled up and multiplied as much as you want.

    Successful business is about service not about sales. You first serve your potential customers and clients by offering valuable information, education and assistance. When this is done ethically and truly with the care for people, then in turn they will trust you and buy from you. This way, you will have a long-term business that will grow over time. And you will have the satisfaction you didn`t know before.



    There is only one place in the world right now that offer complete, step by step, education in affiliate marketing;- the Wealthy Affiliate! There are some good other programs out there, but none of them comes even close to it. You can join for free and create start up account, but I strongly suggest you to get premium membership. Free is free but premium has a little monthly cost which is NOTHING comparing to what it gives you.

    Read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here to get more detailed info, join, and I will see you inside.

    In the meantime, contact me if you have any questions and leave me the comment below!



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      10 Responses to How To Make Money Online

      1. Vanessa says:

        Hi Igor
        This is really good advice for anyone who is looking to make money online. The idea of doing surveys does not appeal to me either; it just seems like it’s more work than it’s really worth.

        Having an online business means that that business is open 24/7, 365 and and any point in time, your website could be making money, even while you sleep. This is certainly much more appealing and more lucrative to say the least.

        Even better, you can tailor your online business to your passion, so you can do something you love online, that’s the beauty of the internet.

        For anyone wanting to do something like this, I highly recommend accessing proper training, so that they can have a good foundation and learn the ins and outs related to having an online business.

        A good foundation is where it all starts.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Vanessa!

          You are absolutely right with every point you are making. People fall for bad ideas like surveys or so called data entry jobs mostly because they don´t have any better idea of what to do. Also, the business online should be about things we love and are passionate about. A good foundation based on proper education is alpha and omega.

          Thanks for the comment!

      2. Rawl says:

        Igor the bold print immediately drew my eyes and led me right to what I was looking for. It actually helped me to ignore the information I don’t need and get right to the information I do need. I like how clean your site is. It’s not cluttered with a bunch of words or pictures. It is easy to navigate and you get right to the point without a bunch of fluff. It’s an easy step by step of how to truly make money online. Thank you.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Rawl!

          I`m trying my best to do things this way and your comment tells me that I am succeeding in it. Just like you, I never liked websites with much clutter either. I am also glad that you find it valuable.

          Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it!

          All the best!

      3. Edmund says:

        Hi Igor, thanks for sharing your own experience, problems and solutions in this informative article.

        I was like you before, trying to take many surveys and the payout was not really worth the time I had invested in filling them.

        I am with WA now too and I can definitely second that it provides the best education on affiliate marketing.

        Wishing you the best, Igor!

        • Igor.P says:


          Yes, the WA really provide the best education there is in this field. Being as such, it`s definitely worth time and effort, cause building the business this way, lasts forever. I am glad you are going that path.

          Thanks for the comment Edmund!


      4. Spring says:

        Nice article, I personally very happy with wealthy affiliate . they provide lots of information for me to create my online business. high recommended !

        like what Venessa said, we can build our business with our own passion, turning passion into online business .

        thanks for sharing your own experience, problems and solutions

        • Igor.P says:


          You are very welcome. Wa is really a complete education, the best there is. And the best with it is that it focus on the things we like. How amazing! Some work and dedication get people very far.

          Thanks for the comment!

      5. Rick says:

        The distinction between making a little money and really doing business is a great point. Taking surveys or doing paid searches might get you a little, but I like how you reveal what’s really necessary to get going. Question: what does opening a store look like? Would you recommend just one affiliate promotion or product or multiple?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Rick!

          There are s many ways of doing this. Keeping focus on only one or few products is like leaving money on the table without taking it. It is the best to make a complete collection of all products within the niche. I have even seen a successful collections of products from multiple niches on one website, that some people did. It is certainly what I recommend.

          All the best!


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