How To Manage Stress – Get Rid Of It Forever!

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    Always Avoid Stress

    Always Avoid Stress

    Stress is a major distortion in our lives and we all need to learn how to manage it properly. We all know that almost everybody is affected by it cause it is almost inseparable part of our daily activities, especially here in the West.

    One major thing that contributes to creation of stress is a collective way of living/thinking. In some areas of the world, it is particularly amplified. Just as example, here in Sweden we do not have a laid-back way of living, like it is the case in Greece and other South European countries.

    The collective ways of living and thinking sauce certain levels of stress in us, but we need to learn to neutralize and get rid of it individually. It is challenging cause it involves growth, but it needs to be done if we want to raise the quality of our individual lives.

    The reason I am writing about this subject on this website is because business startups are often creating a stress in people, and this needs to be taken care of in order to reach the success. Stress sabotages us in everything we do!


    The psychology of stress


    In order to get rid of stress, we need to understand the mechanisms that triggers it first. It is all created in our minds. The psychological mechanism that creates it is this – you are here but you want to be over there! You feel you are behind things and you run to catch it up. You want to control the circumstances of your life, but somehow you always end up losing it.

    Learning about stress, we are learning about ourselves, which is the most important thing to do, EVER! Everything else should come after, or at least this is the way it should be, but nobody teaches us this. We put everything else before our well-being: our jobs, careers, family and children, everyday activities, church, politics ….

    All these things seem to matter to us more than the state of our being in the present moment.

    You need to know basics of how your brain is functioning while you are awake. I am sure you have heard about alpha, theta and beta levels of your brain before, and how they are related to the state of your mind.

    The brain is just an organ and the mind is the activity of your brain. I suggest you to study the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza regarding this subject cause it is very important to know but here, let me just point out the most important thing.

    Alpha level of your brain activity is related to the state of relaxation and this affects your mind and thinking nature in a very positive way. It stimulates the creativity and sense of wellness. This is what people are trying to achieve when they meditate.

    When you are trying to calm down and get rid of stress you are actually trying to reach the alpha level of your brain.

    In order to combat stress you also need to be familiar with beta level and always work to avoid it. Beta level is divided in high and low level and is related to our everyday living situations. The high beta level is the stress level.

    When stressed, your brain is working in high and incoherent frequency and this is what we all need to learn to avoid.


    So, how do you manage it?


    Ultimately, there is only one way to avoid stress and that is developing a state of mind that is the opposite to stress. You can call that state of mind any way you wish, balance, tranquility or present moment awareness, it does not matter. The important thing is to realize it and do what you need to do to develop it.

    When you are stressed you are caught in the mind-stuff and that is all there is to it. You are either in your thoughts about the past or future. All these states of mind are repetitive which means you can prepare yourself cause you know they will come back.

    By practicing being present in the now, you cancel this state of mind and that eliminates stress momentarily. I know this is easier to say than do, but it does not change the fact that we need to do it if we really want to eliminate stress.

    Practicing presence is the standard talk of today’s spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle and I know that many people do not resonate with that but I suggest to consider it for a while. Otherwise there are some methods that are practical and that can help.




    The primary reason why people meditate is to release stress and meditation is really a very powerful way of doing it. It is about taking some distance from everything and just be with yourself. It recharges your batteries and gives you fresh strength but I know that many would find difficult to find even a few minutes for themselves.

    Nevertheless, we all need to find time for it, otherwise we will never get rid of stress. I do it in the morning when I wake up. I make my coffee, sit down and while drinking it, I clear my mind and slowly prepare for the coming day. We are all different so find the way that works for you.


    Contact with nature


    The nature is alkaline and is very effective in cleaning out the tension and stress. I am not saying that you need to become a next Grizzly Adams or something similar, but just a nice walk through some forest, beside a lake or on the beach watching waves hitting the shore, will do the trick.


    Choose Tranqulity

    Choose Tranquility


    Do it as often as you can and while you are doing it, try to not think about the work you have tomorrow, politics or your family problems. Let the nature refresh you, just be there.


    Take measures to deal with stressful situations that are repetitive


    This can be anything that falls into this category, your job, your relatives, your neighbors and similar. Eliminate everything that is problematic. If you can not do that consider removing yourself from it. Sometimes this is the only thing we can do to get some peace.

    Also, when we know that some problematic situation is approaching we can prepare ourselves to deal with it. This way we will do it more effectively than when we are caught of guard.


    Focus on one thing at the time


    This may be tricky to do but it is necessary to pay attention to it. If you observe yourself for a while, you may notice that your mind is rarely focused on what is in front of you only. It is almost always running around many things.

    Practice doing one thing at the time, and when you are done, move to the next keeping the same kind of focus. This will develop you ability to focus and improve your game in everything you do.


    Practice the holly art of DOING NOTHING


    Yes, it is an art and if you ask me it is a divine practice. It is the ultimate form of meditation. I am not saying – drop everything and watch TV for the rest of the day. Actually, watching TV is the ultimate waste of time and it has nothing to do with stress release. It only makes you unconscious which invites new stress reactions in the future. It makes you forget about yourself!

    When you do nothing, practice being in the present moment. Relax, breathe and just be. I know, such a simple thing can turn to be very difficult to do, cause the mind will try to interfere and push you back into some activity again.

    But stay determined and aware, cause with practice you will get better in these skills and you will find strength you did not know you have before.

    For the entrepreneurs, dealing with the stress is essential in order to be as effective in your business as you possible can. When you are stressed, the quality of your doing is very poor.

    Therefore, it is vital to develop the habit of dropping everything from time to time, relaxing, do something else or do nothing for a while. This will bring you a fresh energy and the quality of your doing will increase drastically.

    If would like to hear your thoughts on the subject, so leave me a comment below!



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