How To Overcome Challenges

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    Ability or to overcome challenges is one of the most important things/skills we can have in our lives, and it can certainly be developed. This website is about helping first time entrepreneurs to successfully start the business, so this particular article will be about challenges regarding that.

    I know for the fact that we can use our strength from other areas to affect our business endeavors in the positive way. The same applies the other way around. Speaking out of my own experience, success in business can bring more stability and balance into other areas of your life.

    Challenges are something that every entrepreneur will face sooner or later and there is no exception to that, but the way of overcoming them is what separates us from others. I am not speaking about separation in the sense of ego. I am speaking about separation in terms of success or failure.





    Advice From Mystics


    I am in online businesses so I can speak about challenges related to these things, but I can`t tell you how to resolve issues that an average restaurant owner face. Practical aspects of your business is in my opinion the easy part. Since you need to know your business, and if that is covered, you will always be able to resolve issues that come your way.

    Here I will talk about the fundamental, and in this way more important aspect of dealing with challenges- the MINDSET!
    Let me tell you about something that I heard from Osho, a great mystic of our modern times. Osho told the story about Gurdjieff, another mystic who was born in 1866 and died 1949.

    Gurdjieffs father died when he was still a boy. Feeling that the end is near, laying in his bed he asked his son to come closer and said:- I have nothing of material value to leave behind for you. All I have to give you is this advice!

    Then he continued:- Whenever something make you angry or causes you to react in some way, make sure you do not follow the impulse and act in anger. Wait for 24 hours before you do anything!

    The meaning of these words may not be obvious to some people, but the way I see it, his father really left him a much greater value then any of material possessions. This is the best advice I ever heard about how to overcome challenges in life.


    Only One Step


    Challenges are facts of life and everybody face them on regular basis. Just recently I suffered a setback in development of my latest business startup that completely destroyed my plans for the next 6 months period. I will need to fix the problem, reorganize some things and proceed with another plan.

    In this case the challenge came in form of failed distribution campaign which is the essential part of the type of business I do. Your business may be something entirely different but the thing is the same. Challenges will come but you will deal with them in the same manner.

    The balanced mindset is all it takes to deal with any kind of challenge that come our way. The Gurdjiefs father knew very well what he was saying and the impact of his advice is really universal. When the business setback I just mentioned appeared, my first reaction was negative of course. My thoughts were: What the ****, not this one!

    But I did not lose much energy on it. This is not the first challenge I face so I left everything for a few days doing nothing about it. I gained some focus and clarity and then I started with the repair process.

    When you are detached and balanced you always know what to do and what you can do. Then, you just do it. Emotions and reactions only clatter the mind and you easily lose sight of what it the best course of action.

    The truth is, you need to love your failures! When I say love it, I do not mean be a fool who love bad things. I mean you need to embrace them just as you would embrace the success. I know this does not make much sense because our programmed reactions has always been making us to hide from unpleasant things in life and run after desired ones.

    Challenges are in fact needed. Without them we would never advance, be stronger and more skillful. In business this is essential. We need to develop the mindset that allows us to not fear failure and to always be ready to see how to advance and move forward.

    This is basically what success is and we need to be successful first in order to see economic results. It is funny cause we never think in these terms. We are more focused on doing this and that in order to see the money. But things never go the way we thought they would, but with the balanced mindset you will never be afraid of that.

    Q. So how do we overcome challenges, in business and in life?
    A. By cultivating the balanced and detached mind. The rest will just follow easily!



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