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    Selling art online is not in any way different from selling anything else online. I make living as affiliate marketer but I am also musician and I know that if you want to be full time artist, you need to become a businessman too. Selling is the business part.

    Times has changed with development of the internet. Possibilities from yesterday are no longer as strong as they used to be in the past and some of them have vanished completely. Internet has brought so many new possibilities that none of us had before, but most of people have problems finding what works for them.

    It`s not strange considering how big it is. Finding the right information online is quite the task.


    Where to Sell Art?


    The reason why I am writing about this topic is my encounter with one struggling artist from Greece during my vacation there last month (july 2015). His name is Thanos and he is a painter- impressionist, as he explained it to me. He explained more about his work but, since I don`t have any vast knowledge about this artistic branch, I couldn`t follow so closely. I saw few of his paintings and I liked them.

    Nevertheless, the part that was interesting to me was that he had 14 paintings ready for sale and in the last year, he sold only two. That was surprising to me because the price range that he set for his paintings was between $250 for the cheapest one, to the most expensive $750. So, he told me about this problem and that happens to be my area of expertise. I went to the internet and quickly found some places to sell art.

    It didn`t take much research to find that places like ArtPal and Etsy look like pretty good places to start with. To me, the Artsy looked the best and most powerful of them all. The numbers and stats I found about this platform were really impressive. If you are like my new-found friend, an artist looking to find ways to sell you art, I suggest you to visit those platforms.

    I understand that the basic problem with any kind of promotion is to make thing visible and properly exposed. Even if you find the right place for exposure, your product still may me invisible. If it`s surrounded by too many other products in similar category that is exactly what may happen.

    I suggested to him another method to sell his art, but these art selling platforms should be considered and eventually used, anyway.


    Selling From Your Own Website


    What I suggested to him is affiliate marketing, which is building your own website to sell your products. Creating the website that you own is the best way to do anything online and selling art is no exception to that. As I said, all other resources should be used, of course. But building you own website is an art in itself, and it is so powerful way of doing business that is MUST NOT BE NEGLECTED. And the best part of it is, it`s EASY to do, once you learn how!

    We have spent some time where I explained to him how it works and what is needed in order to be successful with it. I showed him some of my websites, including this one, and he was surprised by the success I have in this. I told him exactly what I would do to sell his art.

    Building the website requires some research first. Once the website is built properly it only grows better with time and with it, your business as well! In this way, you are building the permanent solution for your business, regardless of what you are selling; art, shoes, shirts, cars, kitchen supplies….. you name it!


    What Is Needed To Do It?


    Three simple steps are needed:

    -Learning how to do it
    -Opening the store

    Learning means learning how to do the research about the niche, competition and finding best keywords for blogging. Once you learn this you are set for life and so it is with other two steps. Building the actual website goes quickly, and I will tell you where to get all these steps done free of charge in a second.

    Once you have done all these steps and get it going, you will open the store and place your products. That`s all. Realistically, if you have no previous knowledge about affiliate marketing, all this can be done in a matter of 1-2 months investing 1-2 hours a day. If you can spare a few hours more, it will go faster, of course. It is up to you!

    Now, to the best part. I told you I will tell you where to get all this knowledge. The only place where you can learn how to do all this is Wealthy Affiliate. It is the only REAL affiliate marketing education in the world and it has completely changed my life since I first started with it. I owe all my success to this education.

    You can join WA for FREE! Thanos joined on my recommendation and he is in the process of building his business to sell his paintings.

    I will not get into much details about Wealthy Affiliate here, instead, read my full review of it here!

    I can`t recommend this program highly enough and I suggest you to join as well. If you have any questions send me an e-mail ( and don`t forget to leave me THE COMMENT BELOW!


    To your success!



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