How to Sell Stuff Online

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    How To Sell Stuff Online

    How To Sell Stuff Online

    When we talk about how to sell stuff online as a subject, it is the same as if we would talk about how to make money online or what is the affiliate marketing. Same thing. And considering the fact that there is a lot of people out there who do not a have clear idea of how this work, it is time to cover it properly.

    Selling stuff online is not much different from selling stuff in the regular world, meaning, there are many ways of doing it. But it is much better to sell/do business online because you can avoid many challenging aspects of running a business associated with regular ways – opening the store, employing people, paying the rent, storage space for products….and so on.

    Even advertising is easier to do but I will not complicate things much here. Give me a moment to explain these 4 simple steps of it.

    They are:
    1. Website
    2. Content
    3. Traffic
    4. Sales

    So lets explain one at the time!


    1. Website

    The website is a foundation of every online business, and these days, it is almost unavoidable for offline businesses as well. Actually, everything is more and more concentrated and focused on the online world. Even if you have a regular offline business you are missing out if you are not presenting your products and offers online through your website.

    So you must have your own website, and it has to be a real one. I have seen people trying some shortcuts when it comes to this and build blogs on Blogger, Tumbler or similar instead. It may work to a certain level but it is not a perfect condition for a long-term and sustainable business.

    It would be more difficult to rank and build your brand which is a foundation to your business. You need to build a real website with real niche related domain.

    It is necessary to think about the direction of your business in this early stage, figuring out your niche. The niche determines what stuff you will be selling. If you plan to sell shoes online you will not choose – or, as your domain. You will go for or something similar!


    2. Content


    Just like the website is the foundation of you building, the content will be a building blocks for your business. It is a brick and mortar of your business and basis for SEO and communication with your future clients.

    Content comes in different shapes and forms: articles and product reviews, videos, guest posts….and so on. SEO stands for – search engine optimization, which basically means optimizing your content for a reader and structuring it in the best way for search engines and rankings as well.

    The most important part with content is to optimize it for the reader because the reader is what the whole process is all about. It is about providing a value to your visitors!

    Some people focus on search engines too much believing that this will propel their business but it would have a negative effect if you do not put the readers/people in the first place. They will by your stuff, not the search engines!


    3. Traffic


    Getting traffic to your website is an art in itself and it can be done in many ways. I have already mentioned SEO which comes from optimization of your content. When this is done properly having your visitors in mind, they will be engaged on your website and search engines will reward you with better rankings, which leads to better exposure and more visits – traffic!

    But, SEO is not the only way of doing it. Some people achieve this and build big businesses without any regard for search engines, but of course, always focusing on readers providing the best value possible. Some other ways of getting traffic are:

    Social media presence
    Paid traffic


    4. Sales


    Well, when all these previous parts has been done, we come to the best part – selling your stuff! This is the moment everybody looks for – making the money! But money can be made in many ways, not only by selling your own products.


    How To Sell Stuff Online

    How To Sell Stuff Online


    You may actually have physical products that you own and want to sell on your website, but you do not have to. Money can come from many other sources:

    Affiliate products/programs (most common, like Amazon, Clickbank and similar)
    Selling advertising to other websites
    Products that you own (already mentioned)
    Ads like Google Adsense or Bing ads


    Success environment is essential for success.


    If you try to do this alone it can be tricky. Yes, the process is simple but there is more to this than following these steps. A proper education is needed in order to learn and understand these steps and implement them properly.

    Learning how to sell stuff online is a big subject and a big deal. It is one of those things that can completely transform your life and give you the financial independence that you have always been looking for. It will definitely give you a possibility to get rid of your boss forever.

    How hard is it? Not hard at all once you learn how to do it and possibilities are virtually endless. The success environment is essential in this, which means a connection with people who are already successful in doing it. And the best one is WEALTHY AFFILIATE!

    It is the number 1 in the world today. And the best part is – you join for FREE. No credit card needed to join!


    Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate


    Now you know the process of how to sell stuff online. I do not know how interested you are in learning all this but I assure you, once you join, you will have all help and assistance, and all tools you will ever need in order to become successful online marketer. It does not get better that that.

    If you wonder who I am, just take a look at the About me page on this website. I have been doing this for quite a while and it is all I do for living.

    In the meantime, tell me what you do now and what you want to achieve in the future! Lets discuss that, just leave me a comment below!



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      26 Responses to How to Sell Stuff Online

      1. Jovo says:

        Hi Igor, you outlined basic principles on how to sell stuff online, Seen like this in a text it really does not look complicated. I am trying something of the sort myself. Of course the step 2 implies a lot of hard work but I find the step 3 to be hardest part of the process. You will agree that traffic is essential, without a lot of it there are no sales. It is tough. I hope you are more successful than me.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Jovo!

          I wrote the article focusing on basics and seen in this light, it is simple. Of course it is not the whole picture and as I have said, doing it without some help and support may be tricky cause once you get into it, it requires some knowledge, work and dedication. I know that many people experienced this as hard but I can only speak for myself, and for me it was not.

          I struggled with the whole process in my beginnings, but I gradually learned how to do it and WA definitely filled the gaps when it comes to education. That is why I point it out as necessary resource, not only because the education it provides, but also because all tools and things needed in the process.

          You are absolutely right, without good traffic you have nothing, but it is not difficult thing to do. Important thing to recognize is that SEO and Google are not the absolute condition to get traffic and develop a successful business. Personally, I work diligently with SEO and Google but I know people who are making big money without even paying attention to it.

          The traffic is an art in itself and it can be outsourced. But it is like with everything else online, most of these ways found online are scams and you need to know where to find real things.

          Thanks for the comment and wish you all the best in your business!


      2. Dan says:

        In college, I was always watching YouTube video after YouTube video of the many entrepreneurs and their many travels. I made it my goal to finally become like these people. I knew they would never share their secrets, and if they “were,” then they were probably scammers. I looks like this Wealthy Affiliate thing is the real deal! Definitely worth checking out.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Dan!

          Well, you do not have to watch YouTube and seek to figure things out anymore. The big secret with this profession is – there are no secrets! Proper education is all that is needed, and to my knowledge it is only provided by WA. Luckily, it does not cost a fortune like regular education forms provided by society that does not give you much in form of possibilities and leave you with debt that most people will never pay off.

          It cost $47, and you can save that money on few pizzas a month. Of course this does not mean anything to people who are not ambitious to make a financial change in their lives, but to those who aret – it is a blessing!

          Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion!


      3. Michael Maamari says:

        Hey there!

        Very informative post. Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go in terms of creating an income online. My friends cousin makes websites or something and she’s making a pretty decent sizeable income.

        I’m pretty sure she mentioned affiliate marketing or wealthy affiliate or something. Don’t quote me on that though, haha. Thanks for the post!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Michael!

          Yes, I believe she might have mentioned it cause WA is the place where many successful affiliates hang out as members. To my knowledge, it is the only real affiliate business school today, and I am pretty sure that I would know if any other existed.

          It does take some time to learn how to do it and develop the business to the point of profitability, but since its all in one place, it is relatively easy to do. All you ever need to do it is there, you just need to use it!

          Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

      4. Adam says:

        Hi! Thank you for this great article! It was really informative and clarifying! :)
        I’m really new in this topic, so my question may seem a bit stupid;
        What do you think, can I reach great traffic by using only simple SEO techniques, or should should I apply some paid traffic t achice success?
        If I can do it without the extra things, am I going to need them once (after reaching a certain level of success) ?

        Thanks for your answer in advance!


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Adam!

          No, your question is not stupid, but highly relevant and therefore intelligent. That is how you learn. At some point in the past I did not know anything about it myself. So let me clarify it so that you can understand.

          SEO techniques are not complicated and they should be primary focus to every marketer, because they basically guarantee the success of your website. It takes time to get it done but it practically lasts forever, and in time it will lead to very huge amounts of traffic.

          The central point of SEO is quality content. If you provide helpful, engaging and helpful content to your visitors and in the same time build a good presence on social media, Google will discover that and rank you high which will lead to huge organic exposure. In my experience, the organic exposure/traffic is better than social media traffic cause it convert much better but the traffic from social media is still not to be ruled out.

          Things that you must absolutely avoid are those old and outdated techniques like low quality backlinks with spun articles or purchasing fake traffic to create impression of website activity. Google will find this out and punish you. You can buy traffic and there are some ways of getting a great value for the money, but you must be careful with this cause majority of companies who sell traffic are fraud.

          Actually most bloggers are only focused on free stuff but paid traffic can do wonders for your business. I will cover the issue of paid traffic later, but this is a basic guideline I can give. If you a beginner I would advise you to continue with proper SEO and build your business on that. The success of it will be cumulative but if you keep going and give it a time, you will most definitely be successful.

          Best of luck and thanks for the comment and the question!


      5. Rowan says:

        Selling Online – its the biggest business of the modern age. your niche is such an important one as lots are really wanting to learn how to sell online successfully. you have done this explanation in a very straightforward and practical way. Even for me it was a refresher course
        Well Done
        and all success

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Rowan!

          I think you are right! This profession is definitely a future for many people because it is so advantageous, full of potential and practical. As I have pointed out in the article, it is not just that simple, there are some things to learn and take action to carry out, but the basic understanding is necessary to start with. And seen in this light, it is simple as described!

          One thing that many marketers are making mistake with is focusing only on free stuff, like free traffic. Paid services are important to look for too, cause they can bring great results in form of targeted traffic and profits. Many things can be outsourced and making those small investments can really contribute to overall success.

          Thanks for stopping by and such nice comment! I appreciate it, and best of luck to you too!


      6. Forrest Finch says:

        This is great stuff. I’m currently in the learning process, and not long ago I found Wealthy Affiliate.
        I’ve learned more in just a few Months there than I’ve learned in years elsewhere.

        Sites like this make the internet a wonderful place to get the kind of education needed for affiliate success.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Forrest!

          That is not surprising cause Wealthy Affiliate is really atop notch education without any competition. I am glad you found that value, keep going and best of luck with it. Thanks for the comment!

      7. Taking A Leap Of Faith says:

        You definitely go into all the different parts of what it takes to sell something online whether it me an actual product or information. You go into having an affiliate product to sell or making your own. You need to have a website and you need to have it optimized for SEO. I think my biggest struggle is with the marketing and list building. I don’t believe you covered building a list, but maybe that is in another blog post.

        • Igor.P says:


          I wrote this article to give a general description of how affiliate marketing works. With the purpose to inform and describe, cause seen in this light, it is simple! I have also pointed out that it is more to that than just this basic description. But basics is the starting point and many people miss that.

          So there are certain skills that comes with the territory and list building is one of them. I do not know why you struggle with it but you need to know that building the list of subscribers is not the absolute necessity to succeed with your business. For example, did you notice any signup form on this website?

          As you can see, I do not build any list at all. This part of marketing can be easily outsourced, so you can save your energy for other tasks and effective campaigns. Focusing on quality content and solid SEO is much more important than any list building. Just keep working on that and I am certain that your business will eventually explode.

          I wish you best of luck with you business! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!


      8. Rendall says:

        Hello Igor69, a complete article regarding the online business and here I would like to share my thoughts. This era, we are moving to the sophisticated business platform that is internet. Some people think that the online business can ban succeed overnight and I can say that is a wrong (Most of that idea is come from scam ideology) because we take time to build a good premise for the visitor get what they want and of course through a proper training on how to success on online business goals.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Rendall!

          Yes, you are right! The overnight success is a myth fueled by scammers, and it is not realistic. On the other hand, with proper education, some work and dedication, we all have fantastic possibilities to tap into. Thanks for the visit and for sharing!

          All the best! Igor

      9. Diana says:

        Hey I.P.,

        These four steps look very easy at first, but they do take work. It seems that it can take forever to jump from step one to step four… but that’s the way success works.

        From personal experience, I can say that step 3 is the most difficult to master, but it all depends on how well you master step 2. Creating content and knowing how to rank it is what will determine whether or not your traffic is consistent.

        Learning how to do these steps the right way and in the right order is very important.

        Thank you for sharing,

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Diana!

          Just as I clearly stated in the article, these steps take some work and dedication to learn, but once you have done it once, it is easy to repeat. I just gave a simplified description for basic understanding. So education is alpha and omega, just like with everything else. The step 2 and 3 is what the whole business is all about, the rest are just details.

          Creating quality content and rankings are the very core of affiliate marketing, but they are not all there is. Many marketers only rely upon free traffic and they miss out great possibilities that come with payed traffic. Yes, you are right learning all this the right way is essential, cause clearly, there are so many ways of how not to do it.

          That is why Wealthy Affiliate is so great. Kyle and Carson realized the need for such education and they gave it. Nobody else did the same, at least I do not know about it. And by now, I would know about it if it existed.

          Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


      10. James says:

        Wow, Wealthy Affiliate sounds fantastic, but…

        1) How long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate and also can I do it from Thailand?

        2) I have paypal but no bank account, will they pay into paypal?

        3) What affiliate program do you recommend for newbies like me?

        Depending on your answer, I will join through your link, if you promise to give me some “extra” help and guidance.

        Wonderful reading!
        Waiting for your reply!


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello James!

          WA is fantastic cause it gives you all you need to know in order to succeed. But it also depends on each and every individual to utilize it fully. If you do not do the work, nothing will happen. Of course you get all the help and guidance if you join, not only from me but from others as well. This is probably the greatest benefit you get from WA, the true success environment.

          You can do this from anywhere in the world. I don`t know about transaction circumstances in Thailand but you can easily check that out if you go to the bank and ask if the account can be connected to the PayPal account. I believe you can also check that on PayPal site as well. If they do not connect to Pay Pal from there, you can open the account in the country that does connect.

          Since you are probably coming from Western country you must have the account from there already and use it right away.

          When it comes to the affiliate programs, you will choose the best one for your niche. This is the business part of affiliate marketing. Of course you want the best return from the sale but that is not always the best option. For example, the Amazon have a low commission per sale but it converts better than other program offers. I know marketers who make ore with Amazon than other programs who have the exactly the same product and better return.

          This is good to have in mind, but you can also make a test, try different ones and see what converts better.

          P.S Actually I just checked it out for you and it works in Thailand, take a look:

          Thanks for the comment and inquiry, If you need anything more, just let me know!


      11. Chris says:

        When I first started out working online for a living over a decade ago I took on the ebay route and did rather well at it….for a time!
        That ebay wave soon broke so I turned to affilaite products as you’ve covered here – a great way to earn online (if done correctly). Top article – I hope people take a long hard look at it!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Chris!

          I did that too, Ebay I mean. I tried drop-shipping before, but I gave it up cause I could not find good items to work with and the competition was to big. Affiliate marketing is much better way of doing business but, as you said, you need to learn how to do it correctly.

          The article gives a simple explanation to the mechanism and of course there is more to the process than what is described. But everybody starts with the basics and that is why I wrote it. I am glad you find it valuable.

          Thanks for stopping by!


      12. stefan says:

        Hi Igor, great article thanks a lot for that!

        One year ago I was trying to sell stuff physical products on eBay and I have to confess, the competition is terrifying! I Was able to make only £5 pounds by selling 5 products and that didn’t feel right!
        Considering the time I lost searching for a product to buy, time for packaging and shipping, heck! It would not get me anywhere!

        That’s why I chose affiliate marketing because it can really give me the freedom I look for. Not only I will be able to be my own boss, I won’t have to deal with customers or anything!

        My only job is writing quality content at the comfort of my home!

        I also highly encourage people to follow WA’s training, it really works!
        All the best

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Stefan!

          Thanks for sharing your experiences. I had similar experience with Ebay and drop shipping, which I dropped as well. Affiliate marketing is way better online business model which can give incredible results.

          Best of luck with your business, I am sure you will have a great time within WA!

          Thanks for the comment!


      13. Stephen says:

        Hello Igor,

        Thanks for sharing this article on how to sell stuff online. Initially I taught you were going to talk about selling my personal stuff but then I realized you have a special package in this article.

        you have now opened my eyes as to why I need to have my personal website. It will be fine way of starting a lucrative business online.

        But do you think your recommended training program also teaches people how to build their own business website – as you said is the foundation of every successful business?

        I will be happy if they can help me do that.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Stephen!

          Yes, it is exactly what you will learn with this program, or maybe it`s better to call it a school. It teaches you how to build your own business from scratch, not just the website, and to become totally independent online entrepreneur. If that is what you really want? Some people are not looking for such a move in their lives and lack the ambition to do that. I hope you are not the one.

          The website is just a part of it. You will also learn how to build your brand, how to market the brand and your product, which is all just as necessary components of successful business. It would be difficult to cover the details here, but you have it all within the program, easy to learn and follow. With some work, and patience, there is no limit how far you can go.

          If it is anything I can do to help, don`t hesitate to let me know. Thanks for the questions, and best of luck!


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