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    How To Start a Small Business at Home

    How To Start a Small Business at Home

    Regardless of what you are looking for to achieve, just some additional income or a full time career, you can actually start a small business at home right away! It will take only a few minutes.

    It sounds to simple, I know. Especially if you have tried before and failed, but that happens only because the valid info is hard to find, due to so many online scams. But it is simple, and if you give me a few minutes, I will show you exactly how to do that. You will open an account and you will be ready to go.

    This does not mean that you will start making money right away. You need to build the business first and that will take some time. But you do not think about that right now. What you will be signing to in a minute, is the practical education, which means you will learn how to do what you need to do, step by step. And it is REAL, no joke!


    What to expect from it!


    Every person who went through this education, experienced it in different way, because we are all different. But realistically what you can expect from this is following:

    Part time work, which means that an hour or two every day is usually more than enough to do it. You have daily tasks to perform but you can set the tempo as you see fit your time and other daily obligations.

    Detailed and complete education. The biggest problem people face when it comes to online work is what to do and how to do it. So if you have that resolved, what would it mean to you? All that is left to do is some work. But I guess not everybody is ready to learn new stuff. You decide.

    Support of every kind. It is advisable to not do all this alone and that is also what you get by starting this business. Besides the really advanced education, you get the technical support, and support from other people who already started their online career. And they are many, it is over 400 000 people who already do what you are about to start yourself.

    All tools you need to build your business, and the actual SUCCESS. You get everything you need in order to make either additional income or a full time online career. It all depends on you level of ambition but you can really expect to be successful, I am not joking.


    So, what do you need to do?


    First, opening the account costs nothing. It is FREE! And there are no up-sells, whatsoever. This is a serious business school for people who are seriously interested in online business. So nobody will ever harass you to buy anything, and you can remain as free member as long as you wish.

    For those who are really ambitious, there is premium membership that costs $47 a month but even if you decide to go premium, you will still have a first course for free. This means you can join for free first, and take your time to see the education first hand, before you decide whether to proceed, or not.

    So do following steps:

    1. Read my review of this education, HERE!

    2. Sign up, which is FREE. (I will contact you inside once you join) And complete your account, it only takes a minute. The signup link is within the review.

    3. Take a look around, get familiar with everything and examine the education course that comes with it (Certification course level 1).

    That is all. As I said, I will contact you once you join, and you can ask me anything. I will be there to help you, answer the questions and help you understand everything. But of course, this is a large community of online entrepreneurs so feel free to interact with others as well.

    There is chat available within the community so you can speak with people directly and create some connections. Again, this is REAL, and you can be there in a minute, with no cost. Feel free to be excited, cause you have all reasons to be, and I will see you inside!

    The best thing with all this is that you do not even have to trust me. You do not know me and I hope that will change soon, but I understand that it means nothing at this point. You lose nothing by checking it out, and you can literally taste it and feel it before you eventually decide if it is for you.

    If you have question or concerns about anything, leave me a comment below, or send me an e-mail:!



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      6 Responses to How To Start a Small Business At Home – Do it in few minutes!

      1. Sarah says:

        When you say small business, that could mean any number of different things. Could you be a little more specific as to what kind of business? Some people like me would preview all the details up front in order to make an educated decision. Do you have an independent review of this education program you refer to? I appreciate it, thanks.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Sarah!

          When I said small business I clearly stated business from home, which the whole article is about. I have also provided the link to the full review of the actual offer, you have just missed it. Under the title – So, what do you need to do, the first step out of three is a link to the review. It is big and visible.

          Thanks for the inquiry and questions, best of luck!


      2. Gloria says:

        This sounds really interesting. I have some questions though. How long does it take to start making money? Does the average person doing this make money? and how much experience does the average person have when they start this? I all sounds great but I am really new to this and need some answers. Thanks in advance.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Gloria!

          Every beginner ask these questions and they are perfectly natural to ask, so let me see if I can help you with answers. Wealthy Affiliate is the only affiliate education of this level in the world, and if you start with the first certification course, you will see that they are made for beginners. And, they did a really great job with setting the material and instructions in a way that is easy to follow and apply building your actual business as you learn.

          This means that no previous experience is required in order to start with it. If you have some experience, it does not hurt, it means that you will be progress faster. This could mean that you will start making money sooner than somebody with less experience, but it does not have to be so. Nobody can tell you how fast you can start making money, but YOU WILL MAKE MONEY, if you stick to it, finish those courses and build your business. That is the only thing that can be guaranteed.

          How fast can you progress through learning material? It depends only on you and your ability to absorb the instructions! There are several skills that need to be learned and we are all different. The learning process will show you how far you are willing to go, and it will show you a lot about yourself.

          You have it all in one place; the education, all tools and all support you need. All you need is some work and patience. You can not fail unless you give up, so if I can give advice it would be this:- do not bother how long will it take to start making money. Focus on building your business, and you will know when things start rolling. Give yourself time to learn and get some experience and you will be able to tell when the success will manifest in form of money.

          I hope this helps at least to the some point, I know that you may be more eager than that but if you are a part of WA now, find me inside and let me know if you ever need any help. In the meantime, thanks for the comment and questions!

          Best of luck! Igor

      3. Znubler says:

        A very interesting and well-written article. I have considered leaving my current job and start my own online business. I really like the idea of being your “own boss” and working in your own home. The affiliate platform that you have reviewed seems very promising. Do you have to invest any money in the future in order to gain success?

        • Igor.P says:


          Thanks for the question, and I understand what you are asking me. In my case, I am investing money in my business all the time. Yes, the platform is top-notch and you will learn all you need to know there. You can stick to the SEO and content building and do great in terms of earnings, without having any other expenses.

          Most people are only focused on free methods, and that is fine. I would encourage everybody to continue with that, until they learn more and build a strong foundation first. But, the fun really begins when you can make investment with good return. I have achieved way more with outsourcing marketing campaigns, then with free methods.

          It is something every marketer need to consider in the long run, cause there are effective ways to expand the business investing in it. Best of luck in your business, and thanks again!


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