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    I guess if you have a good business in your hands, then this is not much of an issue. No need to think about how to work from home, successfully or not, you just do it. Over the years I have heard very different stories and experiences on this subject, but for me personally – this is quite simple.

    How to Work From Home

    How to Work From Home

    I know that working from home is a dream for many people. I mean, how can you not want it!? In peace and quiet from the comfort of your own home, you can play some of your favorite music and make a cop of coffee before you sit down at your desk in your “office”. You are more flexible and you can spend much more time with your kids.

    But your business may set up its own pace from time, not every day is the same, and it is probably so for everybody. In my case, some days I do not do much, and some days I do much more than usual. It is almost like it is alive, it breathes!


    The best home office environment


    Some people need the feel of a hectic work-place environment to stimulate them to do things. If that is so then going to the local coffee shop may be a good idea to go to work. WiFi is available almost everywhere these days, so why not, the laptop is all you need anyway.

    Others even dress up for work even if they will stay and work from home. I do not argue against it, not for it either! Whatever works for a particular individual. Personally, I do not relate any dress code or rule with the working circumstances.

    Few weeks ago, my girlfriend stayed and worked from our home for two days. It is not something that happens on regular basis, she is a project leader in Volvo, but she felt little unwell those days. Nevertheless, since she did not have any skype calls, she was working in her pajamas. I did not have to ask, she loved working form home, I could tell.

    My point is, keep whatever routine works for you. The very essence of home based work is flexibility, so why not use it to the maximum! The only rule of thumb is to do your work professionally, regardless of circumstances!


    Use fixed rules where they are needed


    I red some articles about this subject before but I can only say how it goes in my case. I have been working from home as self-employed, running my own business for almost 2 years now, and I can tell you, it is really a great thing to have in life. But I had some challenges in the beginning that took me some time to overcome.

    I tried to establish working hours for myself in order to be more effective in setting up the plan and follow it. I discovered that it does not work for me. It felt like I am forcing myself back to adopting the rigid working-hours of a regular job, so I changed the tactics.

    I reversed the process, working more spontaneously, when I felt more in “work-mode”, and I immediately felt much better. It definitely fits my lifestyle, especially when I am traveling, and the nature of my business allows it.

    It became a regular thing for me to do some work on the airports, while I am waiting for my flights. Or to work from the hotel rooms where I would temporarily stay.

    The bottom line is, working from home may be different for different people and that also depends on the work itself. It is a big difference between doing your job temporarily from home, and running a full time business from home.

    If you are home based entrepreneur, like I am, then the mindset related to that is of vital importance. As I said in the beginning, if you have a good business in your hands then everything else falls into place.

    You will be able to enjoy the freedom and the success you worked for, regardless of the routine you set up for yourself.

    If you have something to ad regarding this subject, leave me a comment below!



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