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    Writing articles is not a particularly difficult task, once you develop a writer muscle and find your natural way of doing it. In this article I will describe how to approach this subject and get it going, at least when it comes to writing articles online, for SEO purposes.

    When I first started writing articles for my websites, some years ago, I found it to be very difficult. It would take me days to finish one, and I was never sure whether it was good enough or not. In my case I was learning it the wrong way cause I did not have any other choice than to follow instruction I received from people I thought new about these things. But they did not and the whole thing seemed to be more complicated than it actually is.

    Things changed since that period and many mistakes were rectified. As I said, the whole process is not that difficult as it may seem at first.


    Writing Techniques and What Not To Do


    I have seen many useful techniques that can be applied in your writing, even though personally, I do not use any of them. I found one technique in particular, that is very effective, and that is writing down notes and key points of your subject. After that you fill in the rest of it, connecting them into one complete article. Some friends of mine use that technique all the time.

    I will not describe any steps here but point out just a few things that must be understood. There are two things that must be avoided: keyword stuffing and copying.

    Keyword stuffing is outdated way of writing articles but it has always been wrong even at times when it was popular. It is not only bad for SEO, but it kills a quality and user experience, which is highly important. It also creates unnatural sense of content and you need to always avoid that.

    Copying is also very destructive way of doing it. Many people believe that spinning articles will create a new article instead of copy, but it will most likely still be a copy. No program can spin the article in a human and authentic way, so it does not work. Articles done this way need revision and it often incorporates so much work that it would be better to write a new article from the beginning.


    How To Do It


    You will need following things in order to create quality content/articles.

    Know your subject. This can also be done through the research, just make sure you assimilate what you found into your authentic writing. I will come to that in the minute.

    Be clear and to the point. Contrary to the common belief, nobody really wants to guess what you are trying to say. Avoid fancy language. Communicate the information you are trying to give directly, cause you are offering something of value. Make that value be a very purpose of what you are doing.

    User experience. Write for the reader, not Google`s crawlers. It is all that matters. Write as you would talk to somebody directly. There is a big difference between reading an article online or reading a book. Have that in mind. When people read something online it is not to be prosaic, but purposeful and practical. Be natural, respectful and kind.

    All In One SEO plugin

    All In One SEO plugin

    SEO. When it comes to writing for SEO, things are simple. You need to use All In One SEO Pack plugin and set it up. If you do not know how to do it, just let me know and I will send you details. What this does is that it prepares the article for ranking in natural way, and it takes some additional work from your back. A work like writing meta descriptions or tags. You will not need to do that anymore.

    The only thing that is left for you to do is to have your keyword in the title and first paragraph, that is all. After that you write the rest of article in the most natural way you possibly can.

    One more thing when it comes to writing; you can outsource it. There are many writing services all over the web and they are easy to find. I have tried some of them but I have never been quite satisfied with the results. I realized that no writer can replace my writing fully, even though it does happen sometimes.

    I now write all my articles by myself. In the beginning of this article I mentioned a writing muscle. It is simply a skill/sense for writing that comes after some time through practice. These days I write quickly and without much effort or any particular techniques. Once I decide what I need to write about, I just let it out. And it works and I am sure that it will work for you. If I can do it, anybody else can.

    Yes I understand that writing may be difficult for some people. I am in no way natural talent, I had to practice. But I know that anybody can do it.

    Thank you for reading and feel free start your writing right away by leaving me a comment below!



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