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    Infinity Profit System

    Infinity Profit System

    I joined Infinity Profit System about two weeks ago to try it out and see if it is really worth money and effort. I did not join because I need something to work with, I already run few successful online businesses. I joined because of slightly different circumstances.

    I will write a full review of this business as soon as I know enough of it and try to make it work first. For now, I will just explain what I found out about it so far.


    So how did this happen and why I joined?


    Actually, a friend of mine, also a network marketer just like myself called me two weeks ago and said – you got to take a look at this! He sent me a landing page that contain the video of about two minutes in length. I watched the video and immediately said – this is a junk!

    The video is typical, what I would call, scam type of marketing and not convincing at all. If I have seen the video on my own without him telling me about it, I would just walk away. I would not even watch it to the end. But he said – do not pay attention to the video, let me show you the results.

    The truth is, he was looking for something for his wife to do online. Something easy to do cause he is very well aware that she would is not interested in making a career out of it. So he signed her up to this system, just a two weeks before our conversation, and she already had $1750 on her account. His own results has been $700 after one week.

    As I said, I have known him for a long time and we have both been successful network marketers doing the same business working together and exchanging experience for mutual benefit. He was not in need for another business and I know he is making good money online, just like I do. So just for the fun of it, i joined.

    But there is one other reason why I joined. This website,, is primarily about helping first time entrepreneurs to start online business and build an online career. And there are two serious business opportunities that I highly recommend to start with right now.

    Still, many visitors on my website has asked me about other businesses and their validity, so I saw this as a chance to check one of those and give the accurate review. And that is exactly what I intend to do, I will try to build it, make money and let you know if it is possible or not. You will have a chance to see a business in progress.


    So what do we have so far?


    It seems that this business is growing but I will check this more in coming days. After you join, you get placed in the Facebook group of IPS members, and it seems pretty large. What seems different with this company is that it offers you place in rotator which basically means that it helps you get the leads.

    This is MLM type of business and leads are vital for the success of it. I know, I already do MLM business but that business is much more than MLM. Typically, MLM companies have bad reputation because they usually do not offer anything of value. If you only haveMLM structure to work with, it means that the business is alive as long the people are buying the idea.

    But if the idea is only thing that you got, no service or valuable product, you do not have a business and people run from it. Businesses that have nothing of value to offer can not be seen as anything else than a scam. It is like those domain-flipping businesses I have seen out there, or similar.


    My IPS backoffice


    I checked the products this company offers and I can say they do not look particularly good to me at this point. I will take a better look at them in coming days, but out of what I have seen so far, they are affiliate marketing educational courses. Considering the fact that Wealthy Affiliate exists, I doubt that these can be a high value products that can offer some leverage out in the market, but I will get back to you on that.

    The rotator actually works. The main idea of this business, just like any other MLM, is that every member needs to get 4 new referrals. This is difficult to do if you do not have something of value to offer to people. It must be some kind of marketing system that leads a traffic to your landing page which is automatically created for each new member.

    You get placed in the rotator immediately upon signup and I have actually got a first lead after 5-6 days, so that part is working. The idea behind this is that company helps you signing up these first 4 members. The process can go much faster if you can sign up few people on your own. This is a good thing but it does not mean it is going to work. We will see how this plays out.

    The signup is about two packages you can choose from, $25 or $100. It is recommended to take both, cause you make much more money with it and advance faster. This is what I took, with the signup fee it is all together $135.


    Just to remind you


    I will wait to see the process all the way to the end before I make final review of it. So for now, do not do anything, wait for the results. I will check this out for you, you just sit back, relax and come back to this website later to see the final review.

    If I come to the point that I can really recommend this to you, I will also offer the training for it, just like with business opportunities I already have here and highly recommend. At this point I do not see this really happening, but you never know, maybe it turns to be different.

    In the meantime, I recommend you to read my article about MLM that has been published earlier on this website. I also recommend you to check already existing, and probably the best network business opportunity on the planet right now, Sherlock Nation. With this opportunity being available, you do not need anything else, but that is something for you to decide.

    So I will talk to you about all this later. For now, if you have any comment about this, leave it below!

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