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    Infinity Profit System

    Infinity Profit System

    NAME: Infinity Profit System
    Overall Ranking: 3/10
    Price: either $35 or $135 in monthly payments





    Two months ago, a friend of mine called me and told me about this program. I wrote an article about it here on this website in which I have explained details about how it all went. As I said there, I did not join because I am in need of a good business. I actually run two already so I am good, I joined for different reasons.

    The main idea was to see what this is and how it works in order to eventually recommend it to my readers as potential opportunity. The first thing in making the review is to introduce the company and people who are behind it. I have not come to that part yet, but as you will see in this case, it will not be necessary.

    Read the rest of this review and you will see why.

    I will tell you right away, this is MLM type of business and most people have negative attitude towards that. There is a good reason for it cause MLM in itself can be a very tricky thing to do. But the truth is, I am an expert in this field, and I know that MLM can be a very good business if there is a value provided within the business activity.

    So lets see if there is a such a thing here.


    The User Experience-How Does It Work?


    As I said, a friend of mine called me and said – Take a look at this! He sent me the landing page with a typical introduction video that lasts few minutes. I did as he asked and checked the video, called him back and said – This is junk!

    See for yourself, this is a video I watched


    The IPS video

    The IPS video


    As you probably know already, every online business is dependent on one thing – leads! No leads means no business! But it is easy to get leads if you have something of value to offer, either a product or service, it does not matter.

    Nevertheless, upon joining you receive all marketing tools from the company, which is pretty regular thing these days. Most programs offer that but the most important thing with IPS, which made me signup and check it out, is the rotator!





    Basically, the rotator is the system that puts your landing page on some kind of marketing engine in a specific order to generate leads for you. I did not check out how exactly this works, but I was thinking that it could be helpful and maybe change things for people in order to develop the business successfully.

    The main idea to this is simple and it goes like this. You need 4 people to start with. When these people join and make the payment, two of these payments are passed on to you up-line/sponsor, and two of them you keep for yourself.

    If you do this, you are already making money, cause payments from two prospects are twice your investment. And if things continue from that point you are making more and more money.

    The only way to check this out in reality was to join and put it to test, but unfortunately, it does not work. In almost two months I got only one lead generated from this system, and that lead was not even a real lead cause there was no signup (see the picture above).

    This means that it could take a long time to earn your money back. But we need to keep in mind that your initial investment is a monthly payment, so your investment is building up.




    Unfortunately, I do not see any pros with this thing. The only potential pro would be well working rotator but as I said, it does not work. You can not relay on company to provide you leads for the business.

    On the other hand, cons are strong. Besides the rotator, the actual business product is very symbolic. You are supposedly reselling affiliate educational material, mainly in form of videos, but in this case they are without much quality and practical use. Considering the fact that programs like Wealthy Affiliate exist, I would say that the material is pretty worthless!




    As I could see so far, there is no training given to develop this business. Personally, I do not need any training cause I know how to work with this, but that would definitely be a problem for newbies.

    The company provides tools in form of marketing page, landing page and signup form. These tools are actually very good, professionally made, but they would work in different circumstances, not here.


    IPS Capture Page

    IPS Capture Page



    IPS Signup Form

    IPS Signup Form





    I did not need any support in these two months but it is apparently available within the system. You also get to join the Facebook group right upon singing up and I guess this works as a form of support as well.

    You can contact the group administrator and other members in case you have some kind of problem. In this case I do not see what kind of problem you can have cause things are pretty simple. There are no technical aspects to this system that can go wrong.




    The price is pretty big considering the circumstances. Everything starts with re-seller license which costs $10. Then you have to pay for starter package which is $25. You can stop here if you want but you will only be able to earn from the same level.

    In this case you will only be in title to earn $25 commissions. But if you go for big business, you will also have to pay for the basic product package, which is $100. This means that it will cost you $135 every month if you want to make serious money.




    Some people actually make money with this. The friend of mine who introduced me to it made $750 his first month, and one other lady actually made almost $2000 her first month.

    So in this way, it is legit. It is not a scam and there is a possibility to make money with this program. If you do, nobody will take it from you. But I recommend you to stay away from this because you will most likely lose money in monthly payments without ever seeing profits that would level it up.

    I am absolutely certain that this pyramid will collapse, probably sooner than later, because THERE IS NO BUSINESS here. It is only a pyramid build on the idea with no substance.

    You see, MLM in itself is not a problem as most people think. I am running a successful MLM business already, so I know. It must be a business based on valuable product or service in order for business to exist, and especially to thrive. If you have that, MLM part is not a problem. Actually, if that is the case, it is pretty easy.



    But here, we do not have that! There is no product or service of value, only a pyramid. And such thing never lasts for long. So save your money for something else and stay away from this!

    If you are interested in business that really works great, I suggest you to take a look at my nr.1 recommendation, cause with business you will be very successful!

    If you have any comments regarding this subject, please LEAVE THEM BELOW!



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