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    Millionaire Society

    Millionaire Society

    Name: Millionaire Society

    Owner: Mack Michaels

    Price: $4.95 for the first week trial, $97 a month

    Website: Millionaire Society



    I have never even thought of Millionaire Society since I tried it out few years ago. But I recently saw some other very fresh reviews which triggered my interest to check it out again. What I have discovered, to my big amazement, is that it is still around. It has changed a shape and form but it is still the same thing.

    My experience with Millionaire Society go back in time when I was totally new to online business and was looking for something to start with. Needless to say, I got scammed few times and this program was definitely one of them. That is why it triggered my interest.
    But I must say, I have not lost money to it! It was a Clickbank product and Clickbank offers some money back guarantee.

    I remember my surprise when I tried to contact the support and got the answer back. The price for it was over $200 and I did not believe I will actually get that money back. But I did! And that would be the only positive thing that came out of that experience!


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Obviously there are two programs out there with almost identical names and you need to know the difference between them. There is Millionaire Society – the online affiliate business program which this review is about. And there is a Millionaires Society – a binary option trading thing which appears to be a scam as well, although I can not confirm that at this point (cause I did not do any valid research on it yet).


    How was it in the past?


    I was actually excited when I first joined it cause it looked very professional inside. One thing that impressed me was great graphics, and material/content that was very ordered and clean, divided into categories easy to follow.

    This was how it looked inside like back then!


    Millionaire Society

    Millionaire Society


    It is very important to say that, at that time, I did not know a first thing about online business or affiliate marketing. So what happened was that I quickly got frustrated cause the content was COMPLETELY WORTHLESS.

    Most of the content was in form of videos, and every video was made by the same guy Mack who talked about stuff theoretically, with no instructions you can duplicate whatsoever. I went through the content many times in belief that I must have missed something, but it was only to realize – there was not a single thing I could use to make money in any way!

    I remember some details from the video that was about installing the website. He gave no instruction or links to anything. He was speaking about it like everybody already knew how to do it in practical terms, and he would somehow only remind you. And he charged you over$200 for that.

    So luckily, I got the money back but Millionaire Society was one of the first scams I ever encountered. Unfortunately, it was not the only one.


    How is it now?


    It appears that this guy Mack has made some changes since then. Obviously, the “business” did not do well before, how could it! So he has changed the tactics, but I really wonder what is he thinking, considering the fact that he is still trying to pull this of.

    In order to do this review, I did not have to risk any money to get in and see it again. Now, after years of trial and error before the final success, I know so much about online business that I can spot a scam right away!

    So this is what I found!

    When you go to it now, you find the promotional video. Same voice, same guy – Mack Michaels. If you want to see for yourself, click the link below and take a look, and I will explain what is wrong with it.


    Millionaire Society now

    Millionaire Society now


    If you take a quick look at my article – How to Avoid Scams Online, the first thing I point out is video marketing. And it is exactly what you will find here. This video contains all the alarming elements that a scammer can produce. I will point a few of them:
    1. I have no idea how long this video is! With 100% certainty I am telling you – when video does not show its length – DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING, walk away! I watched for a few minutes and the bull**** that comes out of his mouth has no end. He even gives opposing info in very short period of time, and say many false things about affiliate marketing.

    2. Warning: This could change at any time, please act quickly! This kind of warning is very common tactics scammers use to create a sense of urgency and uniqueness. If you do not buy it now, you will miss it out. It is all false of course! Whenever you see the promotion of this kind, walk away cause you will not miss anything, you will only lose time and money.

    3. The title – How would you like to download my $720 a day internet business to your computer today? This is laughable, what a joke! I still can not believe that there are people who are trying to pull this off. This guy should be in jail.

    I am a successful online entrepreneur and I do very well, but $720 a day would be over $20 000 a month. I had days when I achieved even better than that but I do it through investing in well organized campaigns all based on developed and proven business methods and advertising. And I do not do it every day.

    Trust me when I tell you, this guy is a joke. There is no such thing like business that you download to your computer. There are no software’s that do business for you.


    The verdict!


    I consulted with some other marketers who also reviewed this system and it seems that the program inside is basically the same as it was before. The price has changed as well. Now it cost$4.95 for a first week, and then it is $97 a month. There are some upsells to it as well, which is nothing else than attempt to get more money from you.

    Some new info has been added to the program, but it does not change things much.

    As I said, I did not sign up this time cause I do not need to. All I needed was to check the video and hear that this guy does not know how to run a successful online business himself, just like he did not know it before. And he is somehow to teach YOU how to do it.


    Walk Away

    Walk Away


    I give it 0/10, completely worthless program that was obviously made to steal money from people who are honestly looking for valid info and instructions about what to do. If you ask me, it is about time to establish some kind of authority to legally prosecute these people cause as it looks like now, they are operating freely.

    But do not despair, I will not leave you without anything useful for you. Millionaire Society is junk and you must be disappointed just like I was before. But in fact, I will actually tell you about where to go and start online career for REAL! You do not need to deal with this kind of junk ever again.

    Click here and learn about The Best Online Business Education there is! If you want to learn how to make living online, this is what you need.

    Feel FREE to leave me a comment below if you have anything to ad or ask about this subject!



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