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    Mobile App Business

    Mobile App Business

    When I started my online career back in 2010, I did not even have an basic idea of mobile app business, or anything that would even remotely fall into that category. I started with affiliate marketing, spent few years learning it and it is something I still do. And for some time I never even had ambition to consider anything else.

    But just like online business in general has not been my childhood dream, but turned to be my great success, I discovered a great business opportunity with company that has produced a new e-commerce technology. It is all based on trend that has been going on for a while, and I doubt that it will ever reverse again, or lose its strength.

    The trend I am talking about here is mobile e-commerce trend, or with other words, the rapid growth of smartphone usage for internet traffic and specifically e-commerce. The simple fact is that more and more people buy stuff online using their smartphones rather than desktop.

    And realistically, as I said, this trend is not likely to stop any time soon, or ever.

    I have already covered this subject to the some point before, in my article Mobile Business, and I have also written about updates made since then. It is all found here on this website, but I also have some new info I want to share with you so that you can understand how big this is.


    So what is really happening?


    This trend has been noticed and measured from beginning, and it was predicted that growing mobile e-commerce will pass by the desktop. That actually happened 2014 and the growth continued since than.

    If you look at the numbers and predictions for every area in the world, only continued growth is expected, but of course, it will not likely be the same just about everywhere. The biggest growth has been measured in Asia and South America – 23% on average, while it was little lower on the global level – 20%.

    Of course, there are still countries where people prefer use their laptops to look for products to buy online. On the other hand, some countries are way ahead of the curve when it comes to usage of the smartphone for online purchases, countries like Sweden, my home country.

    Last year (2015) here in Sweden, the mobile e-commerce has grown the incredible 163% comparing to previous year. I have heard of some explanations to this. Some experts has said that swedes have tendency to use what is most available to satisfy their need to consume.

    I do not know if this explanation is true or just pure speculation, but one thing is for sure, more and more people will use smartphones to go online simply because the technology is there and it works very well.

    It is simply to advanced and beneficial to just expect that people will forget about it and go back to laptops and computers that you can not carry in your pocket. So you do not have to be IT expert in order to figure that out. So the trend is here to stay!

    Another piece of info illustrates this even further. Back in 2012, Facebook had $0 in revenue from mobile market. But by the end of last year (2015), 80% of the revenue came from mobile. Zuckerberg has recently said that Facebook is no longer social media company, but mobile company.

    Watch the interview with Michael Wiedder below. It is short but very informational, he gives some additional that is essential to get the complete picture of how this trend is developing.



    New Google?


    So now when you know about the trend and general situation for global e-commerce, then what is this business opportunity and the company that offers it? It is Sherlock Nation!

    The company has been established by one of internet pioneers- Michael Wiedder, who recognized this trend, and the opportunity it gives to offer a great service for the growing market. The company has created a search engine to do one thing – TO FIND THE BEST DEAL ON ANY PRODUCT YOU LOOK FOR TO BUY!

    But considering the fact that trend is about mobile usage, they have made it in form of app so that you can have it on your smartphone. Yes, there is a desktop version as well, but I believe that most users are actually using the app.

    So it works just like Google but for a very specific purpose, to save money and time on purchases you would do anyway. How well does it work? Well, let me put it this way, last year I saved almost $2000.


    The business opportunity


    So you wonder what this has to do with you? It depends on you, but Sherlock Nation gives you unique opportunity to help it develop, and build a long-term residual income. And it is all based on the e-commerce technology. You get the license to give away the app to as many people you possibly can, and earn residual income from it.

    The income is generated from app usage. The app is FREE so you do not sell anything, but when your registered users use the app, they automatically generate the income to you.

    Of course there are additional lucrative features to this business:

    Sherlock Local. The possibility to give it to companies to sell their products on the app. You get the commission for every product sold.

    Sherlock Fundraising. Give the app away to everybody who is in need of raising funds. It also increases the usage income heavily.

    Sherlock Travel. A special search engine with heavily reduced prices on travel, vacations and hotel rooms all over the world. But this feature is only available to distributors, not for general public.

    For detailed review of this business, please click the picture below:


    Sherlock Nation Review

    Sherlock Nation Review


    The company has chosen network marketing model to operate withing, but all these different parts of the business makes it really unique. Network Marketing (MLM) has always been a problem for most people to deal with because of recruiting. That is not strange considering the fact that most of these opportunities are not particularly advantageous to work with, which makes recruiting almost impossible.

    But Sherlock Nation is not MLM as you now it! That was the first thing I realized when I first found about it. Why? Well, let me summarize it all:

    You have all together 8 different revenue possibilities in the one and the same business.

    You can skip prospecting all together, focus on app distribution and other revenue streams and make your income really big.

    All these circumstances make prospecting easy.

    You work with FREE product! Who else in the world offers you something like that?

    You are harnessing the greatest trend of our times.

    Very low investment level, the license is bought once and you have it for life.

    The biggest mistake people make when they encounter Sherlock Nation is that they do not take a moment to do the research and grasp the full magnitude of this opportunity. But I can understand that, people are very tired of false promises and scams. In my case I spent few weeks researching before I realized that I can not pass this opportunity up.

    What can I tell you, I am an entrepreneur! So I am always interested in good business.

    If you have any questions, leave me the comment below! Or send me an e-mail, my contact info is found on the review page!



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