Network Marketing And Prospecting

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    There are many network marketing business opportunities out there that involves prospecting and many people find this kind of work troublesome and difficult. It is also generally related to MLM therefore it repels most people. I can understand that to the some point considering the fact that many such “businesses” are scams, or they are built around worthless products which means you will not succeed with them.

    But prospecting is not that difficult once you understand how it works and under condition that you have something to offer to your prospects. I have written an article; The Truth About MLM back in august this year where I covered the issue regarding this subject. I suggest you to read it cause it will give you the better understanding about the line between the solid business and the worthless ones. The difference is in the offer!

    I have been working online for some years now, I started back in 2009, but the networking business that involves prospecting is still relatively new. It is the latest business model I started six months ago with Sherlock Nation and you can read about its progress in the latest article I published on this website; Shelock Nation- Business in Progress (part 1)

    The Sherlock Nation business case is so strong that you do not need to fear the prospecting at all. This business gives you such a great value that you can offer to your prospects, so it covers and resolves all difficulties naturally related to it. Problems with prospecting occurs when you do not have much to offer.

    Considering the fact that I have been doing this for only six months I can really say it was a really positive experience which not only worked very well, but it added some great tools and skills to my online business arsenal.

    This was all thanks to the Sherlock Nation education and training program. I have been lucky to get in touch and work with some real experts in the field and I do not know about anything else out there that could offer me such possibility.


    LinkedIn as a free lead generator


    What I am talking about here is LinkedIn free lead generation course that I started back in September this year. It took about moths to complete it but only after all parts came together I could realize the tremendous value of it.

    When I started this business I knew nothing about network marketing and prospecting and therefore I was little apprehensive about it. Now I am completely relaxed doing it and I even enjoy it cause its basics is about connecting with people, which is something I like.
    The course covered many aspects of online business of which one part relates to understanding of social media. The course was about LinkedIn cause it is serious business social platform unlike Facebook which is more like cocktail party in comparison.

    Do not misunderstand me, this does not mean that you can not use Facebook for business purposes. On contrary, you can and many people are doing it successfully, but I like LinkedIn much more cause it is business related media focused on sharing real business opportunities.


    The secret of prospecting


    I will not cover details of the course in this article but I give this training to all my new prospects/business partners. It is the part of the offer I give and with the training they will build their business with no problems whatsoever.

    When it comes to prospecting the secret is in the connection and communication with people. It is all about one thing; listening! That is the secret!

    The biggest mistake people do with prospecting is that they try to sell things to others. I have not been exception to that, I admit, I was thinking in those terms before. But what I have learned from the real masters of this business is to do the opposite, to not sell anything! When the impulse to sell comes, you do not follow it.

    These things are not natural behavior. They are skills you learn, but once you learn them, they remove all trouble and difficulties related to it. They bring great results and the whole process is pretty much effortless.

    What do I mean by listening? When I get in touch with new potential prospect, usually on skype, I listen what they have to say. I ask a question and let them do the talking, and I LISTEN. The benefits of this are many:

    I get to see who this person is.
    I get to see if the person fit the requirements for what it takes to succeed.
    I learn many details about the person which may be very helpful for me to work out the details of how to deliver the training in the best possible way.

    You can not act through the process and pretend. You actually need to be interested in that person. After all you are both there to do business with each other, and if it comes to that, you will be in touch with them regularly after that. If they are genuinely interested, it will speed up the process. If you would be acting, they would sense that and loose trust.

    So this way it is a win-win situation and once you realize and learn all this, prospecting will be a very fun and rewarding thing to do. Especially after you start getting results and you see your business expand.

    On top of that, you will develop some really nice friendly and business relationships. If you would like to learn these skills, join me and I will teach you. If you are just willing to learn, results are guaranteed!

    In the meantime, if you have any questions or something to say about this subject, leave me the comment below!



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      2 Responses to Network Marketing And Prospecting

      1. tatihden says:

        Thanks for such an indept post on network marketing and prospecting. I am new to online marketing and still have a lot to learn. It can be very scary sometimes especially at the beginning. You are right about growing listening skills. I am terrible at this but I’m going to try to listen from now on. I will definitely check out Sherlock nation and LinkedIn.

        • Igor.P says:


          I understand what you mean with difficulties in the beginning, but it is so with everything. But it gets easier with time, all we need to do is to keep going. I am glad that you find the information useful. If there is anything you wonder about, let me know!

          All the best!

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