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    New Career Ideas?

    New Career Ideas?

    Are there any universal ideas or solutions for new career that would work for just about anybody? We are all different and have different skills in life, and of course, using those are probably the best solution for us individually. Changing career may be a very overwhelming thing to do because it usually mean the internal change as well.

    I did some research before I started writing this article. I was interested to see what other people suggest on this subject and I found some good and helpful ideas. But, most of ideas were about changing a job.

    Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I am not sure if changing a job always qualifies as change of career. Maybe I am wrong, but the way I see it, the change of career is not changing one job for another where the dynamics behind it is the same.

    To give you an example; if you work as a nurse and you are tired of it, you will not change much by dropping it and switch to be accountant. It may work for you but this new job will not be fulfilling. To me, this kind of change needs to be better than that.


    My Own Experience


    I changed the “career” twice in my life. The first time I can hardly say that I changed the career, I just changed the job. After a few years I realized that I am in the same boat as I was before. Yes, I was making little more money and the job was little better, but nothing changed in it`s essence.

    I was still in the need to change career cause the new job quickly started to feel empty and unfulfilled, just like the previous one. I needed to do much better than that. Changing the job was relatively easy to do, but changing the career is entirely different thing as I was to see in coming years.

    Today, I live as affiliate and it is now my permanent career. Why? Cause it`s fulfilling, interesting and I CAN INFLUENCE EVERY ASPECT OF IT. I make way more money than I ever did, working for myself. Starting this was the “second attempt” to change career. It worked very well, but it tested me all the way, my determination and focus.

    Was it difficult? In times it felt that way, but now when I look back, it wasn`t. The difficult part was in finding where to learn how to do it. The rest was easy. You will have not this problem cause I am about to point you where to go if you found affiliate marketing attractive to you as a new career.


    Career Ideas


    In this article I will suggest ideas that you can use to start working for yourself, not just change the job. If this is for you, GREAT! If it`s not, at least I hope it will be good reading and I wish you luck in finding your THING. There are two ideas I can offer here:


    1. Affiliate marketing




    This is a very powerful thing if you learn it properly. You will become financially independent for the rest of your life. That is why I am bringing it up. Instead of trying to remind you about potential skills you maybe already have to just change your job, I am pointing you to this.

    As affiliate, you don`t have any boundaries in what you can do and how you can set up and run you business. Possibilities are unlimited. It is about finding an interest, knowledge or hobby that you like and know about.

    Then you build the website, give the most valuable and authentic info about it you possibly can, find proper affiliate program and products that you can offer and you are in business! Every business has it`s critical starting point. It takes time to develop it and get it going. But once you do that, it is like avalanche, it gains a great momentum.

    In real life, setting any “regular” business, you need some starting capital and you are taking the risk of losing it, if it doesn`t work out. The affiliate business eliminates that risk cause you hardly need any money to start it with.

    The biggest problem for all people who are interested in this line of work, is to find where to learn how to do it. Actually, this whole website is about presenting you two very powerful and solid ideas(possibilities) for career change. The solution to this is Wealthy Affiliate!

    My full review of Wealthy Affiliate can you find HERE! But for now, let me just give you the basic info. The Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that also gives you all tools that you need to build your business.

    All you need to do is to go through courses, learn the material and build your business as you progress. That`s all. You can`t possibly fail with this unless you for some reason quit during the process. And, did I mention that it is FREE to join?


    2. Mobile business


    This is really a very powerful business opportunity for average people, like you and me. Forgive me for this claim, maybe you are not an average person! Maybe you are extraordinary individual. Nevertheless, this business is incredible chance to harness the strongest business trend in the world today; mobile e-commerce!

    So, what is this all about? Sherlock Nation is young company that created an incredible product; a search engine(just like Google) that focus on finding you the best deal for whatever you want to buy online.

    Sherlock Nation

    Sherlock Nation

    It is primarily created to be used as app, but there is a desktop version of it as well. And I can tell you, it is amazing! I am using it myself, of course. This year so far, I saved almost $2000 using it. I purchased the vacation trip to Greece this year and saved $1100. I suggest you to go and grab this application and you will find it in the review!

    Nevertheless, now we come to the best part! The company offers you to distribute this app to as many people you can, for FREE! So you sell nothing, you just give it away and when your users use the app- you get paid! And, this is the only one of totally 9 ways to make money with it.

    In order to be able to do this, you need to become the licensed distributor. The business itself work 100% of times for everybody who put a little effort in it. Similar to WA, you can`t fail with it. That is why I do both businesses. For some reason many fail to grasp the full magnitude of this opportunity, so I suggest you to read my FULL REVIEW of it, paying attention to all details!


    Final Note!


    I guess the main question for you now is whether I am a skillful scammer who is trying to get you into something for my own benefit, or not. Well, I am not! But every scammer would try to convince you that very thing, so I can`t help you to resolve this question. You are gonna have to deal with it for yourself.

    But, whatever you do, do not miss these opportunities!

    These ideas for a new career are real and very solid. It would be shame if you would let them pass you by just because you are too skeptical. Nevertheless, I suggest you to at least check me out by sending me the e-mail ( and talk to me. I can show you more about them.

    You decide! In the meantime, LEAVE ME THE COMMENT BELOW, and I wish you the best of luck!



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      14 Responses to New Career Ideas

      1. Stephanie says:

        Hi Igor:

        I really enjoyed reading your article today. I liked your two methods of making money as an independent entrepreneur. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a few months back and I agree that it is worth everyone’s time.

        I have only heard of Shopping Sherlock and I know many people are talking enthusiastically about, and your article today has inspired me to look further into it. I am going to check out your review of Shopping Sherlock and perhaps sign up. You make sound really easy to do.

        I appreciate you sharing your career options and how you became an independent entrepreneur. Thank you for the learned knowledge from reading this article. I hope more people discover your website so they too can learn from you.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Stephanie!

          Thank you for such a kind comment. I am doing all I can to give the valuable info. Shopping Sherlock is still a pretty young company, so it`s maybe not so strange that you didn`t hear about it before. It`s growing really fast though. Mostly because the product/app is really unique and valuable. What I appreciate most about this business is that it led me into additional business methods and possibilities within affiliate marketing.

          If you want to know more, just let me know!


      2. John says:

        While looking for new career ideas I came across your article. You have two different ideas for internet work. You state affiliate marketing is easy to start and it takes time to make it work. How much time will it take to make a living?
        The Shopping Sherlock sounds very interesting, The cost of it seems high.
        Do you have any other ideas to make money on the internet?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello John!

          These two businesses are absolutely best possibilities online. There is nothing else on the same level. The time needed to make a living out of them depends on how much time and work you are willing to put into it. Since all training is available it all depends on your work. Both are easy to do and need some time to build. Give it a six months and you will see results. I understand that some people find Shopping Sherlock expensive, but if you ask me, it`s nothing comparing with what it gives.

          All other ways of making living that I know of, are too week and unstable comparing to these. Therefore, not worth mentioning. Thank you for the comment and questions!



      3. roamy says:


        Thanks for great info on new career ideas, very useful and most of your ideas can also be used as second income without leaving present work.
        l would like to check your mobile business, never heard of it before and l hope the market is not yet saturated with affiliates doing it
        your other suggestion is Wealthy Affiliate,sounds great but l guess too much competition out there,l lost count of how many Wealthy Affiliates review l have seen out there so as a new marketer,not sure if l can hold my own with the big marketers.
        Thanks for a very interesting read.

        • Igor.P says:


          You don`t need to be worried about the competition. You just need to focus on learning. Once you learn how to build nad develop your business, there is no competition actually. I understand that you are tired of all those WA reviews, I have seen many of them too.

          On the other hand, the mobile business is pretty unique. It is affiliate marketing in many ways but there are some unique features to it. And, it is an excelent way of generating very strong income if you put some time in it. Nothing is saturated with it and it`s not likely to be soon.

          Take a look at it and look for new review that I will be posting soon. Thanks for the comment!


      4. Adam says:

        Hi Igor,

        I’m looking for ideas to build a new career but I have to admit that I’m clueless. (I was building in the real estate industry).

        Everyone is telling me I shouldn’t be doing on IM because everyone is doing it already and it’s very hard to break into the market.

        I was thinking about affiliate marketing, do you think I could be successful if I commit myself to working on it consequently?

        I like the Mobile Business idea! Should I do both or focus on one? Is there a step by step guide for Mobile Business?

        Kindest regards,


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Adam!

          When it comes to online marketing, it is true that many people are involved in it but that does not matter. Most marketers do not know how to do it the right way, and competition is not the problem to knowledgeable marketer. If you follow the WA training, you will succeed, no doubt about it. You need to be patient and work consequently. It takes time to build and develop the business. The positive thing about it is that you do not need to work much, 1-2 hours a day will get you very far. The most important thing is;- keep going!

          My suggestion is to join both businesses. Mobile business is in many way marketing business but there are some other components to it as well. All education for it is available and, like WA, you never get stuck. It is very powerful business, therefore, I suggest you to at least consider it. Many people fail to see the full magnitude of it and I would be happy to show you more and answer all your questions. Just let me know!

          Thank you for the questions and the comment!

          All the best!

      5. Laura Gomez says:

        This is an interesting take on the issue of changing careers. I hadn’t thought about before as being just a changing from one job to just another job. It does sound better to make it a shift in your entire outlook of how to support yourself.
        Thanks for taking the time to put this information up.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Laura!

          I had to write about this because it is a certain challenge that comes with it, and I think it is important to cover this topic. Almost everyone in this world has been programmed to live as employee, working for money making the employer rich. In the same majority of people make just enough money to survive.

          This is not good deal for the people, but it is good for the system and labor market. Making the shift in how we see things puts things around and things we did not even think about before may become a reality. The Internet age makes possible to change career and start working for ourselves and I think people should seriously consider this possibility.

          Both business models described can do that for us, they are very solid and powerful!

          Thanks for the comment!

      6. Alyssa says:

        Shopping Sherlock sounds like it would be an awesome tool for my customers, but I don’t entirely understand how it works. I watched the affiliate videos and some where after “affiliate” and some power teams my eyes glazed over. I get that the affiliate gets money by adding team members. Done. But, does the affiliate earn some kind of residual income when other people the affiliate gave the app to buy product through shopping Sherlock? I’m confused but intrigued.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Alyssa!

          There is no need to be confused over the whole concept, it is pretty simple. You have red the old review which is not outdated in any way, otherwise I would not still have it on the website, but there are additional updates introduced in September last year, 2015. The link to the new review is on the old one, just go back and you will find it easily.

          Nevertheless, let me give you a quick recap. As Sherlock distributor/affiliate you have multiple sources if income: the app distribution, team building and Sherlock Local.

          When you give the app away to the user, you get a commission which is equal to how much he uses it. This is simply called usage income. But since September last year you also earn the unlimited number of $10 gift cards that can be used for purchases. This is done when your app users share the app with their friends and associates. But all process applies to your users as well so if his friends and associates share the app to their social circles, he/she earn gift cards as well.

          Also you can sign companies, stores and all different kind of vendors to the app and give them possibility to sell their products on the Sherlock platform. Of course, you earn a percentage of their sales. This is called Sherlock Local and there is also a new Sherlock fundraising platform that is a new possibility for income.

          The team building is not necessary to do if you do not want to. All these previously mentioned aspect of the business are more than enough for you to create a very high residual income. But if you build a team of new distributors, the company pays you for that every month as well. All according to payment plan that you can find on the website.

          I suggest you to read the new review where all these things are explained –

          Thanks for the comment and if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask!


      7. Peter says:

        Hi Igor,
        I enjoyed reading your post on new career ideas, some useful info. I think it’s a good idea for people to try affiliate marketing before they quit their 9 to 5 jobs, this way they will see what’s involved and they can start making some money before they make the change. There are many advantages with affiliate marketing one of the biggest is you are free to work from anywhere you like. Not needing to invest much money to start is also incredible. I think we are lucky to have this opportunity, a few years ago who would have thought you could start a business for as little as $10 per month. I recently started an affiliate marketing business, and I agree completely that getting some training will aid greatly. I would have been lost without it!
        Sherlock Nation is a business I’m not familiar with, but it sounds exciting. I am going to check your review.
        Thanks for your post and I hope you encourage others to try these career ideas.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Peter!

          Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it. Yes, you are right about the training and it is so for everybody. We all need to learn it somewhere, but unfortunately, there are not many places where this is taught. Those who know about Wealthy Affiliate are lucky ones, you are right about that too. That is why so many affiliates promote it and tell others about it.

          Personally, I really enjoy the freedom this career type gives, it is incredible. And just a possibility to start a business for such a ridiculous sum!? When you think about it, it is really amazing! And since it is possible to do a part time, it makes it perfect to start while keeping the regular job until you develop it and get it going. I have friends who run restaurants and other regular business and I can tell you, working hours and struggle I see they go through!? It really lifts up these opportunities and gives them even more value!

          Sherlock Nation is little different cause it involves networking, but as such, it is very unique in many ways. Very solid and lucrative business opportunity and fits affiliate marketing methods perfectly, so these are easy to connect. Check the review and if you have any questions about it, do not hesitate to ask!

          Thanks! Igor!

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