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    Learning Process

    Learning Process

    I am writing this post because I had a pretty interesting conversation yesterday. I met some new people at my friends place, it was nothing in particular cause it was Monday, so it was no party or something similar. It was just casual meeting.

    Nevertheless, at one moment one guy said that he is unemployed and could not find a work for more than a year. We are in Sweden and I can not say that I am familiar with the employment market in general, and I do not need to, I make living online. But as the conversation progressed, my online business came to attention.

    I do not go around telling people about it unless somebody asks me, so they asked and almost with the reaction of surprise that I make living doing it. I know there are many people out there who disbelieve these possibilities.

    I told a little bit about how I started years ago and how it looks like now. Nevertheless, there is one thing that always surprise me, and that is how people think in very limited terms and have very little faith in themselves.

    Basically, I explained what possibilities are out there and that everybody can use them right now. I explained the education that is available and it is funny because I wrote an article about it on this website few days ago. You can read it here!

    I know that there are many people out there who may use the same explanation, especially those who join Wealthy Affiliate and get overwhelmed by the amount of educational material.

    Therefore I decided to write this post. One guy expressed a worry of not being able to learn online business, so I explained him the process. And I will cover it here in following chapter in case some of somebody else needs it.


    Learning process


    I am sure that everybody have gone through some kind of learning process before and it is the same thing with business education, online or offline. Not all things are the same, so the level of difficulty may vary, but the process is the same.

    Let me use something everybody know as example. Remember the time before you had your driving license. You probably did not know how to drive a car at all, and you certainly did not know much about traffic rules.

    The first time you sit down behind the steering wheel, you probably felt insecure. You had to learn and develop skills necessary to drive. So everything you did, you did thinking actively about it. If you needed to change a gear, you had to do it consciously, thinking about it, right?

    For some time, as you have been practicing, you needed to think of every single thing you do. Now, you have had your license for some time and you drive without thinking about it. It all became automatic doing, you just do it!

    It is the same with learning how to do the business. It is like going to college or any other regular education form out there. You are collecting bits and pieces of information first and then you put them into a whole picture, piece by piece.

    For some time, the picture may not make much sense but eventually you will be getting full understanding of it. In college, you were finishing year by year, and education was set in order for you to progress step by step, level by level.

    It is the same with Wealthy Affiliate education. It is designed to work the same way. As you progress, you learn and understand more. For a while, all you do would be collecting those pieces of knowledge and that knowledge will gradually lead to knowledge and experience.

    There is no point in overthinking the process in the meantime. You need to demonstrate some patience and discipline, but thrust me when I tell you, it is worth it! I am talking about education in WA cause I went through it myself, so I know how great it is.

    Give yourself a time you need to finish it, and you will never be dependent on job market or economic situation wherever you live again!



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