Online Business Courses – Any Worth Investing Your Time, Money and Effort?

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    I have just done some research about online business courses to see what is really available out there for people who would like to start and run their own online business. And I found a whole variety of different possibilities available, or so it seems.

    Unfortunately, I can not review them all to tell you about it. I would need to test them out first and that would take forever, but I am absolutely certain that they cost money and prices are probably way bigger than what most people can afford.


    Online Business Courses

    Online Business Courses


    I know that money is issue for most people, therefore many look for free online possibilities, but I also know that free stuff are not worth much. In the world we live in, nobody gives away really valuable things for free. There is nobody to blame for it, it is just the way it is.


    Good reputation is not always the best guarantee


    In the process of building my online career, I have learned a lot from Dan Kennedy. To all of you who do not know who he is I will just mention that he is considered to be one of the greatest geniuses in direct marketing and advertising.



    Things I learned from him has definitely contributed to my success, and in fact there is much more from Dan that I have not yet had time to go through, but I am doing great already so it can wait.

    On one of his seminars I heard him say that MBA, probably the most famous business education in the world, is just leading to employment, not entrepreneurship. With other words, he does not value it much from the standpoint of entrepreneurship.

    I do not have the experience of MBA and I do not plan to get it either, but I take Dan`s claims seriously. One thing I noticed that confirms this is that I got connections with many MBA people on my LinkedIn account, and they always work for someone else. To me that is not interesting in any way, anymore.

    I have spent several years to build and run successful online business and all education I took was for the purpose to become independent entrepreneur, not to work for somebody else again. And I succeeded in my en devour, so the reason why I am writing this article is to tell you where I got the education that made that difference.


    The best online business course is actually the cheapest!


    I know how much value the right information can bring to anybody in a particular situation. I call such info a million dollar info or tip, and I will give you one in the minute. It is the info that can change your life or decides the direction you are going in a second.

    Let me explain what I mean. It took me 3-4 years to figure out how to even start anything online, but it does not have to be so. The only reason why it was so for me is that I had nobody who could give me a million dollar tip or info, and push me to the right direction at that time. I got it later, but if it came sooner it could have saved me years of struggle and effort!

    I was trying to discover things that are already discovered and I knew that, but I had no idea where to find and ask those who already knew what I want to learn. The education I finally found has existed all those years while I was struggling, what an irony!

    The education I am talking about is Wealthy Affiliate University, and it is not only the best choice for regular people to learn online business properly, it is THE ONLY CHOICE!

    You see, if you would apply for MBA, this is what you would need to pay, take a look at the screenshots I took from the Harvard MBA website. (I could not capture the whole page at once so pay attention to the lower/second picture where the final score is presented)


    MBA price list

    MBA price list


    MBA price list

    MBA price list


    And remember what Dan Kennedy has said, this is only to become employee later, but you will get the title you can brag about. And you will have a big debt on your neck. Now, check my Wealthy Affiliate review, the price is on top of the page and it will be the first thing you see.


    Wealthy Affiliate Review

    Wealthy Affiliate Review


    You may think that WA is not the same things as MBA because of the price, and that MBA is better. You have no idea how mistaken you are if you think that, but I leave that to you. I have no right to interfere, I can only tell you the facts I know.

    What WA does is that it provides an true and complete affiliate marketing education, together with all tools you will ever need to build a long-term and successful business.

    Nobody else in the world does that! And the price is ridiculous as you could see that for yourself, I can hardly see it as investment, but in the same time it is the best investment I personally ever made.

    MBA take a year to complete and I suggest you to give the WA a year. At the end of that year, MBA would leave you with a huge debt and you would need to get out and find job, while WA would leave you with no debt but a successful business and financial Independence for life.

    Let me just quickly tell you about the one common misunderstanding regarding WA out there, and I include me in this cause I had a wrong idea of what it is when I first started, and that is – taking it as just another affiliate program! It is not just another affiliate program, believe me, but very serious business school and it is the only one in its category. Do not take it lightly, it will give you more than you can think of!

    Just as MBA, WA is challenging cause it is a serious education and it is not for those with weak heart but if you finish it, you would never need to work for somebody else again. So the question is, what do you choose to do?

    If you have any questions regarding this subject, or just something to add to it, LEAVE ME THE COMMENT BELOW!



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      12 Responses to Online Business Courses – Any Worth Investing Your Time, Money and Effort?

      1. Ben says:

        Yeah, I totally agree with you. There are people spending years and thousands of dollars on a law degree, and then what? They end up as a laywer’s assistant for the rest of their lives? Silly. They could be an entrepeneur and earn a lot more. The same goes for an MBA.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Ben!

          Most of things offered by the system do not teach people to be independent, but they emphasize the mentality of the worker. There is nothing bad with being worker but it is bad to work for others while missing out real possibilities to become independent. The quality of our lives depends on this.

          Thanks for stopping by and the comment! Igor

      2. Cathy says:

        Hi Igor,

        Just the other day, my cousin was contemplating whether or not to take MBA to advance in her career. My answer to her was “Yes” if you want to work with a bigger boss and “No” if you don’t want to get into a 60K debt (MBA courses are freaking expensive) and prefer to be your own boss.

        I think she saw light bulbs in my answers and it didn’t take her too long to set up her first WordPress website. That was even faster than filling out the MBA application.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Cathy!

          It is not easy to have a clear perspective and know all details, therefore the proper info is everything. I would never even consider MBA but many people find it attractive. The debt is too high. On the other hand, working online is so much better and people should at least know about it and its potential.

          Thanks for the comment Cathy, wish you all the best!


      3. J-Money says:

        Great article on online business courses, I really liked how you started it off with “Any worth investing your time, money and effort” this really hooked me and intrigued me to read the whole post.

        I like how you talk about how when you find free online services it usually isn’t any special and I think that directly relates with you get what you pay for.

        • Igor.P says:


          Yes, it is usually so. Most people are focusing on getting free stuff but that is rarely worth anything. You have to give something in order to get some value back. So if you consider investing, you will often get results that would give a good ROI (return on investment). Personally, I made the best business moves through investing, not through free stuff. But I guess that comes with the good sense of business, which anybody can learn.

          But money is not the only type of investment. Many people do not think about it, but time and effort are in my opinion, as valuable as money, if not even more. Money can be made and replaced but time and effort once wasted are gone. I think it is worth considering.

          I am glad you liked the post, thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment, very appreciated!


      4. Ryan Sims says:

        Hello, great post. I first started my online entrepreneurship as a copywriter, and I still take on copywriting assignments. You mentioned two things in your post that I can relate too.

        1. Is just the mention of Dan Kennedy. (anyone who has been in marketing, (especially copywriting) has heard this name. He is TRUE guru, no just self-professed.

        2. You don’t need an MBA to be successful. In fact, a university degree could hurt you much more than it could help if you are looking to be an entrepreneur.

        In David Ogilvy’s book “confessions of an ad man” He states (or quotes, can’t remember) that no one with a university degree should write ads.

        Now the context in which he says this is a little different then what you are saying.

        He is referring to writing at a lower education level, simply because that is the level people will be comfortable reading your ads.

        But I think the concept still related. In order to be a successful entrepreneur you need to step away from conventional thinking…Go to school, get an education, climb the corporate latter and then break free to be on your own.

        I think this is a waste of time and money. Taking action is the most important part of entrepreneurship. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is by far the easiest method to do this.

        Not only is their training step by step, but forces you to take action and when you take action one step at a time eventually you will look back and realize you’ve walked a mile.

        Thanks for this post and I look forward to future ones as well.

        Ryan Sims

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Ryan!

          Thanks for such an amazing comment and some really great points. Actually, I am still in the process of perfecting my copy-writing skills and that is the most difficult part with it to me. I have not read David Ogilvy’s book but Dan is actually saying the same thing – write at lower educational level.

          I will certainly get this book and read it, it does not hurt to learn more. What I find particularly interesting with this subject is that much of it is based on case studies and actual experiments. As you said yourself, Dan Kennedy is a guru in direct marketing. I do not do direct marketing and I do not use regular post services to send sales letters like does, but I am using those skills for online purposes.

          One interesting thing is that I have ordered some work from established copy-writers and realized that they did not do it better than me, and that gave me some boost to continue, and dig deeper into it. Nevertheless, Dan`s book Ultimate Sales Letter taught me so much that is put my writing on another level, even though I do not feel like I am finished with learning.

          When it comes to regular education forms that comes from system, like MBA is, none of them is designed for people to break free and become independent. Once this is understood it would probably change a general attitude people have towards these things. I think we are in some kind of revolution when it comes to work, business and livelihood. When I joined WA , it was like 200 000 members at that point, now it is over 400 000. I think this proves something.

          You are absolutely right – taking action is the very essence of any business, and the way the education within WA is laid out, it works exactly this way. So the only thing that is needed for individuals is to want it. But calculating the money, time and effort needed to invest in WA, It makes it the best investment that anybody can make in their future. I do not know of any better business school out there.

          Thanks again for a great comment, I love when people bring some good points in the comment, it is highly appreciated. Wish you all the best in your business!


      5. James says:

        I joined Wealthy Affiliate almost two years ago and have not thought about quitting at all. The free starter membership lured me in and now I am a premium member with access to everything this great company has to offer.

        I like the earn as you learn platform so that you start off right out of the gate with a live website.

        I also like the live weekly training with Jay. When you think you know everything Jay comes out of left field with new information and techniques on improving your sites.

        You have a great site here. Thanks!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello James!

          Thanks for sharing your personal experience with WA. It gives additional insight to the subject. I think many people enjoy Jays sessions and webinars and I attended one or two myself. Personally I like the fact that every single aspect of online business is covered with detailed training in one form or another. So you never need to wonder about how to do something and where to get the knowledge.

          It is like eating a big cake, you take a bit every day and after a while, you have done it. Once you pass a certain point in the building process, you enter a new level of motivation, and the work you do gets a new quality. Starter membership is amazing thing cause it gives you the possibility to test it out before you decide whether the whole thing is for you or not. What more could anybody desire.

          Best of luck with your business and thanks for the comment!


      6. Zuzana says:

        What a great article. I wish I had this kind of information years ago and spent those years building my online business, instead of doing my studies at university. Although I enjoyed what I studied, It didn’t help me to get where I want to be in life.
        But as they say, it’s never too late. I created my first website last year and have learnt so much since then, with no prior knowledge. This is the way forward for me. I have decided to change my mindset from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset instead. They won’t teach you that at uni, where it’s all about getting a good job afterwards.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Zuzana!

          True, it is never too late to start a business. Regular education does not make entrepreneurs, but employees. That is why we all need to look for entrepreneurial skills somewhere else, and take things in our own hands.

          It was so for me too, I got nowhere with the regular education. It is great that you are aware of the mindset cause the mindset is crucial for success. The wrong mindset is sabotaging us, just like the right one is propelling us forward. Yes, the knowledge is what the success is all about but, if it is not followed with the right mindset it may fall short.

          Keep it going and wish you all the best with your business! Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!


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