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    Business Startups

    Business Startups

    In this article I will give you two really great business startup ideas that you can take and use online right now. After you start them up, you can realistically expect to be able to have them running profitably within a few months.

    Basically this whole website is about business start ups and development, focusing primarily to help the first time entrepreneurs. But of course, these ideas are for everyone, so feel free to look around the website for additional material, even if you have some experience with online business.

    These startup ideas are not something I heard about and now passing it on to you. I am online entrepreneur and that means that I do both these businesses myself. I guess there are some other good online business opportunities, but these two are among the best at the moment.

    So what are they? They are affiliate marketing and e-commerce technology distribution. Before you jump to any conclusions, read on to see what I am talking about.


    Affiliate Marketing


    Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate

    I believe this term and concept is not too vague to you and you have probably heard about it before. Unfortunately, due to many online scams, there is a great misconception about what the affiliate marketing is. Yes,there are some components to it that you need to learn, but the basics are simple.

    Affiliate marketing is about doing something you love or like! To be more exact; once you find what it is that you like (niche), you build the website and implement some techniques that go with it, you place products within that niche (affiliate programs or your own products) and you make money month after month. That is the process.

    Of course the reason to do any business is to make money but with affiliate marketing you do what you are interested in, which is always giving and rewarding. And considering the fact that it is really a solid and real way of doing business, it is a way of starting a new career. Trust me, this works very well, once you get into it properly.

    So, how do you start with this? Two words, Wealthy Affiliate! It is difficult to cover the WA in few words so I suggest you to read my full WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW! Basically it is the only place online where you will not only learn absolutely everything about affiliate marketing there is, but also you will build your business as you progress through the training as well. All tools you will ever need are provided.

    The cost for all this is $47 a month, or you can have it even cheaper if you go for yearly payment, but you have all the details within the review.


    E-commerce Technology Distribution


    Sherlock Nation

    Sherlock Nation

    Here you have another amazing startup opportunity that many people still do not know about. I get comments on my website that certainly confirm that, and maybe it is not strange. The company is less than 4 years old.

    The business concept for this is simple. The company gives you the possibility to share it`s product (e-commerce app) for free and collect the usage income from that product you shared. The implication of this is tremendous but overlooked by vast majority of people to whom I present this.

    The app has not gone viral yet and it is predicted that it will sometimes during the 2016. In general, the app produce savings of 200$-300$ per month to its users, and it is made to do that. This means that you are building the business on amazing product and that is what makes this opportunity unique. Of course, there is much more to this and more ways of making money through teamĀ  building.

    But I will not get into details about it here. Read my full and detailed SHERLOCK NATION REVIEW for details of this business. The investment for this business is little higher than WA but it is still insignificant considering the magnitude of the opportunity it gives.



    I hope this information provided some practical value for you. I know it did, but I understand if maybe these businesses are not for you. If you feel they are, let me know if you have any additional questions and do not forget to LEAVE ME THE COMMENT BELOW!



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      10 Responses to Online Business Startup Ideas

      1. Michael Angelo says:

        Hi there, nice article.. I am totally agree with you, affiliate marketing is a business, and it is a legitimate business. Affiliate marketing is just like you trying to sell properties as your business, or any kind of re-seller, but everything done in the internet. If there are scams, it is not because affiliate marketing is bad, it is a good business, and like any other businesses, many bad people try to take advantage and cheating on it. The very first important thing in affiliate marketing is joining the right company, trusted and honest. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best, I am also working with WA and I feel very satisfied and fulfilled with what i’m doing. It is really something worth to try, best choice I ever made.
        Best Regards,
        Michael Angelo

        • Igor.P says:


          You are absolutely right! Just because some bad individuals are trying to scam people it does not mean that the industry is a scam. On contrary, it is a great profession once you get into it and get it going. I love it and I understand why you are fulfilled and satisfied with it, too. Yes, WA is one of the best places to be. That is why I am working so much on getting the information about it out to others.

          Thanks for the comment and I wish you all the luck in your business!


      2. John Rico says:

        I heard about internet marketing a year ago when I was searching for legit ways to earn online. I thought that it is the best way to earn extra income but later on I learned that there are different kinds of internet marketing and affiliate marketing is one of them. So I decided to pursue AM. Actually I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 4 months now and everything seems to go according to plan. By the way, I haven’t heard of E-commerce before. Is it the same set up with affiliate marketing?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello John!

          Yes you are right, online marketing comes in different shapes and forms and it may take a while to find what is the best thing for us to do. But it is worth it!

          The e-commerce is not unfamiliar to you as you may think, cause if you are involved in WA building your business selling products, that is also a form of e-commerce. Sherlock Nation is business that approaches this from the little different angle, that is all. It is little different cause it involves prospecting but skills in affiliate marketing are very useful for it, so it is not that different. Read my review of it and you will get basic picture of how it works. If you want to find out more, just let me know!

          Thanks for the comment!


      3. Jim says:

        I am currently a WA affiliate and am building a business with that. I enjoy the intense and detailed training that I get. I haven’t heard of Sherlock Nation and have book marked your review so that I can check it out in more detail. You have a lot of information on your site that I will checking out as a matter of fact. Thank you for the info. Jim

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Jim!

          You are very welcome and I am glad that you found some information on this website that is useful to you. WA is one of the best places to be in order to start and build your business. Sherlock Nation is little different business, although it does have many connections to affiliate marketing. Check out the review and let me know if you have any questions about it. I will be happy to help.

          Thanks for the comment!

      4. Sonja Bell says:

        I’m familiar with Affiliate Marketing (I’m also a Wealthy Affiliate Member), but I was not aware of E-Commerce Technology Distribution. It doesn’t sound to me like something I would be interested in doing, or like something that will really be worthwhile. But I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to start an online business, and I know there are many success stories as a result of it.

        • Igor.P says:


          It is good to have clear sense about what is suitable thing for us to do. WA is a great community to be a part of. Good luck to you and thanks for the comment!

      5. Tommy Potter says:

        Hi Igor69,
        Your site for me has been until now one of the best I’ve ever seen within the WA platform. The distribution is very neat and well organized.

        I liked the title short and to the point. Your articles are brief but complete, easy to read and full of information. I could tell you are a professional in this business. I don’t know how long have you been in WA, but surely your site is a winner.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Tommy!

          I have been member of WA since the spring this year. I do not remember exactly the date when I joined but i have been doing affiliate marketing few years prior to my engagement with WA.

          Professional is vital and I am doing all I can to provide the best user experience and best information to my visitors. Your comment is a great confirmation that I am on the right track.

          Thank you so much for it! I really appreciate it!

          All the best! Igor

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