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    Online jobs are way better alternative than regular jobs. And it is so for everybody, not just college students. As I am about to start writing this article, I can`t avoid thinking back at those times when I was a student. It doesn`t feel like it`s so distant past even though it was more than 15 years ago.

    Without doing any specific research about it, through years I got some sporadic information about students situation, at least here locally.

    The main reason for writing this article came from my random meeting with young student here in Gotheburg(Sweden), a few days ago. We were talking little bit and she told me little about her situation and situation for students in general. I looked to me that it changed a bit since times when I was a school boy.

    One thing in particular is still the same, and today even more so;- STUDENTS NEED MONEY, and LOTS OF IT!


    Is it more difficult today?


    I don`t know much about the situation for students in other countries, but I found out that the biggest problem students face here, is living accommodations. It was not so back in my days. It seems that there is a great shortage of dorm rooms, which causes huge problem for many cause it automatically increases living costs. At least in this area.

    Gothenburg is a university city but it`s not the only one. I have been told that the situation is the same in other university centers as well, all around the country.

    During my school days I have not been working at all. I lived on student credit and I had my own apartment that I shared with my girlfriend. We were both students and in this way, we shared expenses. So we were doing just fine!

    But this young lady that I have been talking to, is not that lucky. I found her working in McDonalds cause the student credit is not as big today as it was back in my days. I did not ask her about how much she makes but we all know that McDonalds does not pay much.

    I guess that is the reality for many students, taking any job that they can find.


    Time issue!




    Really, how do you work and study in the same time? Both things are time consuming. I don`t see how you can fit working hours with studying, without being too stressed out in the process. Maybe I am naive here but, when I think of the situation I was in as student, I don`t know how I would work this out.

    Maybe you can find a part time work that fits your schedule. But, will you make enough money and is it worth the effort? Well these are obviously issues that many who don`t have rich and loving parents, must face.

    I gave this girl the information that I will give you now. Online jobs are way better solution than “regular” thing, cause you can control when and how you are doing it. Also, you will be able to control how much work you are putting into it.

    The only disadvantage with online jobs is that it usually takes little longer to see the money, comparing with the regular jobs. On the other hand, once you get it going, you will be in position to make much more money working only an hour or 2 a day.


    Online Jobs


    To be honest, I am surprised that so few people has actually discovered the magic and advantages of working online. Especially when it comes to students. Every young person today have decent computer habits and understanding of internet. So why not use it in more practical purposes?

    There is nothing wrong with playing games online or socializing with your friends on facebook. But don`t forget the fact that you can make money online as well.

    I will not waste your time suggesting you to take survey jobs or something similar. Yes, you can make some money that way, but basically it`s just nonsense. What I will suggest you is way more serious. Two opportunities, and both may even out-match your future career you study for. So, lets get down to business!




    You can read my full review of Shopping Sherlock by clicking on the yellow button down, but for now let me just tell you the basics. This is a young, US based  company created to utilize the biggest trend today- e-commerce. It doesn`t sell anything and have no products but one;- the Shopping Sherlock app!

    Of course, there is the desktop version of it as well. But the company has obviously payed extra attention to the app which is truly amazing. It effectively finds you the best price for whatever product you are looking for to buy online.

    Now, the company allows you to share it for free to everybody, with no limitation, and pays you according to how much your users use the app. This is called the usage commission, but it is only one way of making money with SS.

    As your business grow you will be able to harvest additional 8 more ways to make money with it. But, I will not get into those details here. For now, watch this short video presentation and contact me to show you more and eventually get you into the business.

    You will find my contact info at the bottom of this article or in the review. If you really want to start making money online?… this is the way to go!






    WA is not the business opportunity in the same way as SS. The WA is primarily the educational program that will teach you absolutely everything about building your business online. It provides all tools that you need for it as well.

    It doesn`t really sound as something specific or defined as it is in the case of SS, where everything is about the app. But believe me, there is no limit of how far you can go with it. Just about anything can be turned into a profitable business. Any hobby or interest that you have. And, WA teaches you exactly how to do that, step by step.

    WA is also a quite large community of like-minded people who are constantly in the process of helping each other. This is very important because you need all help you can get before you can do it independently on your own.

    The best part is that you can join for free. There is premium membership but you are not obliged to take it in any way. So again, if you really want to start making money online?… this is another way to go! Click on the blue button below to see my full review of it and you can join by clicking the banner below.




    Just a few more words


    I suggest that you use both opportunities. They are so solid that you could find yourself doing it as the primary profession in the future. It was so for me. Instead of having working hours every day, you can move to Tahiti and run your business from the beach as long as you have the internet connection.

    These businesses are also closely related in the way that they are both affiliate marketing. That is the reason why we teach it to all of our new distributor members within SS. If you have some patience and it is not burning under your feet which forces you to take the first under-payed job you can find, join us and start building your business.

    Even if it is burning under your feet, find the way to incorporate it into your schedule. You will not regret it. I will be here to help you all the way.

    Feel free to contact me at any time. Send me an e-mail( or, drop me a comment below!


    For your better future!

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      4 Responses to Online Jobs For College Students

      1. Florence Ki says:

        Great to know that you are sharing about Wealthy Affiliate. It is really a very robust learning platform. I’ve learn from so many marketing guru and nothing beats WA.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Florence!

          Yes, people need to know about it. Otherwise they will just see all those scams out there. Somebody needs to give them a valuable info as well. You are right; nothing beats WA!

          Thanks for the comment

      2. Heidi says:

        Hi Igor,

        Your site is really informative, some pros and cons would be nice to read but I do agree with you regarding Wealthy Affiliate


        • Igor.P says:


          Well, I could not bring up any cons cause there are none with these businesses. That is why I am doing and promoting them.
          Thank you for the comment!


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