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    For Successful Online Business

    For Successful Online Business

    I have already covered the issue of best possibility and resource for starting a successful online business. If you have missed that piece of info, let me just mention again that Wealthy Affiliate is really all what you need for that. The best and very affordable business school, especially for the first time entrepreneurs.

    As you get going with its education and build your business as you progress, it is important to mention that you can outsource some of the tasks that you have in front of you. And I thought of describing some of things I did, to give you some ideas that you can use for your business.

    The very essence of affiliate marketing is content creation, and some people have trouble writing in general. We are all different so it is nothing surprising with that. We all have different talents and writing may be one of yours, but some people are not good with words.

    But the good news is that content creation is a part of online business that is outsourced most frequently. Many affiliates simply hire copywriters to do that for them.


    Do what you can first


    If you take a look at this website of which this article is a part as example, I have written everything myself, every single word. The reason for this is that writing comes very easy to me but it was not always so. After years of practice, I believe I became pretty good at it, but that is not the point when it comes to writing for website/business.

    This kind of writing is not the same as writing literature, so you do not have to possess some complicated and fancy writing styles. You just need to have something of value to give and ability to put it down in a simple way, that is all.

    But you maybe do not have a time to write so you can hire somebody to do it for you. There are so many places where you can do this on the internet and I think that usual fee is about $5 for 300-400 words but it can vary a lot from place to place. Some more skillful writers may charge more but it may be worth it.

    The bottom line is that you have to try them out. Some good places to look for these services are Fiverr and SEO Clerk. I use Fiverr a lot myself because it offers a very effective review system and great support. Everyone who offer some kind of service on Fiverr is a subject for reviews that customers leave after every gig done.

    So before you order anything on Fiverr, I advise you to follow these steps. This is what I do every time:

    1. Check the overall score of the seller, if it is too low, walk away and look for another seller. The best score is 5 stars, but 4.9 or 4.8 is not bad either.

    2. Check both positive and negative reviews left from before. If there are no negative reviews, that is a good sign but sometimes a good seller may receive a negative feedback because of bad buyers who do did not understand what the gig is all about in the first place. Take that into consideration.

    Check positive reviews for more description of the gig because some buyers leave good description of what is good with that particular service. It gives you valuable info.


    Gig Review on Fiverr

    Gig Review on Fiverr


    3. Contact the seller and see how communicative he/she is. This is very important. Some sellers are not serious and you will be able to see if that is the case by the way they respond. Good sellers are active, professional and they care to communicate. If you are no satisfied with they response, walk away and look for another seller!


    Other things to outsource


    As I have said, I do not buy writing services but I outsource other stuff. I basically outsource everything that has to do with social media. I do not like social media and I definitely do not like working with any of social media platforms, so I hire people on Fiverr to do the work for me.

    These have been pretty successful campaigns. Instead of doing that tedious work I pay few dollars and have that done for me and I still do it on regular basis. For example, I hire a guy to build my twitter following cause his followers are real, which is not the case with many other similar service that are offered.

    I do similar thing for Pinterest. I found a nice lady who does that for me twice a month for $5 a gig.

    Other thing that I have outsourced successfully before was traffic but you need to be careful when it comes to that. There are many scams out there who send you a fake traffic that may seriously hurt your SERPs and overall ranking.

    So beware of scams! Fiverr do not check every service that is offered cause it is free to create the account and start selling. But if you discover a scam, report it to the support and they take care of it. The Fiverr support is very good, that is why I recommend you to use it.

    Not every gig I ordered was good, but every time I had an issue, the support did their job quickly and efficiently. The bottom line is,I highly recommend you to consider resourcing some of the work that needs to be done. It makes the whole process much easier for you and you can have great results.

    If you have any questions about this subject, or any other thought to share, I would like to hear them! Leave me a comment below!



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