Prospecting – Why is it so difficult to do?

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    My goal with this article is to help you understand why prospecting is so difficult, and how you can eliminate the difficulty related to it, once and for all! I find the circumstances regarding this type of business out there very interesting, because on one side there are so many people out there who are running away as soon as you mention MLM/prospecting to them. And on the other, there are so many who engage with MLM not really knowing what they do.

    I am involved with MLM business myself, which ironically is something I would personally advise everybody to walk away from as soon as somebody puts it in front of them. So why is that so? Well, read on and I will explain!


    The truth about MLM


    I have actually already written an article about this subject and you can find it here! But for the sake of this article let me just repeat the most important aspect of it. In order to understand the reason why the vast majority of MLM business are worthless, you first need to understand WHAT THE BUSINESS IS!

    And to this day I have never seen other quote that explain that better in one single meaning than this one! I quote:



    He truly understood this and that is the reason why he could give away this pearl of wisdom!

    MLM business model offers such a tremendous potential for growth and great size of residual income, but most MLM “businesses” out there offer nothing of VALUE to work with. You need to be able to offer something of value to people, otherwise it is just a pyramid! The pyramid in itself means nothing if there is no service or product of value that other people need or want.

    That is the truth about MLM, the vast majority of MLM businesses out there are worthless, offering nothing of value and relying only on people buying the hype! They are just simple SCAMS!


    Then, why am I doing MLM?


    The answer is simple, I found the exception of course! It is the same thing as with everything else on the internet. There are two facts everybody need to now about the internet:

    • It is one of the greatest blessing humanity have at this point in time!
    • It is filled with the nature of this world – being fraudulent and false!

    But do not blame the internet for it. It is not its`s fault because it is mostly used by criminals. Just as the regular world, there are many bad people out there and they are regularly found on the places of power and influence.

    But there are many great people in this world as well, and you progress in life by dealing with them, not criminals. It is the same thing with the internet. I could give you a list of many MLM scams that are actively operating as we speak, and nobody prosecutes them. They are operating freely.

    But I will not waste any time on that, cause it is more simple to tell you about the only MLM type of business I know of that is solid and legit! The only one that I recommend, and that is Sherlock Nation! Read my full review of it below!


    Sherlock Nation Review

    Sherlock Nation Review



    The difficulty of prospecting


    All of this I just explained is what makes prospecting so difficult. If you have joined a typical pyramid without anything valuable you can work with, then how can you expect to be successful in getting people to join you? You got nothing to offer!

    On the other hand, there are many such businesses that do have certain products they work with, but the question is how valuable they are. There are many MLM type of businesses that are not scam cause they do have valuable products and to my knowledge, they are mostly found in the niche of health and fitness.

    I could not advise you to stay away from these even though I would personally never do this niche. The reason for this is also simple, I always check the value of the product and it`s demand on the market first. Some products may be difficult to sell even though they offer value, but it is way better than being stuck with fraudulent pyramids.

    Before I join any business en-devour I always look for how the product performs on the market and how EASY it would be to work with it. The prospecting is easy if you have something in your hands that performs well!

    This way the prospecting will be just an easy ride. The secret to successful prospecting is doing the opposite of what almost everybody else does – SELLING! You create contact with people, you present the product but you do not try to convince them into buying anything, but YOU NEVER SELL!

    You rely on the value of your business and your general attitude and never on your ability to convince!

    I know this goes against the ordinary way of thinking and even common sense. How can you sell something if you do not try to sell it? But it is exactly what you need to learn, and once you learn it – you will never cold prospect again!

    I am aware that I have opened some new questions by touching this subject and if you want to know more abut this, wait for new articles where I will continue, or just contact me directly!

    In the meantime, leave me some comment below regarding any concern you may have at the moment!



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      2 Responses to Prospecting – Why is it so difficult to do?

      1. Matt's Mom says:

        Prospecting is hard and I find that no matter what MLM company I have been with, it is always hard. Sounds simple and even when the product is good, to me anyway, I cannot do prospecting. I did not really know what Sherlock Nation was so I clicked on your link. I am particularly interested in the Sherlock Travel. It looks like a great MLM, Sherlock Nation. Thank you for sharing and I plan to investigate this further!

        • Igor.P says:


          Sherlock Nation is a different kind of MLM, cause the prospecting is only a part of the overall business. And recruiting is different because the product is unique in value and FREE. To my knowledge, there is nothing like it out there, and that is why I started this business.

          MLM in general is a bad thing and recruiting is virtually impossible because they are almost always just a pyramid without the real business behind. With Sherlock this is the other way around.

          Sherlock Travel is such a powerful thing that some people get the distributor license only to get that. If you travel, you can make a several returns on the money invested on just one trip bought through it. Price reductions are amazing and I personally plan to start using it this year.

          Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for the comment!


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